OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Semper Venti Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Obama Salute


First: Pinky – “Bush left this cup.”

Second: Allan BourdiusFor the record, it’s a classified Starbucks’ cup from the one inside CIA headquarters.

Third: al-Ameda – “Hey guys, I forgot my American Flag lapel pin too!”


JeremyCut the president some slack. He was latte to his meeting.

CSK – Okay, now I get why Apple users are having problems with the iPhone 6.

charles austin – “I’m going to miss this in a couple of years. The free lattes, I mean.”

OzarkHillbilly – You guys are doing it wrong, where’s your coffee cups?

RockThisTown – “If you like your official salute, you can keep your official salute. . . as for me, I can do whatever I want! I’m the President!”

Mikey – Hey, you guys like my new earring? It’s kind of big, but it doubles as a cup holder!

Paul Hooson – Walking down steps with hot coffee. Saluting with coffee. Nothing can possibly go wrong there…


disembarking from Marine Pun.

“Whimper” “Sigh”

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