A Conservative Critique Of Paul Ryan’s Budget

James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute isn’t too thrilled with Paul Ryan’s new budget plan: [S]ince Ryan’s PTP also serves as the fiscal 2014 budget resolution for House Republicans, the blueprint is far from ideal: 1.  If the GOP’s Medicare reform plan is such a good idea (and budget deficits are such a problem), […]

Signs Of A Fiscal Cliff Deal Coming Together?

President Obama made a new offer in the fiscal cliff negotiations that may be a signal that the parties are moving closer to a deal: WASHINGTON — The White House made a new offer to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Monday to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. The proposal matches the amount of spending […]

Allen West: Social Security Is “21st Century Slavery”

According to Congressman Allen West, people on Social Security Disability are just like slaves: HOST: The number of people going on Social Security disability out-paced the jobs created by the economy in the the month of June, that is a trend we have seen increase, and holding steady since ’09. Do you have a theory as […]

House Approves Senate Payroll Tax Cut Extension

As expected, the House quickly approved the two-month extension of the Payroll Tax Cut in a pro forma session this morning presided over by Speaker Boehner himself: The House on Friday morning approved a bill extending the payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance for two months, and also prevents a planned cut to reimbursements for […]

The House Republicans Lost Because They Deserved To Lose

Thanks to their own ineptitude, House Republicans suffered a big defeat this week. They totally deserved it.

Reports: House GOP Agrees To Two-Month Payroll Tax Cut Extension

It looks as though the Payroll Tax Cut Debate is reaching its expected conclusion. At least two media outlests are reporting that Speaker Boehner has agreed to sign on to the two-month extension of the Payroll Tax Cut passed by the Senate, leaving the issue of the one year extension to be dealt with in […]

Mitch McConnell Pulls The Rug Out From Under The House GOP On Payroll Tax Cut

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has set the House GOP adrift.

Republicans Turning On Their Own Amidst Payroll Tax Fiasco

Some Republicans are starting to realize just how badly the House GOP has messed up this time.

Payroll Tax Standoff May Keep Obama In Washington For Christmas

The ongoing standoff over the Payroll Tax Cut is presenting President Obama with a political dilemma regarding the Christmas holidays: President Obama faces a most difficult decision with the payroll tax extension up in the air, and it isn’t whether to compromise with Republicans. The toughest call for the president this holiday season may be […]

How The House Republicans Completely Mishandled The Payroll Tax Cut Debate

The House GOP doesn’t seem to have any idea what it’s doing right now.

House Rejects Senate’s Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Bill

With no great surprise, the House of Representatives has formally rejected the Senate bill that would extend the Payroll Tax cut for two months: With a tax hike looming for 160 million Americans on New Year’s Day, House Republicans rejected a Senate plan to extend the payroll tax holiday for two months and instead called […]

Payroll Industry Sees Major Flaws In Senate’s Two-Month Payroll Tax Cut Extension

The trade association representing companies that process payrolls for American businesses are telling Congress that the Senate’s two-month payroll tax cut extension may be impossible for them to implement correctly: Officials from the policy-neutral National Payroll Reporting Consortium, Inc. have expressed concern to members of Congress that the two-month payroll tax holiday passed by the […]

Congress In Chaos Over Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Yesterday’s announcement by House Speaker John Boehner that the House GOP would not support the two-month extension of the Payroll Tax cut passed by the Senate has thrown Congress into chaos: Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid on Monday rejected a demand from House Speaker John A. Boehner to reopen negotiations on a measure to […]

Senate Passes Temporary Extension Of Payroll Tax Cut

Apparently unable to reach a long term agreement, the Senate today passed an extension of the payroll tax cut that does nothing but kick this issue down the road about 45 days at the most: The Senate on Saturday morning approved a two-month extension of a payroll tax break and jobless benefits, easily passing a […]

Social Security Isn’t ‘Cash Negative’ – We Are

Social Security outlays are exceeding its income. Is that really a problem?

Perry’s Social Security Talk Makes Florida GOP Nervous

It may be resonating with some elements of the Tea Party movement, but Rick Perry’s rhetoric has Florida Republicans concerned: ORLANDO -Florida Republicans want the GOP presidential field to tread lightly on the subjects of Social Security and Medicare. Very, very lightly. Even in senior-heavy Florida, there is a willingness this cycle to talk about […]

Rick Perry’s Views Supported By Republicans, Not So Much By Independents

Rick Perry is the Republican frontrunner largely because he holds views that are widely supported within the party. Those same views could pose a real problem for him in the General Election, though: In a hypothetical general election matchup, Perry trails President Barack Obama among the poll’s entire sample, 49 percent to 40 percent, about […]

Evidence That Social Security Issue May Be Hurting Perry

It’s only one poll, and conservatives will dismiss it because it comes from a “Democratic” polling firm (although I’d note that said firm had a higher accuracy rate in 2010 than many media polls, and far higher than Rasmussen). However, Public Policy Polling is out with a new poll that shows the first signs that […]

Poll Finds Public Says Social Security Needs Changes, But Doesn’t Think It’s A Failure

If the new CNN/ORC poll is any indication, Rick Perry is a bit out of step with the public when it comes to Social Security: Tampa, Florida (CNN) – Most Americans believe the Social Security system needs major changes but they disagree with the characterization of Social Security as a lie and a failure, according […]

CNN/Tea Party Debate: Rick Perry Gets Hit From All Sides

The Texas Governor was taking it from all sides at last night’s Tea Party Debate.

Rick Perry Walks Back Social Security Rhetoric

In five days, Rick Perry has gone from calling Social Security a “monstrous lie” to saying we need to have a conversation about fixing it.

