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Next Up For Book Blogging

At the present time, my schedule has settled up a little bit so I hope to be finished with blogging Liberty and Tyranny within the next two weeks.

So what’s next? Well, several commenters here have stated that Glenn Beck shouldn’t be casually dismissed because “nobody addresses his arguments.” Very well, I accept the challenge.

It looks like Glenn Beck has four books on politics: Arguing With Idiots, Broke, Common Sense, and An Inconvenient Book. I am willing to read one of these, but only one. So, Glenn Beck fans, I ask you — which is the best one to read to get a sense of Beck’s arguments?

And now, for the rest of you – once I’m done reading Beck, who’s next? I’m not going to limit myself to conservative pundits, FYI. I’m more than happy to tackle everyone. So what recommendations do you have?

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  1. G.A.Phillips says:

    Arguing With Idiots :)

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  2. MBunge says:

    I would hate to make you read it, but the world needs as many smackdowns of Jonah Goldberg’s LIBERAL FASCISM as it can get.


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  3. Contracts says:

    Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them?

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