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Nonexistent Culture Wars And The Nonexistent ‘War On Christmas’

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

The people who believe there is a ‘War On Christmas” tend to be the same ones who hold to the largely false idea that their religious beliefs are under assault due to a “culture war.”

Consumers As Much To Blame For Late Deliveries As Amazon, FedEx, Or UPS


Consumers share some of the blame for the late delivery problems that last minute shoppers experienced this Christmas season.

Cost Of 12 Days Of Christmas Rises 6.9%


It’s getting more expensive to pay for all the items in the 12 Days Of Christmas: A fanciful splurge over the holidays will cost more than ever this year, at least for those who take their gift cues from the popular holiday classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” An improving economy has driven the cost […]

The Star Of Bethlehem And Science Fiction

Nativity Star

One of the iconic images of the religious side of the traditions surrounding Christmas is, of course, the Star Of Bethlehem which, according to what is really a quite limited mention in the Biblical accounts, guided “wise men from the East” to the location of the birth of Jesus Christ. It has become a central […]

Santa Dark Thirty


Tracking down the most elusive man in the history of the world: