Is Joe Arpaio The Next Roy Moore?

Will Joe Arpaio cause the GOP to lose an otherwise winnable Senate race?

Joe Arpaio Is Running For Senate

Controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for Senate in Arizona.

Clinton Up Four Points In New Arizona Poll

With the lone exception of Bill Clinton in 1996, Arizona hasn’t gone for a Democrat since 1948. That streak could end this year.

John McCain Cruises To Primary Victory

As expected, John McCain easily defeated his primary opponent yesterday.

More Bad News For Trump From State-Level Polling

New polling from the states has good news for Hillary Clinton, and an even less plausible path to 270 for Donald Trump.

John McCain To Run For Sixth Term

Arizona Senator John McCain announced last night that he will run for a sixth term in the Senate: Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) announced late Monday night that he will seek a sixth term in the U.S. Senate, acknowledging that he may face a primary challenge from the right but insisting he’s up to the […]

Can Hillary Expand The Electoral College Map In 2016? In An Important Sense, It Doesn’t Matter

An adviser close to Hillary Clinton is talking about expanding the Electoral College map in 2016, but even without such an expansion the GOP faces an uphill battle.

John McCain Hinting He Will Run For Re-Election In 2016

Setting aside long standing speculation of a retirement after more than 30 years in office between the House and the Senate, John McCain is hinting strongly that he will run for re-election in 2016: John McCain sure sounds like he’s running for reelection. The five-term Arizona senator and 2008 GOP presidential nominee launched a new […]

Same-Sex Marriage Advances In Arizona, Will Come To Wyoming By Monday UPDATE: Make That Wyoming By Today

This morning, a Federal District Court Judge in Arizona struck down that state’s ban on same-sex marriage, and the nation gained its 31st state where same-sex marriage is recognized: PHOENIX — A federal judge has cleared the way for legally recognized gay marriages in Arizona by ruling that the state’s ban on same-sex unions is […]

Same-Sex Marriage Goes From 19 States To 29 States In One Week

In the space of one week, we’ve gone from 19 states that recognize same-sex marriage to 29. Soon, it will be 35.

9th Circuit Strikes Down Same-Sex Marriage Bans In Idaho And Nevada

Two more states are added to the list, with another three likely not far behind.

Arizona Closer Than Expected?

A new poll out of Arizona raised quite a few eyebrows yesterday: (CNN) – A new poll of likely voters in Arizona shows the race for the White House is a close contest in the state. President Barack Obama stands at 44% and GOP challenger Mitt Romney has 42% in the Rocky Mountain poll released Saturday. […]

Latino Voters Could Cost The GOP The White House And The Senate

Republican problems among Latino voters could have an influence on several close races this year.

Rep. Jeff Flake Wins Arizona GOP Senate Primary

Congressman Jeff Flake won last night’s Republican primary for the Senate seat currently held by Arizona’s Jon Kyl:  U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake handily won the Republican primary in the race to replace retiring Sen. Jon Kyl, setting up a general-election race with former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona that is expected to be much more […]

Perhaps Arizona Isn’t In Play After All

Back in April, I made note of polls (here and here) that seemed to suggest that Arizona, which hasn’t gone for a Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1996 (and then only by the slimmest of margins and due in large part to Ross Perot’s presence on the ballot) might be a state that Barack Obama […]

Another Poll Shows Possible GOP Troubles In Arizona

Following on the Arizona State University Poll I wrote about yesterday, a new Rocky Mountain Poll has Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tied in a state that Republicans won easily four years ago: Is Arizona truly a battleground state? The jury’s still out, but a second straight survey this week does indicate that it’s all […]

Republicans In Trouble In Arizona?

Most political pundits have scoffed at suggestions from the Obama campaign that Arizona would be competitive this time around. The campaign’s calculations seem to be based on the growing Hispanic population in the state and Republican troubles among that particular demographic. Well, the election is still some six months away but there’s a new poll […]

The Jan Brewer/Barack Obama Incident: The Video

It doesn’t necessarily add very much to what we’ve already heard about what happen, but the Associated Press has released video of President Obama’s arrival in Arizona yesterday, and his encounter on the tarmac with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Unfortunately, the  President’s limosene was between the cameraman and where the President or Governor were standing […]

Governor Brewer Retracts Beheading Claim (Kinda)

Governor Brewer walks back he beheadings claims.

