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Lindsay Lohan and Renee Zellweger Eager to Pose Nude

Apparently, posing nude for magazines is the latest craze for Hollywood starlets needing a self-esteem boost. Both Lindsay Lohan and Renee Zellweger are joining the craze.

Lindsay bares all for mag cover

Troubled teen star Lindsay Lohan is set to strip for a Vanity Fair cover. Lohan who has been the talk of American media because of her drastic weight loss and speculated eating disorder is apparently eager to show off her new healthy figure.

According to IMDb.com, America’s ‘In Touch’ magazine reports that Lohan shot the ‘top secret’ cover on a beach in Malibu, California sometime last week and it was apparently her idea to pose naked. “It was Paris Hilton’s recent Vanity Fair cover, where she’s topless and covering her breasts with her arms, that inspired Lindsay to push the envelope even further,” a source said.

In some of the photo’s Lindsay copies her idol Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose.

Zellweger said much the same thing in a June story linked from the sidebar of the above:

Zellweger keen on stripping off

Renee Zellweger is adamantly trying to shake off her image of being a ditzy blonde by admitting that she wants to pose for a raunchy photo shoot. According to the Daily Star, the ‘Bridget Jones’ star says she eager to find something more challenging than working on a film. Zellweger, who recently married country muso Kenney Chesney, is keen on shocking the showbiz world again by getting posing in the nude.

Zellweger said, “It would make a nice change from acting. It is something different,” reports the Daily Star. “In a way modelling is a lot like acting. A lot of the time you hide behind someone else’s guise,” she said.

Now that Zellweger’s marriage to Chesney has been annuled, the need for such therapy is all the more apparent.


Actually, maybe this isn’t such a new trend after all. . . .

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  1. Jon Henke says:

    Ah, I love the smell of google bait in the morning. Smells like….traffic!

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  2. James Joyner says:

    Heh. I stumbled on the two stories together following another link. A strange confluence, to be sure.

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  3. Since when is posing nude an antidote for being viewed as ditzy? It ain’t as if bein’ nekkid is the height of intellectualism.

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  4. Bachbone says:

    Maybe they’re just advertising for husbands?

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  5. Sgt Fluffy says:

    I’m up for oggleing Scarecrow & Mrs. King

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  6. Sherri says:

    Back in the old days, it was the up and coming wanna be’s that posed nude in the hopes of generating enough publicity that they might boost their career. I think I remember a few stories about stars posing for the $ when they weren’t famous too. Respected actresses that were already pretty confident of their popularity would usually refuse to show even one nipple.

    Now actresses already famous and getting plenty of movie offers want to let billions of men and woman see everything they have, and for what? Publicity? Maybe sexual kicks?

    I wonder how many decided they wanted to share their privates with everyone after they saw how Paris Hilton’s rise to internation fame after her sex tapes were released?

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  7. bigairal says:

    I thank it’s a great idea for Lindsay to show it all. I thank it would boost her to the next step in her career in movies.

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