Sharon Reed Nude TV Newscast

Sharon Reed strips nude for exposure.  It’s worked!

TV Anchorwoman Appears Nude On Newscast (AP)

A television news anchor appeared nude on an 11 p.m. newscast in a first-person report about an artist’s photographs, drawing a record number of viewers for that time slot, the station said. Sharon Reed was one of hundreds of people who participated in Spencer Tunick’s nude photo installation in downtown Cleveland in June. Her report, shown Monday on WOIO-TV, showed far away angles of her nude and some closer seminude shots, as well as other participants.

The report comes in the midst of increased attention to the airwaves, following Janet Jackson’s early-evening breast exposure during February’s Super Bowl half-time show. The Federal Communications Commission proposed a record fine of $550,0000 on CBS, WOIO’s parent network. The network is protesting. On Tuesday, ABC apologized for the intro to “Monday Night Football” that featured a supposedly naked actress jumping into a player’s arms in a spoof of the television show “Desperate Housewives.”

WOIO news director Steve Doerr said the idea was to cover Tunick, a well-known artist, in a different way. Doerr said the story also was aimed at bringing in ratings during November sweeps when audiences are measured to set advertising rates.


Doerr said the station received mostly supportive messages from viewers. Reed, who has been with WOIO for about two years, said she considered it an important story about art.

Clearly, this was about ratings and not “an important story about art.” If the national coverage Reed’s uncoverage is getting, I’d say it was successful:

As they say, art sells.

The most humorous take I’ve seen is this one:

Ex-Phila. anchor bares all (Philadelphia Daily News)

SHARON REED should be ashamed of herself. Not for posing nude. That’s cool by us, but for not doing so while working at NBC-10.

Last night, viewers of Cleveland’s WOIO saw more of her than usual, in a segment about Reed’s participation in a group photo of naked Clevelanders, by artist Spencer Tunick. Reed expects the footage would be all over the Internet by 11:31 last night and that’s OK with her. “I know the images will be around forever. I’m personally comfortable having it out there,” says Reed.

She was hired by NBC-10 as an anchor in 1999 and fired in 2002 after a catfight with former colleague Alicia Taylor, waged on Internet message boards.

None of which should give the erroneous impression that Reed is anything but a serious journalist, of course.

(via Fox Special Report news crawl)

Update (1853): Amusingly, Reed’s credentials are not predictive of the bimbo route she’s chosen:

Sharon is a talented anchor and strong reporter known for her crisp storytelling and engaging live reports. She joined the 19 Action News team in May of 2002. She came to Cleveland from WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, where she had been anchoring their morning and 10 a.m. newscasts. Prior to that, she was a reporter/anchor at WSVN-TV in Miami, a reporter for WMAR-TV in Baltimore and a correspondent for “American Journal” based out of New York City. Sharon is a graduate of Georgetown University and holds a Master’s Degree from the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Go figure.

Regardless, the station is milking this for all it’s worth, having apparently hyped the “art” story ahead of time and then–shockingly–gotten the highest ratings for any newscast in the station’s history. They’ve created a BODY OF ART FEEDBACK PAGE and a video entiled “Sharon Reed‘s ‘Body of Art’ leads to unprecedented viewer reaction.”

As Reed predicted, photo captures from the video are available on the Internet. Nothing pornographic, to be sure, but more nudity than one typically gets on a nightly newscast.

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  1. austin mls says:

    This news director will probably be getting a promotion to a better city (or at least bigger city) soon. Weird though.

    I wonder if it will alienate any significant segment of their audience in the long term?


  2. Jeff Quinton says:

    I don’t know if any of your links mentioned it but she also dated Donovan McNabb in Philly and she reportedly left town after a nasty email sent to a colleague.