Yes, DACA Beneficiaries And Other Illegal Immigrants Should Be Able To Become Citizens

One of the main objections that many on the right seem to have to proposals to legalize DACA beneficiaries and other illegal immigrants is the idea that they could eventually become citizens. There’s no good reason they shouldn’t be able to do so.

An Implication of Removing Birthright Citizenship

Wherein only one of the various consequences of altering the current status of birthright citizenship is considered: more paperwork for us all.

The Terrorist Expatriation Act

This is ultimately a non-starter (I think), but still worthy of comment: The Terrorist Expatriation Act, co-sponsored by Senators Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, and Scott Brown, Republican of Massachusetts, would allow the State Department to revoke the citizenship of people who provide support to terrorist groups like Al Qaeda or who attack the […]

Terrorists, American Citizenship, and Sham Marriages

In her column this week, Michelle Malkin does yeoman work in uncovering a problem that I never realized existed: Terrorists obtaining American citizenship through what appear to be sham marriages. She notes that many of us were confused that Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square bomber with apparent ties to the Pakistani Taliban, was a […]

Mirandize Shahzad? Of Course!

Two prominent Republican Congressmen have come out against reading Miranda rights to American citizens suspected of terrorism. Congressional Republicans want to know whether the Pakistani-born American arrested in the Times Square car bombing plot was read his Miranda rights, with Sen. John McCain saying it would be a “serious mistake” if the suspect was reminded […]

Arizona Illegal Alien Bill – A Weak Defense

Arizona’s ill conceived illegal alien crackdown, which is so obviously overbroad as to have drawn concern from Tom Tancredo, Marco Rubio, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Joe Scarborough, has drawn one unlikely defender: George Will. It is passing strange for federal officials, including the president, to accuse Arizona of irresponsibility while the federal […]

Does Bill Gates Hate White People?

Microsoft gazillionaire-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates has apparently decided to award Gates Millennium Scholarships only to Americans of  non-European descent.  He did so back in January but the word is just slowly getting around. Brian Garst observes, “Now, he is free to direct that his money be spent however he pleases.  The rest of us, likewise, are […]

Americans Giving Up Citizenship Over Taxes

A small but growing number of Americans are renouncing their citizenship because the tax burden outweighs their perceived benefit: According to government records, 502 expats renounced U.S. citizenship or permanent residency in the fourth quarter of 2009 — more than double the number of expatriations in all of 2008. And these figures don’t include the […]

47% Pay Zero Federal Income Taxes

The combination of a down economy and various stimulus givebacks means that nearly half of Americans paid no federal income tax in 2009. Tax Day is a dreaded deadline for millions of Americans, but for nearly half of U.S. households, it’s simply somebody else’s problem. About 47% will pay no federal income taxes for 2009. […]

Health Care Reform: Point of No Return?

As regular readers are painfully aware, I’ve been opposed to President Obama’s health care reform plan, such as it was, from the beginning.  But, apparently, it’s much worse than I thought.   Economist Thomas Sowell, one of the more thoughtful columnists in the business, sees it as the banana peel on the slippery slope to doomsday. […]

Obama Orders Americans Killed

American special operators and intel types are teaming up with Yemeni forces to kill bad guys there, Dana Priest reports.  But Glenn Greenwald is most interested in the third paragraph: As part of the operations, Obama approved a Dec. 24 strike against a compound where a U.S. citizen, Anwar al-Aulaqi, was thought to be meeting […]

Educating Illegal Immigrants

A rather bizarre column by Jeff Jacoby is drawing some blogospheric attention. YOU’RE A sensible, principled conservative. You want America to be a land of boundless opportunity and freedom, where people are treated as individuals and judged on their merits. You reject the divisive identity politics of the left – what matters most about any […]

Fringe Views Not So Fringe

Via Eric Kleefeld, I see Public Policy Polling has surveyed Americans on various conspiracy theories and wild ideas and found substantial adherence to all of them, leading their Tom Jensen to ask “Is extremism becoming mainstream in 21st century American politics?” Our latest national poll would seem to say yes- 35% voters in the country […]

Andrew Sullivan and the Rule of Law

Jonathan Last has somehow obtained a memorandum [PDF], dated yesterday, written by U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert B. Collings in the matter of Andrew  Sullivan, who was caught in a federal park with small amounts of a controlled substance but whom the U.S. Attorney declined to prosecute in the “interests of justice.” To wit: Paying the […]

Shouting ‘Liar’ in a Crowded Congress

The big news surrounding President Obama’s latest heathcare speech is that South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” in response to the claim that illegal immigrants would not be covered under universal coverage: AP (“Obama heckled by GOP during speech to Congress“): The nastiness of August reached from the nation’s town halls into […]

Will Wilkinson – Canadian

Will Wilkinson became a Canadian at midnight.  Canadian Press’ Bruce Cheadle reports: Wilkinson, to use the breezy term used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, will be “waking up Canadian” on Friday morning as new and controversial changes to the Citizenship Act become law. “It’s a strange thing to all-of-a-sudden one day gain a citizenship to […]

