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Sunday Morning Talk Shows Are The Dinosaurs Of Political Media

Sunday Morning Shows

Who watches Sunday morning talk shows anymore?

Michele Bachmann Refuses Chris Wallace’s Apology For “Flake” Question

State of the Union GOP Reaction

Way to stay classy: Via POLITICO’s Jennifer Epstein, Michele Bachmann isn’t accepting an apology from Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace for asking her yesterday, “Are you a flake?” ABC News’ Jon Karl, who’s been getting face-time with Bachmann in Waterloo in advance of her formal campaign announcement, played a clip of the web video […]

Fox’s Chris Wallace Takes Heat For Asking Michele Bachmann “Are You A Flake?”


A Tea Party favorite gets asked a tough question,and a Fox News host finds himself forced to apologize.

American Royalty – Nepotism in Politics and Media


Glenn Greenwald laments the rise of “American royalty.” They should convene a panel for the next Meet the Press with Jenna Bush Hager, Luke Russert, Liz Cheney, Megan McCain and Jonah Goldberg, and they should have Chris Wallace moderate it.  They can all bash affirmative action and talk about how vitally important it is that the U.S. […]