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Ashraf Ghani Declared ‘Winner’ Of Afghan Election Plagued By Fraud Allegations


There’s a declared winner in Afghanistan’s Presidential Election, but a cloud hangs over the results.

More Election Protests In Afghanistan


There were more protests in Afghanistan yesterday over election results that are increasingly coming into dispute: KABUL, Afghanistan — After a potential opening last week to ease Afghanistan’s political crisis, the presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah signaled on Sunday that more deadlock was ahead, promising again that he would not accept any decisions made by the country’s election […]

Afghans Protest Voting Irregularities


Hundreds of people took to the streets yesterday to protest election results in the Afghan Presidential election that haven’t even been counted yet: KABUL, Afghanistan — A day after the United Nations agreed to play a role in settling disputes over the vote for a new Afghan president, protesters demonstrated across Kabul, blocking streets in parts […]