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Trump Administration Preparing To Stay In Afghanistan For The Long Haul

US Afghanistan

America’s longest war seems likely to soon turn into America’s never-ending war.

Senate Rejects Amendment To Repeal AUMFs Authorizing The Bush-Obama-Trump Forever Wars

Afghanistan Troops

Once again, Congress is abdicating its Constitutional responsibilities.

Trump And Afghanistan: New President, Same Policy

Afghanistan Troops

President Trump’s Afghanistan policy sounds awfully familiar, and it’s likely to lead to the same results.

Trump’s Military Advisers Want Him To Expand America’s Longest War

US Afghanistan

America’s longest war is still going on, and President Trump’s advisers want him to continue his predecessor’s policies of continuing to re-expand American forces in a war that has seemingly no end.

U.S. To Deploy Troops To Combat Areas In Afghanistan, Reversing Policy

US Afghanistan

American forces will be deployed to a combat area in southern Afghanistan, reversing current policy and calling the President’s promised withdrawal date into even further doubt.

What, Exactly, Does Uttering The Words “Radical Islamic Terrorism” Accomplish?

Obama ISIS

Republicans insist that uttering the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism” is somehow important in the fight against ISIS and other terror networks, but it is entirely unclear what doing so would accomplish.

U.S. To Halt Withdrawal Of Forces From Afghanistan

Afghanistan Troops

The plan to withdraw nearly all American forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2016 is being put on hold.

Obama Considering Plan To Keep U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Past 2016

US Afghanistan

President Obama is reportedly considering a plan that would keep up to 5,000 American troops in Afghanistan past the withdrawal date he had already set.

American Airstrikes Hit Afghan Hospital, Killing At Least Nineteen


Your tax dollars at work.

Taliban Capture Major Afghan City For First Time Since 9/11


The Taliban dealt a major defeat to a numerically superior Afghan Army force, raising questions about just how well Afghanistan can defend itself on its own.

U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Involved In More Than Just Counterterrorism Despite Obama’s Promises

US Afghanistan

U.S forces in Afghanistan have been involved in missions that go far beyond the counterterror mission the Obama Administration said they would be limited to.

Iraq And Afghanistan Wars Cost $3 Trillion


The costs of more than a decade of war are far higher than many ever thought, and we’re still paying the price for the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush Administration while they were being fought.

Quietly, Obama Decides American Forces Will Continue To Engage In Combat In Afghanistan After 2014

Afghanistan Troops

You thought the American combat role in Afghanistan would end on December 31st? Think again.

U.S., Afghanistan Sign Agreement To Keep 10,000 U.S. Troops In Country Past 2014

US Afghanistan

U.S. troops will be in Afghanistan for at least the next three years.

Hamid Karzai Blasts United States In Farewell Address

Hamid Karzai IEC Speech

Before leaving office, Hamid Karzai is once again biting that hand that has fed him for the past decade.

U.S. Army General Killed, 15 Others Wounded, In Insider Attack In Afghanistan

Afghanistan Troops

An American Army General has apparently been killed in an insider attack by someone dressed in an Afghan military uniform who opened fire at a base in Kabul: KABUL, Afghanistan — A United States Army major general was killed on Tuesday by an Afghan soldier, shot at close range at a military training academy on […]

Taliban Making Gains In Afghanistan


As Afghanistan’s political factions continue to squabble, there are some indications that the Taliban are having some success on the battlefield: MAHMUD RAQI, Afghanistan — Taliban fighters are scoring early gains in several strategic areas near the capital this summer, inflicting heavy casualties and casting new doubt on the ability of Afghan forces to contain […]

Five U.S. Soldiers Killed In ‘Friendly Fire’ Incident In Afghanistan


The U.S. suffered one of its worst days in the Afghanistan War in recent memory, and it wasn’t due to an enemy attack: KABUL, Afghanistan — Five American Special Operations service members and at least one Afghan soldier were killed when a coalition aircraft accidentally unleashed an airstrike on their position in southern Afghanistan, one […]

Taliban Release Video Of Bergdahl Transfer To Special Forces

Afghanistan Captured Soldier

The Taliban have released a video that appears to show the turnover of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to U.S. Special Forces: Reuters) – A dazed Bowe Bergdahl is led by two militants, one carrying a makeshift white flag on a stick, to a Blackhawk helicopter in eastern Afghanistan ending his five years’ in captivity, a video […]

Obama Administration Pushes Back Against Criticism Of Deal That Led To Bergdahl Release

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl

The Obama White House rejected Republican criticism of the deal that led to the release of the only American Prisoner Of War from the Afghanistan War.

