Blue Nation

Chris Bowers, long irritated by the Red-Blue maps that came out after the 2000 and 2004 elections that “over-emphasized large, thinly populated expanses of land” is pleased to turn the tables with these county-by-county and state-by-state maps based on President Bush’s popularity levels. “It is a blue nation. I’d love to see these map on […]

Bill Could Force Ex-Cole Skipper into Retirement

Commander Kirk Lippold, who skippered the U.S.S. Cole during its October 2000 attack by al Qaeda, could be forced to retire if a bill working its way through the Senate passes. A U.S. Senate committee is recommending changes in military promotion regulations that could force the former skipper of the Norfolk-based destroyer Cole out of […]

Illiberal Europe

Nick Cohen writes in today’s Observer about the increasing fear in Western Europe of free expression. Next week, the Council of Europe is holding hearings on whether freedom of expression should include the right to offend religions. It is already clear that the tide is with the supporters of suppression. Meanwhile, Franco Frattini, the EU’s […]

McCain and the (Quote) Constitution (Unquote)

George Will is a touch concerned about Senator McCain’s willingness to dismiss the pesky 1st Amendment in his zeal for “reform.” McCain hopes that in 2008 pro-life Republicans will remember his pro-life record. But they will know that, regarding presidents and abortion, what matters are Supreme Court nominees. McCain favors judges who think the Constitution […]

Giving D.C. a House Vote Redux

My Congressman and D.C.’s pretend Congresswoman are teaming up in a dubious and unconstitutional effort to give D.C. a vote in the House of Representatives. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) is teaming up with U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) to introduce a bill that would for the first time give the District a […]

Luttig Quits Court for Boeing Gig

or Lutting Takes the Boeing – Charles Austin Judge Michael Luttig has resigned his seat on the 4th Circuit for a higher paying job with Boeing. Judge J. Michael Luttig resigned Wednesday from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to accept a job as senior vice president and general counsel for Boeing Co. Luttig, […]

The Can Opens

And another worm wiggles free. An Alberta court has ruled that the law requiring a photo be taken for the purpose of drivers license identification violates the religious beliefs of Hutterites and is unconstitutional. (No link available yet) Next up: Via Canadian radio talk host John Gormley, whose callers were quick to point out that […]

Liberal Netroots Policy Platform

In response to the repeated lament of Kevin Drum that the lefty blogosphere is more anti-Bush an advocate for an alternative policy platfrom, Duncan “Atrios” Black offers a list that he believes most liberal bloggers and blog readers would agree on. Leaving aside obvious jokes, let’s take a look at them in terms of their […]

Give Back that PhD!

Charles Wheelan (PhD and all), has written article debunking one of the most outlandish ideas in economics. No, he hasn’t gone after somebody like Karl Marx and the labor theory of value. No, he hasn’t gone after the idea of anarcho-communism. Instead he has decided to go after the Laffer curve. Boy what a laffer…I […]

CIA Nominee: “Probable Cause” not in 4th Amendment

Via, Radley Balko and Reason Online’s Hit and Run comes this rather disturbing transcript of Lt. General Hayden, Bush’s rumored nominee for the CIA, insists that “probable cause” is not in the Fourth Amendment. Tim Cavanaugh has a short transcript, QUESTION: Jonathan Landay with Knight Ridder. I’d like to stay on the same issue, and […]

Patrick Kennedy’s Mysterious Car Crash

Congressman Patrick Kennedy, the 38-year-old son of Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy, crashed his car early yesterday while impaired by a foreign substance. NYT: Representative Patrick J. Kennedy crashed his car into a traffic barrier on Capitol Hill in the early morning hours on Thursday. He said he was apparently disoriented because he had been taking […]

Border Wars

Michelle Malkin has lots of pictures here and here demonstrating that some of the million-odd people who showed up yesterday to march for illegal alien rights are motivated by radical politics. I’ve reproduced a couple here. There are also many Che Guevara images and other such nonsense. Of course, one doesn’t have to go to […]

Supremes: State Must Tell You Before Stealing House

The Supreme Court ruled that a state can not simply confiscate a person’s house without first telling them. The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., ruled Wednesday that the government must make extra efforts to notify a homeowner before it sells off his property for unpaid taxes. The Constitution says the […]

Bush Endorses Amnesty Without Endorsing Amnesty

President Bush reportedly told a group of senators privately that he supports amnesty for illegal aliens but that he lacks the courage to say so publically. President Bush generally favors plans to give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at U.S. citizenship without leaving the country, but does not want to be more publicly supportive […]

Fired Leaker Caught in Sting Operation?

