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Danica Patrick Gets Married

Rookie Indy racing sensation Danica Patrick quietly married over the weekend.

Starting line: Patrick weds in quiet ceremony (AP-ESPN)

Photo Danica Patrick quietly married Paul Hospenthal over the weekend. Although Danica Patrick got plenty of publicity for her season in the IRL, she certainly doesn’t want much for her wedding. The 23-year-old driver, who finished fourth in the Indy 500, and physical therapist Paul Hospenthal, 40, were married Saturday in Scottsdale, Ariz. Team spokesman Brent Maurer said Patrick has asked Rahal Letterman Racing to release virtually no information on the ceremony. Maurer could only confirm Tuesday that Patrick was married and that car owner Bobby Rahal was there.

Though she is accustomed to driving at 200-plus mph, Patrick told People magazine this year that one of her favorite things is sharing life in the slow lane with Hospenthal and their miniature schnauzer, William Robert, called Billy. “She’s kind of a TV junkie,” who also enjoys barbecuing and working out, Hospenthal told the magazine. “But you won’t see her watching much racing.”

Patrick met Hospenthal while seeking treatment for a hip injury from a yoga session.

It’s rather ironic that a car racer gets injured doing yoga. Indeed, I thought the whole point of yoga was that it’s easy on the body.


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  1. ve never heard of him says something about how far this sport has fallen from its heyday. There’s not a pre-1996 CART Champion whose name I’m unfamiliar with; most are household names. ________ Related: Danica Patrick the Next Anna Kournikova?Danica Patrick Gets Married Indy 500 Winner Robby Gordon: Danica Patrick Has an Unfair Advantage Danica Patrick, FHM Model, Qualifies for the Indy 500 See more Gossip, Danica Patrick

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  2. Chris Short says:

    Hmm… I bet her stock goes down over this.

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  3. Marcia L. Neil says:

    I’ll bite — married to each other?

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  4. bryan says:

    Okay, I’m taking the “under” on how long this one lasts. 23/40? All the same, her stock will only plummet if she lets it plummet by not doing the racy photo shoots. Given that her car owner is Dave Letterman, I don’t see that happening.

    But she might move to NASCAR.

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  5. ICallMasICM says:

    Call me old fashioned but black wedding dresses? Yikes!

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  6. 40? I had more of a shot than I thought.

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  7. jimbo says:

    What is athletic about auto racing? Do these guys and gals even need brains? Call me a snob, but I hate Nascar. It is not a sport.

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