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More Deaths in Venezuela

Via the BBC:  Venezuela protests: Three killed in fresh unrest

Three people have died in fresh protests in Venezuela, this time in the central city of Valencia.

A policeman and two other men were shot dead in separate incidents.

In Caracas, Venezuelan government supporters and opposition demonstrators took to the streets to hold rival marches.

The marches mark one month since the current protest movement began – on 12 February. Twenty-five people are now known to have died.

The specifics:

A 42-year old man, Guillermo Sanchez, was painting his house when he was shot in the head by pro-government militias passing on motorbikes, said Mr Cocchiola.


Student Jesus Enrique Acosta, 20, was also killed in Valencia. Mr Cocchiola said Mr Acosta was also shot dead by the government groups, known as "colectivos".

The other victim was army captain Ernesto Bravo Bracho. The government said he was killed by "criminal terrorists".

There is a short video with key events and scenes from the ongoing unrest at the link and another than contains a news report.

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  1. Tillman says:

    And yet I’ve still heard next to nothing about this on regular news. You’d think the proximity of it all would augur more coverage.

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  2. bill says:

    @Tillman: i know, it’s like there’s no news getting out -but more likely just apathy.

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