Supreme Court To Rule On Mandatory Fees To Public Sector Unions

In its upcoming term, the Supreme Court will hear a case that is likely to have a significant impact on the powers of public-sector unions.

Public Employee Unions Dodge A Bullet Thanks To 4-4 Supreme Court Tie

Thanks to an equally divided Supreme Court, public employee unions won a case they most likely would have lost had Justice Scalia lived.

Supreme Court Appears Poised To Hand Major Defeat To Public Employee Unions

After oral argument today in a high profile case, it appears likely that public employee unions are likely to suffer a major legal defeat later this year.

The Supreme Court Begins A New Term With Several Politically Charged Cases

The marriage equality issue is resolved, but that doesn’t mean the Supreme Court won’t have a lot of high profile cases on its docket over the next eight months.

N.L.R.B. Denies Student Athletes’ Bid To Unionize

The National Labor Relations Board refused to certify an effort by athletes at Northwestern University to unionize.

Supreme Court To Hear Case Involving Employees Rights And Public Employee Unions

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a major case about public employee unions that could go a long way toward restraining their power.

Supreme Court Rules Some Employees Can Opt Out Of Public Employee Unions

The Supreme Court has limited the ability of public employee unions to force people to join their ranks.

Pennsylvania Union: Privatizing Liquor Sales Will Kill Children

Pennsylvania has some of the most idiotic and restrictive laws dealing with the sale of beer, wine, and hard liquor of any state in the nation. Unlike most states, you cannot buy beer and wine in grocery stores or convenience stores, for example. But it’s actually worse than that. You can buy wine and hard […]

Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Reject Unionization

A big setback for the UAW.

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law

The battle over Wisconsin’s public sector union reform continues.

Chicago’s Very Well Paid Teachers Go On Strike, Abandoning 400,000 Students

Largely because they are resisting efforts to hold them accountable for their performance, Chicago’s teachers are leaving 400,000 students locked out of school.

Wisconsin Post-Mortem: Winners, Losers, And What Comes Next

What lessons can we draw from the Wisconsin Recall?

California Voters Approve Pension Cuts For Public Employees

In addition to Wisconsin, organized labor was dealt another blow yesterday when voters in California approved measures to cut public employee pensions: SAN DIEGO—Voters in two major California cities overwhelmingly approved cuts to retirement benefits for city workers in what supporters said was a mandate that may lead to similar ballot initiatives in other states […]

Scott Walker Continues To Lead Wisconsin Recall Polling

Barring an upset, Scott Walker looks likely to survive his recall election tomorrow.

NLRB Drops Boeing Case

The case seems to have accomplished at least some of its goals, though: A top official with the National Labor Relations Board announced on Friday that the agency was dropping its politically charged case against Boeing, in which the agency had accused the company of violating federal labor law by opening a new aircraft production […]

Herman Cain Supports Collective Bargaining For Public Employees, Or Something

As much as the incoherent response he gave to a rather simple  question about Libya, Herman Cain is also raising questions for his response to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editor’s question about what has been the biggest issue in Wisconsin this year: Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, during an interview in Wisconsin, supported the principle of […]

Pelosi: Jobs Less Important Than Unions

Two years ago, South Carolina Boeing workers voted 199-68 to decertify their union. The NLRB has filed suit against the company for choosing to locate a new plant there instead of Washington state. And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s just fine if those jobs go the way of the dodo if they’re not […]

Reversing Himself, Romney Endorses Ohio Union Law

As commenter Ponce notes in response to my post this morning, Mitt Romney has now explicitly endorsed Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, the law that places restrictions on public employee union bargaining rights: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney today declared that he was “110 percent” behind a law in Ohio that limits collective bargaining rights, after […]

Romney Plays It Safe In Ohio On Public Union Ballot Issue, But Is It Too Safe?

Mitt Romney played it safe on a controversial issue again.

New Tone: Jimmy Hoffa At Presidential Rally, “Let’s Take These Son Of A Bitches Out”

Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. apparently didn’t get the January memos about toning down political rhetoric, at least not judging by his speech today at a Detroit rally where President Obama spoke: “We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Collective Bargaining Law

Putting an end to at least the legal aspects of a battle that started in the late winter, the Wisconsin Supreme Court today rejected the legal challenge that had been filed against the state’s public employee collective bargaining law: Acting with unusual speed, the state Supreme Court on Tuesday reinstated Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to […]

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law

Several months after putting the law on hold, a trial court Judge in Wisconsin has struck down the Badger State’s new collective bargaining law because the legislature failed to comply with the Open Meetings Law while debating it: Wisconsin’s law taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public workers was struck down Thursday […]

NFL’s Ray Lewis Says There Will Be A Crime Wave If The NFL Lockout Continues

The Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis warns the NFL that continuing the NFL lockout into the season could lead to a crime wave: Lewis said a lockout would impact more than just NFL players. “What we’re going through right now, we’re affecting way more than us,” he said. “Too many people live through us. People live […]

Copious Quantities of Casuistry

Judge Sumi’s TROs arise from a veritable cornucopia of error.

With 204 Vote Margin, Kloppenburg Claims Victory In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

There’s going to be a recount, but JoAnne Kloppenburg is claiming victory over David Prosser in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race: In a statement, Kloppenburg said: “We owe Justice Prosser our gratitude for his more than 30 years of public service. Wisconsin voters have spoken and I am grateful for, and humbled by, their confidence […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Too Close To Call

The hard fought race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which got caught up in the battle over the state’s new collective bargaining law, is too close to call: Justice David Prosser clung to a narrow lead over Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg in the state Supreme Court race early Wednesday, after a hard-fought campaign dominated […]

Wisconsin Judge: Collective Bargaining Law Not In Effect

Wisconsin state judge Maryann Sumi has ruled that the state’s hotly contested collective bargaining law is not in effect and cannot be implemented: Wisconsin’s new collective bargaining law has not been published and is not in effect, a judge has ordered. Judge Maryann Sumi ordered Thursday morning that the law “has not been published within […]

Wisconsin GOP Will Ignore Injunction, Implement Collective Bargaining Law

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Administration are setting themselves up for a showdown with the state’s judiciary with their decision to implement the provisions of the recently passed collective bargaining law despite the fact that a state trial court judge has ordered that it not be implemented: State officials have not stopped putting in […]

Wisconsin Judge Issues Injunction Against Implementing Collective Bargaining Law

Not surprisingly given the disputes that had arisen over exactly what her original injunction actually covered, a Wisconsin Judge has issued a second injunction barring any aspect of the law from being implemented: Madison – A Dane County judge Tuesday blocked the state from implementing Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining measure. “Further implementation of the […]

Wisconsin Defies Court Order, Publishes Collective Bargaining Law

When a Wisconsin trial court judge struck down Wisconsin’s new collective bargaining law, she issued an injunction forbidding the state from both enforcing the law, and from publishing it as part of the official Code of Wisconsin. Despite the fact that the order is still in effect, the state has gone ahead and published the […]

Scott Walker’s Approval Rating Takes A Hit In Wake Of Protests

Rasmussen is out with a poll showing that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has apparently suffered politically in the wake of the union protests in Madison over the past several weeks: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won his job last November with 52% of the vote, but his popularity has slipped since then. A new Rasmussen Reports […]

Have Republicans Lost The Public Relations War Over Public Sector Unions?

As the standoff in Wisconsin drags on, there is no sign that the public accepts the argument being made about public sector unions by Governor Scott Walker and other Republicans.

Real Doctors, Fake Notes

Either Andrew Breitbart controls the entire media complex or Crooks & Liars jumped the gun. “Figure it out.”