Jan Brewer: I’ve Got My Public Financing Now, So No More Debates

Perhaps the reason that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer seemed so unprepared for her debate the other night is that she only bothered to show up so she would qualify for public financing for her campaign: PHOENIX – Arizona voters won’t be seeing any more debates between the top gubernatorial contenders. Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer said […]

AZ Gov. Ducks Debate Questions About Border Beheading Claims

In addition to her awkward opening statement, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is also making headlines for failing to answer questions during last night’s debate about her claim that there has been a rash of beheadings along the Arizona-Mexico border: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer sparred with her Democratic opponent in an at-times contentious debate Wednesday night, […]

Arizona Governor Needlessly Freaks Out Over Human Rights Report To U.N.

An obscure U.N. human rights report has become the latest political outrage of the day in the battle over Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

McCain Wins Convincingly & Other AZ Results

On a night where high-profile establishment candidates in Alaska and Florida, John McCain cruised to victory over challenger J.D. Hayworth, 56.4% to 31.8% (source). Meanwhile, Governor Jan Brewer crushed all comers in a 4-way race, winning 81.8% of the vote. Also in AZ, son of Vice President Dan Quayle, Ben Quayle, leads a crowded field […]

John McCain Poised To Crush J.D. Hayworth In Arizona Primary

After surviving the worst of a hard-fought primary campaign against J.D. Hayworth, Senator John McCain is probably pretty pleased with himself right now.

Dick Armey: J.D. Hayworth Had A Fairly Undistinguished Career In Congress

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey was interviewed on CNBC today and someone asked him about his former colleague J.D. Hayworth, who is running against John McCain for the Senate: Ouch, that one’s gotta sting. Incidentally, despite initially looking to be in a good position to beat McCain in next Tuesday’s primary, it now seems […]

Death and the Arizona Border

Yes, a lot of people are dying on the Arizona border, but the cause is not the drug war. Rather, it is simple fact that crossing the desert on foot is a dangerous proposition. (And this is not a new phenomenon).

Rubio Does not Want Proliferation of SB1070s

Marco Rubio doesn’t want to see the proliferation of SB1070s to other states.

McCain Opens Up Large Lead In Arizona Senate Primary

For much of the summer, it seemed like John McCain might be in for the battle of his life in the Republican primary against former Congressman J.D. Hayworth. With less than a month to go before the vote, it looks like McCain has nothing to worry about: Senator John McCain has opened a 20-point lead […]

Only 28% Of Arizonans Approve Of President’s Performance

Barack Obama surprised many in 2008 by keeping John McCain’s margin of victory in his home state of Arizona in single digits. Based on a new statewide poll, though, I doubt that will be happening in 2012: PHOENIX – Most Arizonans no longer think Barack Obama is doing a decent job as president. A new […]

Feds May Challenge Arizona Law On Racial Discrimination Grounds

Attorney General Eric Holder said today that the Federal Government retains the option of suing Arizona a second time if the state’s new immigration law is enforced in a discriminatory manner.

A Return to AZ Crime Levels

Let’s revisit the question of crime levels in Arizona.

Crime in AZ

Arizona has been experiencing a massive increase in violent crime of late, right?

Obama Administration Files Suit Against Arizona Over Immigration Law

The legal battle over immigration began today as the Obama Administration filed suit against Arizona over its new immigration law.

Obama Administration Ready To Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law

The Washington Post is reporting that the Obama Administration is ready to file a lawsuit against Arizona’s restrictive new immigration law: The Justice Department has decided to file suit against Arizona on the grounds that the state’s new immigration law illegally intrudes on federal prerogatives, law enforcement sources said Monday. The lawsuit, which three sources […]

Radically Misdiagnosing the Problem (Jan Brewer and Illegal Immigration)

Are the majority of illegal immigrants drug-runners? Arizona Governor Jan Brewer thinks so.

