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Paige Davis Sex Tape

There has been a steady influx the last several days of people looking for information on Trading Spaces hostess Paige Davis–especially information involving her nude, on tape, on video, and similar combinations. A look through the archives at GoogleNews may explain this.

New York Daily News gossip columnist had a story on December 22 entitled, “Video could be real Paige turner.”

Is Paige Davis, the host of The Learning Channel’s “Trading Spaces,” the victim of some hot Internet gossip? If anonymous rumors on the Internet are to be believed, the 35-year-old fix-it vixen – who presides over houseswappings in which neighbors redecorate each other’s homes on cable television – may have once starred in a steamy homemade video. Yesterday, a rep for Davis told Lowdown, “Paige is on the set. We’re looking into it, and her lawyers have been notified.”A representative for TLC (whose motto, appropriately, is “Life Unscripted”) didn’t return detailed messages.

But an anonymous reviewer on the Celebrity Nudity Database (www.cndb.com) describes a variety of activities allegedly involving Davis and “a boyfriend” – including some in-shower grooming while belting out “I Feel Pretty.” A second reviewer claims that the video is dated July 3, 1997, and estimates that Davis – or maybe her doppelbanger – was 27 at the time. “She sure looks a lot and sounds a lot like the real deal,” the reviewer says.

A third writer provides a detailed description of one intimate moment. The account concludes: “I’m sure it’s her.”

Davis lives in Manhattan with her husband, actor Patrick Page. At an AIDS research fund-raiser in July, she raised eyebrows – not to mention heart rates – when she reportedly launched into a striptease and flashed her thong at the audience.

The San Francisco Examiner also had the story in its December 23 edition:

That’s some hot property

An old home video allegedly showing “Trading Spaces” host Paige Davis getting it on with a male friend is reportedly making the rounds. A “review” posted on Celebrity Nudity Database by someone who claims to have seen the tape says the video contains footage of Davis and the mystery man taking a naughty shower together while Davis belts out “I Feel Pretty.”

Alas, these reports appear to be false. Reality Blurred reports in yesterday’s edition that reported Paige Davis sex tape is apparently not of the Trading Spaces host.

Last Thursday, Lloyd Grove announced that he’s giving up Paris Hilton. But if his Internet-found items hold up as well as his report on an alleged Paige Davis sex tape, he’ll have to return to Paris on about January 6. Lloyd pointed to reviews on the Celebrity Nudity Database that suggested the Trading Spaces host starred in her own sex tape. But the day after Lloyd’s item ran, someone contradicted the reports, writing, “We have been able to confirm through various sources that the woman in the sex tape we have is NOT, repeat NOT Paige Davis of TLC’s Trading Spaces. She looks and sounds almost exactly like Ms. Davis, but is certainly not her. I want to apologize for any misleading information that came out of this. We were trying our best to keep this quiet, but some within the company just had to get this info on the internet. Again, sorry.”

There are several CNdb reviews of the tape; one says, “The Trading Spaces hostess is on tape having rough sex with a boyfriend several years ago. She sucks, gets spanked, and is eaten out in this tape, according to the distributors.” Although the sex tape may not be real, the pictures of her quasi-stripping at a charity event over the summer certainly are.

This is perhaps more information than necessary.

Meanwhile, Zap2It reports that a Trading Spaces marathon was shown for Christmas:

“Overhaulin'” and “Trading Spaces” Marathons, The Learning Channel: Friday, catch nine hours of the makeover show for motor vehicles. Saturday, Paige Davis hosts 15 hours of the hit renovation reality series, including the two-hour “100 Grand” episode, a behind-the-scenes special, a “best of 2004” installment, and an hour of bloopers and outtakes.

For those looking for information on this rather than the sex tape, I apologize for the delay in investigating this matter.

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  1. Paul says:

    google whore 😉

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  2. James Joyner says:

    Heh. Google’s already sending them here. I’m just providing a useful public service!

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  3. Bithead says:

    So, if she took her husband’s name, she’d be Paige Page?

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  4. Paige Davis Sex Tape?
    Is everybody’s favorite bubbly homemakeover host (yeah, it is a short list anyway) going all Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee on us? James Joyner finds out by investigating the rumors in a more thorough manner than I bet he intended to….

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  5. McGehee says:

    If so, imagine hearing this at the airport:

    “Paging Paige Page. Paging Paige Page…”

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  6. Paige Davis fired but it’s not what you think

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