Halle Berry Nude in Playboy

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is apparently contemplating a lucrative offer from Playboy magazine to pose nude.

Halle Berry promised to pose naked for Playboy magazine (MI6)

Halle Berry once promised to fulfill longtime Playboy picture editor Marilyn Grabowski’s dream and bare all for the men’s magazine, reports IMDB news.

The actress was an aspiring superstar 10 years ago when she agreed to meet with Grabowski after she was made an attractive offer to pose for Hugh Hefner’s publication. Grabowski, who discovered Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith among others, recalls, “Halle Berry, I had dinner with 10 years ago and she said, ‘When I’ve got the right film, I’ll do it.’ She wanted to (do it) but I haven’t heard from her in the last couple of years.”

Grabowski reveals the magazine also approached Britney Spears, but she wanted a “ridiculous” amount of money to disrobe: “It was too much, let’s put it that way.”

That figure could well have been $10m, following revelations from Teri Hatcher that she would want the same figure for stripping off too.

Somehow, this made it onto GoogleNews’ radar screen, even though it appears to be something of a non-story. One wonders what Berry’s hesitancy to pose nude for money would be, though, given that her entire career has revolved around exploiting her good looks. Her portrayal of a stripper in “The Last Boy Scout” left little to the imagination, she appeared nude in “Monster’s Ball,” the movie for which she won an Oscar, and her post-Oscar “Catwoman” costume was certainly more revealing than it comic book inspiration.

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  1. Brian J. says:

    You’ve got to save the Playboy spread for a little bump when your career starts to slide.

    Perhaps Halle thinks she’s there?


  2. wavemaker says:

    “Appeared nude” in Monsters Ball??? She did a very provocative bang scene with Billy Bob Thornton, fa crissakes. And don’t forget her stunning display in Swordfish either.

    All that said, she does have a rather perfect body, IMHO.


  3. Sven says:

    She should definately not pose! Playboy centrefolds are for beautiful white women. Not black prostitutes with lesbian haircuts. She doesnt deserve any better than cheap porno. AN her acting doesnt either!


  4. Jufray says:

    She LUV money.
    SEX sells.
    BOY monkeys with car keys WILL buy.
    UNIVERSAL fact.
    lesson over.


  5. carpeicthus says:

    Better trolls, please.


  6. Peter DK says:

    “Not black prostitutes with lesbian haircuts”

    How can you just say something like that??!!??

    This is a typical comment from a very ignorant person.

    It sounds like kids from 2nd grade calling each other names!

    Grow up, please!

    By the way, Halle Berry is very beautiful!
    Color doesn’t matter!

    Halle, I wish you all the best.