Bachmann Preparing To Hit Perry On Social Security

Byron York is reporting today that tomorrow’s Republican debate in Florida is likely to see Michele Bachmann hitting Rick Perry big time over his stance on Social Security: Mitt Romney and his advisers have been pushing hard against Rick Perry over the Texas governor’s description of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme.”  Now, another Republican […]

Bachmann, Gingrich Distance Themselves From Perry’s Position On Social Security

Mitt Romney isn’t the only Republican Presidential candidate who apparently sees Rick Perry’s “Ponzi Scheme” rhetoric about Social Security as a problem for the GOP. He was joined yesterday by two candidates to his right who were clearly eager to distance themselves from Perry. First, Michelle Bachmann told Radio Iowa’s O.K. Henderson that candidates needed […]

Is Social Security A Ponzi Scheme?

Whether it’s a “Ponzi Scheme” or not, Social Security has serious systemic problems that must be addressed.

Rick Perry And The Third Rail of American Politics

Rick Perry took a stroll down the third rail of American politics last night.

Past Comments On Social Security Could Pose Problems For Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s big mistake may have been putting his opinions about Social Security on paper.

Rick Perry: Social Security Is “A Monstrous Lie”

Rick Perry placed his cowboy boots firmly on the third rail of American politics.

Rubio’s Speech

Rubio may be wowing conservatives audience, but is his rhetoric grounded in reality?

S&P Debt Downgrade Leads To Same Old Washington Blame Game

The immediate reaction among the political class to the debt downgrade was the play the same old stupid games.

Budget Fact Of The Day: Congress Doesn’t Vote On 60% Of What The Federal Government Spends

Stephen Green makes this observation: On Fox News Sunday, Mitch McConnell dropped a bit of trivia we don’t think of very often — but it’s still all too true. That is, “We don’t vote on 60% of the budget.” Congress doesn’t have a say over nearly two-thirds of all spending — that’s entitlements and interest […]

Obama: I Cannot Guarantee We’ll Be Able To Pay Social Security After August 2nd

CBS News is out with a preview of an interview with President Obama that will air tonight in which the President states the government may not be able to make Social Security payments after August 2nd if the debt ceiling isn’t increased: President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their […]

Poll: Majority Opposes Cuts In Entitlement Benefits

A new Pew Research Poll shows that the American public continues to remain strongly supportive of entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security, and opposed to any changes that would result in benefit cuts: On the broad question of whether it is more important to reduce the budget deficit or to maintain current Medicare and […]

Responsible Governing v. Ideological Purity

What exactly is the GOP trying to accomplish in the debt ceiling negotiations?

The Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Bad Idea

House and Senate Republicans are pushing a Balanced Budget Amendment. It sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Wall Street To Washington: Spending Cuts Alone Aren’t Enough

Washington is looking at the budget talk in Washington, and it doesn’t like what it sees: (Reuters) – A majority of top Wall Street bond dealers and money managers say spending cuts alone cannot solve the U.S. budget problems and tax increases must be part of the mix. In a Reuters survey conducted on Tuesday, […]

Paul Ryan Unveils Plan To Cut Federal Spending By $6 Trillion Over Ten Years

Paul Ryan unveiled an ambitious plan to cut the deficit today. The question is whether it will be the beginning of a debate, or an opportunity for Democratic demagoguery

Boehner, House GOP About To Take A Huge Risk On Entitlement Reform?

Republicans are about to take a walk along the third-rail of American politics.

The cost of doing nothing The cost of doing nothing

Less Than Zero

The Social Security “trust fund” may actually be worse than worthless.

Obama’s Budget Proposal: Is It A Trap?

You don’t have to be Admiral Akbar to suspect that the President’s refusal to deal with entitlements in his budget proposal is a trap for the GOP.

President Obama Drops The Ball On Deficit Reduction

President Obama’s new budget involves nothing less than a thumb in the eye of anyone who hoped he would seriously address federal spending in his first term.

Americans Hate Taxes And The National Debt, Don’t Know What They Want To Cut

The American public still has a totally unrealistic view of what it will take to get the Federal Government’s fiscal house in order.

Compromise, 2011 Style

Compromise in politics involves more than compromising one’s principles.

Little Public Support For Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction Plan

A new poll about the proposals coming out of the Deficit Commission makes it clear that the American public needs to grow up.

How Would I Solve the Deficit

Here’s my plan for creating a budget surplus of $126 billion by 2015 and $592 billion by 2030.

Why the GOP Won’t Cut Entitlement Spending

Anyone expecting the GOP to propose serious reform to entitlement spending to soothe the Tea Party movement is simply deluding themselves. Here’s why: Voters over 65 favored Republicans last week by a 21-point margin after flirting with Democrats in the 2006 midterm elections and favoring John McCain by a relatively narrow 8-point margin in 2008. […]

Republicans Still Not Getting Specific On Spending Cuts

They’ve won the elections, but Republicans still aren’t getting specific about exactly where they’d cut Federal spending.

Social Security Payouts Too Low

While Social Security has radically lowered the elderly poverty rate, it hasn’t eliminated it. Should we do more?

The Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

The CBO sees a clear threat of a fiscal crisis during the next two decades unless we’re saved by magic ponies.

John Boehner Steps On The Third Rail

The House GOP Leader is proposing that we get serious about Social Security reform.

Alan Simpson Calls Bullshit on Social Security

Alex Lawson of Social Security Works has apparently been stalking the White House Debt Commission with a video camera.  He got an earful from co-chairman Alan Simpson. The more interesting parts of a long exchange: ALAN SIMPSON:  We’re really working on solvency… the key is solvency ALEX LAWSON: What about adequacy? Are you focusing on […]

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