Army Officer Challenges Obama’s Eligibility

The bizarre idea that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to hold the office of president continues to thrive, with an active duty Army officer now joining the fray.  The soldier in question, 40-year-old contractor-turned 2LT Scott Easterling asserts that his oath to defend the Constitution require that, “Until […]

Army Offers Citizenship for Enlisting

The Army is beginning a pilot program to allow skilled green card holders to enlist and get a fast-track to citizenship, Julia Preston reports on the front page of today’s NYT. Stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American military will begin recruiting skilled immigrants who are living in this country with temporary visas, offering […]

Court Won’t Review Obama’s Citizenship

As widely anticipated, the Supreme Court today declined to hear a frivolous case about Barack Obama’s citizenship status. The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth.  The court did not comment […]

Supreme Court to Decide on Obama Citizenship

A group challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship will finally get its day in court.  Or, more likely, be among the thousands of cases rejected each year by the Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case […]

Obama Admits He Was Not Born In Hawaii

At the Al Smith dinner last night, Democratic candidate for President Barack Obama admitted that, as some critics contend, he was not born in Hawaii: In fact, not only does this news indicate that he’s not an American citizen, I’m pretty sure it means that he’s an illegal immigrant, too. Shocking.

Video Proves Obama an Alien!

Thomas Lifson believes the “game changer” desperate Republicans are looking for could have arrived with this video from — and, sadly, I’m not making this up — someone calling themselves “Molotov Mitchell” at something called ” Illuminati Productions.” The video is just shy of 11 minutes but, as Lifson describes it, It makes accessible to […]

Obama: Citizen of the World

Greg Ransom: BARACK OBAMA IS A CITIZEN OF KENYA as well as a citizen of the United States, according the Rocky Mountain News and other sources.  There’s reason to believe that Obama is also a citizen of Indonesia.  He calls himself a “citizen of the world”, and in some sense, he is. That’s a good […]

Army Linguists Net $150,000 Bonus

The Army is looking at paying incredibly large bonuses to people fluent in Arabic and other strategically important languages. The Army may begin paying a retention bonus of as much as $150,000 to Arabic speaking soldiers in reflection of how critical it has become for the US military to retain native language and cultural know-how […]

On Being a Citizen of the World

Said an American politician, speaking to an international audience: “I speak today as both a citizen of the United States and of the world. I come with the heartfelt wishes of my people for peace, bearing honest proposals and looking for genuine progress.” I mean can you imagine? Didn’t this politician know that he was […]

Conservatives for Obama II

When I saw the headline “Hunter: This conservative activist is backing Obama” on memeorandum yesterday, I was intrigued.  Duncan Hunter, arguably the most conservative of the 2008 Republican presidential aspirants was endorsing a liberal Democrat?! When it turned out the “Hunter” in question was Larry Hunter, a fellow of whom I’d never previously heard, my […]

John McCain’s Presidential Eligibility Redux

Gabe Chin, a University of Arizona law professor, has re-opened the “Is John McCain a natural-born citizen” debate with a new paper arguing that persons born in the Panama Canal Zone did not technically become automatic citizens until eleven months after his birth. Adam Liptak examines this closely in today’s NYT and gets a wide […]

Barack Obama, Natural Born U.S. Citizen

One of the more bizarre controversies that refuses to die this campaign is the subject of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and whether in fact he is a “natural born citizen” of the United States and thus eligible to become president pursuant to Article II of the Constitution. First, as A.J. Strata explains in elaborate detail, […]

McCain Still the Same on Immigration Reform!

John Hawkins, who initially supported Duncan Hunter for president and came to nominally support John McCain after exhausting all other possible Republican choices, has now announced the withdrawal of his support. Why? “John McCain is a liar. He’s a man without honor, without integrity …” That seems rather harsh. What happened to give him that […]

Voter ID and Proof of Citizenship

Missouri is trying to join Arizona in requiring people prove that they are U.S. citizens before allowing them to vote. The battle over voting rights will expand this week as lawmakers in Missouri are expected to support a proposed constitutional amendment to enable election officials to require proof of citizenship from anyone registering to vote. […]

Universal Childhood Suffrage

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry argues for abolishing the minimum voting age and letting kids vote “when they decide they want the vote.” Matt Yglesias seconds the emotion. Gobry’s argument is long and largely defies excerpting. It boils down to: Setting maturity at 18 is arbitrary. Kids will grow up and face the consequences of current policy decisions, […]

Wilders Film ‘Fitna’ Incites Muslims

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has debuted a new film that compares Islam to fascism. No rioting has yet ensued. Iran and Indonesia on Friday condemned a film by a Dutch lawmaker that accuses the Koran of inciting violence, while Dutch Muslim leaders urged restraint. Islam critic Geert Wilders launched his movie on Thursday evening. Titled […]

The Passport Story

Via the AP: Clinton Says Her Passport File Breached Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has told Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that her passport file was breached in 2007 In a statement from her Senate office, Clinton said she had been contacted by Rice. The State Department plans to brief Clinton’s staff Friday about the unauthorized […]

Is John McCain a ‘Natural-Born Citizen’?