Mexico Files Brief in AZ Immigration Case

Via the BBC:  Mexico challenges Arizona’s immigration law: The Mexican government submitted arguments as a “friend of the court”, or amicus curiae, meaning it is not a party to the case, but is offering a legal opinion which it believes has bearing on it. It is in support of a case brought by a group […]

Arizona’s Next Step On Immigration: Banning “Anchor Babies”

The author of Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement law is preparing for the next step in his crusade, and it promises to be even more controversial than the recently passed law: The author of Arizona’s controversial immigration law is considering a new proposal that would block the children of illegal immigrants from becoming citizens if they […]

Arizona Immigration Law Reveals Republican Split On Immigration

The Arizona immigration law is once again bringing to light an underlying tension on the entire immigration issue among Republicans: LOS ANGELES — Republican lawmakers and candidates are increasingly divided over illegal immigration — torn between the need to attract Latino support, especially at the ballot box, and rallying party members who support tougher action. […]

John McCain May Not Be An Endangered Incumbent Anymore

A new poll in the Arizona Senate GOP primary seems to indicate that John McCain may not have as much trouble in 2010 as previously believed: The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in Arizona finds McCain with 52% of the vote to challenger J.D. Hayworth’s 40%. Two percent (2%) prefer […]

Trump Bows to Radical Islam!

Apparently the new Miss USA is a Muslim.  To Debbie Schussel this means that Donald Trump is a “dhimmi” (which means, “a non-Muslim subject of a state governed in accordance with sharia law”):  “Donald Trump, Dhimmi: Miss Hezbollah Rima Fakih Wins Miss USA; Rigged for Muslima? Miss Oklahoma’s Arizona Immigration Answer.” Now, I do not […]

3 Memes That Annoy Me

I marked all of the following in my feed reader this morning, intending to post on them individually.  But, really, they’re all examples of common tropes that annoy the bejeezus out of me. 1.  Have you read it? Lots of folks, including Glenn Reynolds, are chortling over about Attorney General Eric Holder’s admission that he […]

Putting Cinco de Mayo into Context

I would highly recommend the following essay by Oscar Casares from the Austin Chronicle:  Holiday of Cinco de Mayo is minor event in Mexico.  If anything, it underscores how Cinco de Mayo is probably a bigger deal in the United States than it is in Mexico (although granted, it is more in terms of eating […]

Arizona Immigration Law Revised

Arizona has come under fire from many places, here included, for its new immigration law.   Well, the legislature has responded: The Arizona Legislature has narrowed a controversial immigration law in response to allegations that the measure legalized racial profiling and forced police to determine the immigration status of everyone they encountered on the streets. The […]

Low Census Response Could Cost States Seats

Some states with large Hispanic populations may be getting undercounted by the Census because of unexpectedly poor returns. New York, California, Texas, Arizona and Florida — are perilously close to losing out on congressional seats because of lackluster participation in the U.S. census. The five were average or below average in mailing back 10-question census […]

Pennsylvania Loses Seats 9th Census Running

Pennsylvania is Reapportionment’s version of the Biggest Loser. If projections hold, Pennsylvania will lose Congressional seats for the ninth straight Census. Smart Politics: Several projections have been conducted by experts during the last few years – with Texas and Arizona universally considered to be the big winners of multiple seats, with the remaining gains coming […]

Arizona Illegal Alien Bill – A Weak Defense

Arizona’s ill conceived illegal alien crackdown, which is so obviously overbroad as to have drawn concern from Tom Tancredo, Marco Rubio, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Joe Scarborough, has drawn one unlikely defender: George Will. It is passing strange for federal officials, including the president, to accuse Arizona of irresponsibility while the federal […]

Mexico Issues Arizona Travel Advisory

Mexico is fighting back at an Arizona crackdown aimed at illegal aliens. Mexico’s government is warning its citizens about travel to Arizona because of a tough new immigration law there. The travel alert from the Foreign Relations Department urges Mexicans in Arizona to “act with prudence and respect the framework of local laws.” It says […]

Advil Strip Search Illegal, Says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court sided with a 13-year-old honor student suspended after she was strip searched for Advil. The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a school’s strip search of an Arizona teenage girl accused of having prescription-strength ibuprofen was illegal. In an 8-1 ruling, the justices said school officials violated the law with their search of […]

Republican Party of Whites?

A Gallup poll released yesterday finds that, “More than 6 in 10 Republicans today are white conservatives, while most of the rest are whites with other ideological leanings; only 11% of Republicans are Hispanics, or are blacks or members of other races. By contrast, only 12% of Democrats are white conservatives, while about half are […]

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