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NY Post:

AFTER we reported how “Trading Spaces” star Paige Davis got down and dirty at the Broadway Bares event at Roseland Ballroom last weekend, Davis tried to downplay her impromptu striptease. In a memo she posted on the Internet, Davis said: “I did collect some money in a pretend-stripper fashion from a crowd that was 99 percent gay men! No one ‘mauled my breasts!’ I kept all of my clothes on at all times. If any . . . fans are shocked or offended by the Post’s coverage, I would have them consider the source — the Post is known for rumor and exaggeration.” Well exaggerate this, Paige: you were caught on camera. Photos of her mid-strip are in this week’s Star magazine, showing Davis in a sheer thong, legs open, with men’s hands mauling her breasts. Who’s lying, Paige?

Frankly, I’d rather watch her pretend-strip than watch people’s idiot neighbors paste corrugated cardboard on the walls, paint the couch purple, and take down the ceiling fan. Hell, it’s not even close.

The back story: NY Post, Page 6 — MOONING FOR A GOOD CAUSE (June 22)

PAIGE Davis, star of The Learning Channel’s “Trading Spaces,” could easily trade places with a stripper. At the Broadway Bares/Equity Fights Aids gala at Roseland Sunday night, Davis — who is starring in “Chicago” June 22-Aug. 8 — “pulled up her sundress to her hips, showing off her tiny thong, and started to strip,” a witness says. “She did a go-go dance and then, all sweaty, let men maul her breasts and shove dollar bills into the front of her tiny G-string . . . I think she has a morals clause in her TLC contract and this has got to violate it.” Davis’ representative, Carrie Byalick, said: “Paige participated in the Broadway Bares show to respect and thank the sponsors [M.A.C. cosmetics, Absolut Vodka and Continental Airlines]. Along with other Broadway actors, including Jai Rodriguez and the ‘Avenue Q’ cast, Paige did give up a little moon to raise money. It was all choreographed and planned and they raised over half a million dollars.”

Reality TV World –‘Trading Spaces’ host Paige Davis strips for charity, then complains about press

The New York Post reports that Paige, who is currently starring in the Broadway revival of Chicago, showed a little more than her dancing moves during the “Broadway Bares” AIDS fundraising benefit (sponsored by the actors’ group Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS) on June 20 (which raised over a half-million dollars for HIV/AIDS support).

At the end of the benefit, Paige performed a simulated-striptease routine while wearing a V-necked sundress, which she pulled up to reveal a skimpy sheer thong underneath (shades of Monica Lewinsky) In one partygoer’s view, “men maul[ed] her breasts” while stuffing money in both the top and bottom parts of her clothing .

Considering that Paige’s job on Trading Spaces was supposedly “on the line” over a TV Guide cover in which she was clothed only in wallpaper — and that TV Guide ultimately agreed to limit distribution of the cover so that TLC didn’t use a “no-nudity” clause in her contract to terminate her — many onlookers were surprised that Paige was so openly showing her God-given assets. However, Paige chose to ramp up the controversy by responding to The Post’s story on the TLC message boards.

In her response, Paige noted that Broadway Cares was her longstanding favorite charity and that she “raised $20,000 for [it] last year in an embarrassing night of Celebrity Jeopardy.” She then discussed the benefit, where she claimed to be “dressed in a very modest, almost demure, yellow dress, cut to my sternum.” While she admitted to “flip[ping] my skirt for a second” and “collect[ing] some money in a pretend-stripper fashion,” she said that she “kept all of my clothes on at all times” and accused The Post of “rumor and exaggeration” in its description of the night.

Unfortunately for Paige, this week’s Star Magazine includes three full-color photos of her “pretend-strip,” including one during Paige’s “flipped skirt” antics that was censored, presumably to keep this issue of Star from ending up hidden under the counter with Playboy. While Paige’s claim that she “kept all of my clothes on” clearly seems to be true, that doesn’t mean that the clothes were performing their normal function of body coverage — and the words “modest” and “demure” did not come to our mind while viewing men sticking their hands down the front of her dress and an image of numerous dollar bills tucked into her G-string.

In response to the pictures in Star, the New York Post fired back at Paige, asking her to “exaggerate this” and to answer the question of “who’s lying.” One hint: it isn’t the photos.

Frankly, we don’t care how or where Paige dresses or undresses, and we agree that her actions were on behalf of a good cause. But we admit to being fascinated by the legalities involved.

Because Paige kept her clothes on, does that mean that she didn’t violate her TLC “no-nudity” clause — even though the photos are much more revealing than the TV Guide “wallpaper shoot,” which may have violated it? Does a photo in which Paige wasn’t showing anything count as nudity because she was covered in non-clothes (wallpaper), but a photo in which she shows much, much more not count as nudity because she was wearing clothes that she didn’t remove? Or have she and TLC simply moved beyond the “no nudity” clause?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Apparently, this isn’t Davis’ first brush with nude celebrity fame:

Reality TV World (8/13/2003) – TV Guide considers Paige Davis ‘Trading Spaces’ controversy overblown, but opts to limit distribution of “racy” cover

Apparently Paige Davis, the host of TLC’s Trading Spaces, likes to push the edges of the envelope in her public life. Mike Lafavore, editor-in-chief of TV Guide, told the Sun-Times that the alternate cover, which features Davis wearing nothing but wallpaper, “kind of freaked out” TLC executives, however “it is not my job to censor our covers.” “This is an issue between Paige and the Learning Channel” adds Lafavore, “I really never understood what the big deal was. I saw the shots and they didn’t shock me too much.” Lafavore says the magazine did initially opt to go with the racier cover, but changed their decision after other TV Guide editors questioned whether Davis fans would recognize the normally reserved Davis posing in such a different look. “She is very sexy in these shots. She is a bit out of context. We weren’t sure which way to go. I liked the sexier shot, but we decided to try both,” says Lafavore.

As far as the idea that the cover might violate the “no nudity” clause in Davis’ contract, Lafavore isn’t buying it. “I didn’t know but I’m told that Davis has a no-nudity clause in her contract. I laughed. She is showing more skin then she does in ‘Trading Spaces,’ but she’s not nude,” says Lafavore. “I’m really surprised by the controversy. It was clear she [Davis] was having a great time at the shoot and the pictures reflect that. But, I guess the Learning Channel is very conservative. You would have to be very conservative to think these photos violate a no-nudity clause.”

The “nude” TV Guide cover photo in question:

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  1. joy says:

    All I’m saying is that the turquoise thong looks pretty uncomfortable.


  2. DC Long says:

    Not from where I’m standing they don’t!


  3. Somebody made a good comment stating that apparently, so long as you’re stripping in front of people that don’t want you, it’s ok.


  4. paladin says:

    I’m with joy about the thongs – it looks like you would cut yourself in half if you sneezed wearing one of those things – Yikes!


  5. DC Loser says:

    won’t be the first time women wear things that aren’t comfortable if it makes them look sexy.


  6. Attila Girl says:

    I’m not sure the term “stripping” should encompass an activity in which one’s dress is still on at the end of the event.

    I also didn’t see anyone else’s hands on her boobs more than her own–the whole thing did, in fact, look like it was done with some irony. I’d say her version of events sounds more correct than the Post’s.


  7. Melissa says:

    People should be allowed to do as they please-celebrity or not. Let’s all just get off her back!


  8. Sherri says:

    I don’t see any mauling going on. Considering the people surrounding her and the atmosphere of the event. I don’t feel she was terribly out of line. This should not reflect on TLC at all. One has nothing to do with the other. The media must be bored.