Republicans Criticize Deal That Led To American P.O.W.’s Release

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl

Petty politics, or valid concerns?

Lone American P.O,W. From Afghan War Freed In Prisoner Swap With Taliban

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the only American ever held as a POW by the Taliban, has been freed after five years in captivity: WASHINGTON — The lone American prisoner of war from the Afghan conflict, captured by insurgents nearly five years ago, has been released to American forces in exchange for five Taliban prisoners held at […]

Robert Gates: Invading Iraq Diverted Attention From The War On Terror

Bush Gates Rumsfeld

Former SecDef Robert Gates is among those who believes that the Iraq War unduly diverted attention from fighting the War On Terror.

Afghanistan Most Unpopular War Ever?

US Afghanistan

The “good war” no more.

Support For Afghan War Hits All-Time Low

Afghanistan Troops

A new poll indicates that support for the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time low: Only 28 percent of Americans say the war in Afghanistan has been worth fighting, the lowest number on record and clearly below the least-popular stretches of the Iraq war, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Overall support for U.S. […]

Afghans Want To Charge U.S. For Removing Military Gear


In what may be the most bizarre twist in the United States’ withdrawal from the Afghanistan War, the removal of American military equipment is being held up by a bureaucratic dispute based in the Afghan’s attempt to charge the U.S. for equipment removed from the country: An escalating dispute between the Afghan government and the […]

Frustration With Karzai Pushing Obama Toward “Zero Option” In Afghanistan

Obama Karzai

Frustrations with the mercurial leader of Afghanistan may increase the pace of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

U.S. To Scrap Some Military Equipment Rather Than Take It Out Of Afghanistan


About $7 billion in military equipment now in Afghanistan will be scrapped rather than returned to the U.S.

Five Americans Dead In Afghan Suicide Attack

After a lull that has lasted for most of 2013, a suicide attack has claimed the lives of five Americans: KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide car bomb in southern Afghanistan killed three American soldiers and two American civilians on Saturday, the deadliest single attack against United States forces this year, officials said. The bomber detonated […]

Karzai Orders US Special Forces Out Of Province

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered U.S. Special Forces to leave an Afghan province that has been the site of heavy insurgent activity: The Afghan president has ordered US special forces to leave Wardak province within two weeks. The decision was being taken due to allegations of disappearances and torture by Afghans considered to be […]

Obama To Announce Afghan Troop Withdrawal

During tonight’s State of the Union Address, President Obama will announce that half of the American troops currently in Afghanistan will be home in a year: WASHINGTON — President Obama plans to announce in his State of Union address on Tuesday night that half of the 66,000 American troops in Afghanistan will be home by […]

Another “Green On Blue” Attack Claims Two American Lives In Afghanistan


And, it’s happened again: KABUL, Afghanistan — A man in an Afghan police uniform shot and killed two American service members in what appeared to be the latest attack on international forces this year by their Afghan partners. The so-called insider attacks have stretched to the breaking point a partnership that U.S. and NATO officials […]

Another Insider Attack In Afghanistan Leaves Two Americans Dead


There has been a lull in so-called “Green on Blue” attacks in Afghanistan recently, but that came to an end today: KABUL, Afghanistan — A member of the Afghan intelligence service detonated a suicide vest Saturday, killing two Americans and four Afghan intelligence agency colleagues, Afghan and international officials said Monday. Also on Monday, Afghan […]

Afghanistan Eleven Years And 2,000 American Deaths Later

Afghanistan Troops

The Afghanistan War is officially eleven years old today.

U.S. Abandoning Plan For Peace Deal With Taliban Before Withdrawal


Slowly but surely, we’re giving up on Afghanistan.