John McCain was born on a U.S. Navy base overseas. The NYT’s Carl Hulse has an interesting article about whether McCain is Constitutionally eligible to be president. Mr. McCain’s likely nomination as the Republican candidate for president and the happenstance of his birth in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 are reviving a musty debate […]

Obama Wins Global Primary

As if Hillary Clinton needed any more bad news, Barack Obama is now winning primaries outside the United States. Barack Obama won the Democrats Abroad global primary in results announced Thursday, giving him 11 straight victories in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Illinois senator won the primary in which Democrats living in […]

Military Strained Not Broken

A joint study of field grade officers by Foreign Policy and the Center for a New American Security finds that the toll of two wars has been a major strain on the American military but that it is not broken and morale remains high. These officers see a military apparatus severely strained by the grinding […]

Why Give Drivers’ Licenses to Illegals?

Jim Harper has a good post up on Cato regarding the debate over whether illegal immigrants should have driver’s licenses. The right answer here isn’t obvious, but it is important. Many people believe that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be “rewarded” with drivers’ licenses. Fair enough: the rule of law is important. There’s also a theory that […]

Jose Padilla Gets 17 Years

Jose Padilla, a/k/a Abdullah al-Muhajir or Muhajir Abdullah, has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for crimes unrelated to those for which he was arrested six years ago.

Huckabee Would NOT End Birthright Citizenship (Updated)

Mike Huckabee wants to overturn the 14th Amendment, the Washington Times reports. Mike Huckabee wants to amend the Constitution to prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming American citizens, according to his top immigration surrogate — a radical step no other major presidential candidate has embraced. Mr. Huckabee, who won […]

Race Riots and Assimilation

Over at The Glittering Eye, Dave Schuler extends the argument he’s made in the comments of my tongue-in-cheek post on the fact that the media continues to ignore the ethnic-religious component of the rioting in France. He argues that the problem goes beyond religion and is ultimately about assimilation and “giving the descendants of immigrants […]

English Only Laws

The EEOC recently ruled that requirements that employees speak English on the job violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This led to action in Congress to overturn the regulations, which in turn sparked heated exchanges among the legislators, John Fund reports: It’s been less than a week since New York’s Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. […]

Voter ID Requirements Disenfranchise Wealthy

Kevin Drum cites an interesting study (PDF here) of Indiana residents and their access to valid photo identification. His summary fairly represents that of the study authors: By a substantial margin, the Indiana residents most likely to possess photo ID turn out to be whites, the middle aged, and high-income voters. And while this is […]

Palestinians Seeking Israeli Citizenship

As the reality of Palestinian autonomy takes hold, with a permanent division of Jerusalem a likely outcome, thousands of Palestinians are applying for Israeli citizenship. Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem calling to set up an appointment with the Interior Ministry to apply for an Israeli citizenship will discover the next available interview date is only […]

Free Speech Isn’t Free

Anne Applebaum contrasts the treatment of two high profile critics of radical Islam and thereby highlights the question of how far Western governments must go in protecting free speech. She notes that Salman Rushdie is still alive nearly two decades after a fatwa was placed on him by Ayatollah Khomeini because the British government has […]

OTB Caption JamTM

Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . and now also Saturday Traffic Jam for those who wish to link. Rodney thinks the pyramid is opening. Wizbang is an open and shut case. Right Pundits is putting in a plug for Hillary. Bullwinklette doesn’t know if its AC or DC. Wyatt Earp is visiting the sausage factory. […]

Press Corps Patriotism

Jonah Goldberg yearns for the golden days of yore, when American journalists wore their patriotism on their sleeve. In a recent speech at the National Press Club, Katie Couric expressed somber disapproval of the jingoistic excesses after 9/11. Among the things that vexed her: “The whole culture of wearing flags on our lapel and saying […]

McCain Backs ‘Borders First’ Immigration Bill

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Kyl, widely rebuked by their fellow Republicans for backing a comprehensive immigration reform bill, are now back with a watered down version that focuses on securing the borders without providing a path to citizenship that can be criticized as “amnesty.” Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Thursday backed a […]

Diversity Breeds Contempt

Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, of Bowling Alone fame, finds that “immigration and ethnic diversity have a devastating short- and medium-term influence on the social capital, fabric of associations, trust, and neighborliness that create and sustain communities.” John Leo: In the 41 sites Putnam studied in the U.S., he found that the more diverse the […]

Conservatives Turning on Bush over Immigration

The anti-immigration forces are angrier at President Bush over his support of providing a path to citizenship for 12 million illegal aliens than his mishandling of the Iraq War, intrusions on their civil liberties by the FBI and other bureaucracies, and various scandals over his appointees. While I think the outrage is misplaced for reasons […]

Encouraging the Brain Drain

Tom Friedman non-fan Matt Yglesias seconds Friedman’s notion that foreign-born students earning Ph.D.’s in the United States should have Green Cards stapled to their diplomas (presumably figuratively speaking) and be strongly encouraged to keep their talents here. This strikes me as reasonable enough but sparks a spirited debate in Yglesias’ comments section. Aside from issues […]

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