U.S. Deaths In Afghanistan Hit 2,000

Afghanistan Troops

We passed another grim milestone in the Afghanistan War today with a “Green On Blue” attack that led to the 2,000th American military death since the war began all the way back in October 2001: KABUL, Afghanistan—U.S. military deaths in the Afghan war have reached 2,000, a cold reminder of the human cost of an […]

The Afghan Surge Was A Failure

US Afghanistan

The Afghan Surge announced by President Obama in December 2009 is over. By any objective measurement, it was a failure.

ISAF Severely Curtails Joint Patrols With Afghans

The rising trend of Green On Blue attacks in Afghanistan has led coalition forces to cut back on joint operations with Afghan forces: KABUL, Afghanistan — After years of tightly intertwining its forces with Afghan troops, the American-led military coalition has sharply curtailed ground-level operations with the Afghan Army and police forces, potentially undercutting the training […]

NATO Airstrikes Kill Eight Afghan Civilians


Well, this will certainly help with that whole “win their hearts and minds” thing: At least eight women have died in a Nato air strike in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Laghman, local officials say. Nato has conceded that between five and eight civilians died as it targeted insurgents, and offered condolences. The remote region in […]

Six Coalition Troops Dead In Another Round Of “Green On Blue” Attacks


Another round of attacks by Afghans has lead to six dead NATO troops in Afghanistan: KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan security forces killed six service members from the American-led military coalition in a pair of attacks in southern Afghanistan this weekend, pushing the number of international troops killed by Afghan forces in a single year past […]

Two Marines Die In Attack On Afghan Base, Prince Harry The Target?


An attack on a joint U.S.-British base in Afghanistan resulted in the death of two U.S. Marines and caused damage to several aircraft was, according to the BBC, aimed at one very specific target: Prince Harry was at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan during an assault by the Taliban which killed two US marines. American officials […]

Taliban Says It Will Capture Or Kill Prince Harry


When I noted that Prince Harry had returned to Afghanistan recently for a tour of duty as an Apache helicopter pilot, I commented that I found it odd that the British military would publicize the Prince’s deployment given the threats against him that had caused them to withdraw him several years ago when his secret deployment was […]

Mitt Romney’s Bizarre Explanation For Why He Didn’t Mention Afghanistan At The GOP Convention

Romney Convention Speech

During their recently concluded convention, several Democrats, including most prominently Vice President Biden and Senator John Kerry, criticized Mitt Romney for failing to say a single word about Afghanistan or America’s troops during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention in Tampa. These were rather ironic moments to me because, usually, it’s the Republicans who […]

Prince Harry Back In Afghanistan


After his recent troubles in Las Vegas, Prince Harry probably welcomes a return to combat duty in Afghanistan for the first time in four years: CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan (AP) — Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, began a four-month combat tour Friday in Afghanistan as a gunner on an Apache attack helicopter, […]

Was Obama’s ‘Afghan Surge’ A Failure?

Afghanistan Troops

To much fanfare, President Obama announced a shift in Afghan War policy in December 2009. There’s little evidence it’s worked.

2,000 Deaths Later, Americans Have Put Afghanistan Behind Them

US Afghanistan

The candidates aren’t talking about the war in Afghanistan very much, but that’s mostly because the American people don’t want them to.

Afghan Police Officer Kills Two American Soldiers


Another “Green On Blue” incident has resulted in the two more Americans dead at the hands of an Afghan police officer: (CBS News) LONDON – Two U.S. troops were killed in the western Afghan province of Farah when an Afghan Local Police officer turned his gun on them, one of two so-called green-on-blue attacks to […]

American Troops Posed With Taliban Corpses


The consequences of ten years of war?

Taliban Commander Turns Himself In, Demands Reward Money


No doubt, it helps when the people you are fighting against are exceedingly stupid: Sometimes, capturing a Taliban commander requires vast resources and complex operations. Last week in eastern Afghanistan, it hinged on an insurgent’s “improbable stupidity,” as one U.S. official put it. Mohammad Ashan, a mid-level Taliban commander in Paktika province, strolled toward a […]

U.S. Hands Control Of Night Raids Over To Afghans


Among the many tactics employed by American forces in Afghanistan operations, none seems to have aroused more controversy among the Afghan public, military, and government. Indeed it was noted at the time that the attack that resulted in the death of 17 Afghan civilians reminded many Afghans of the night raids that U.S. forces have […]

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