Much more news has come out about yesterday’s firing of a CIA officer for leaking classified secrets to the press. The NYT reports her name, duty station, and the information leaked: The C.I.A. would not identify the officer, but several government officials said it was Mary O. McCarthy, a veteran intelligence analyst who until 2001 […]

Internet Labeling Law Proposed

Declan McCullagh details a proposal from the Bush administration to ensure that Web sites with sexually explicit content are viewed only by those who want to be there. Web site operators posting sexually explicit information must place official government warning labels on their pages or risk being imprisoned for up to five years, the Bush […]

Abolishing the Electoral College by Stealth

A group called Campaign for the National Popular Vote has been pushing a plan to essentially do away with the Electoral College without amending the Constitution. I read about it in The New Yorker a while back and it’s apparently gaining some steam. Basically, they want the president to be the winner of the most […]

New Iraqi Parliament Meets after PM Deadlock Broken

All signs now point to the formation of an Iraqi government now that the political deadlock over the premiership has been broken. The new Iraqi parliament is meeting today to formalize the new cabinet and the major factions appear ready to rally behind it, at least for the time being. Jawad al-Malik has some impressive […]

Court: Students Have No Right to Wear Anti-Gay Shirts

The 9th Circuit ruled yesterday that schools may ban inflammatory anti-gay T-shirts. Schools in the western United States can forbid a high school student from wearing a T-shirt that denigrates gay and lesbian students, a sharply divided federals appeals court in San Francisco ruled today. In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of […]

Blogging, Red Meat, and Happy Thoughts

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity… Thanks to Instapundit, we follow a link to Creating Passionate Viewers, a blog dedicated to stuff about the brain, neuroscience, and how we use that grey mass. One of the writers for this group blog, Kathy Sierra, has an entry about how “Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain”, […]

Zarqawi and al Qaeda Conceding Defeat in Iraq?

Given the daily reports of terrorism in Iraq and the resultant sense among a majority of Americans that we are losing in Iraq, could it possibly be that Abu Musab Zarqawi and his Al Qaeda in Iraq are conceding defeat? It hardly seems possible. Yet, the commanding general of the XVIIIth Airborne Corps says they […]

New Hampshire May Refuse National ID Compliance

The New Hampshire legislature appears ready to revolt over REAL ID, setting up a confrontation with the federal government. New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a proposal to reject a federal mandate for national identification standards. The state House last month passed a measure, H.B. 1582, to refuse participation in a program created under a 2005 […]

Guest Worker Bill Has Mexicans Lining Up

Mexican migrants excited about the prospect of a new guest-worker plan are linging up at theArizona border in anticipation. The shelter’s manager, Francisco Loureiro, said he has not seen such a rush of migrants since 1986, when the United States allowed 2.6 million illegal residents to get American citizenship. This time, the draw is a […]

Religious Freedom in Iraq: 2006 Versus 2002

My earlier post on the resignation of Miss Iraq because of threats from religious extremists has provoked some interesting responses, especially my comment that “Iraq is still a conservative Muslim society where women are expected to cover their hair lest they create too much lust in the hearts of the pious Muslim men.” Jim Henley […]

Pro-Life Nation

The NYT Magazine has a piece by Jack Hitt about El Salvador’s strong criminalization of abortion that might as well have came straight from the NARAL propaganda factory. Mixed in with anecdotes about poor women stigmatized by unwanted pregnancies, we get this type of objective journalism: More than a dozen countries have liberalized their abortion […]

Do the Democrats Have a Plan? Part II

The refrain that Democrats may fail to exploit the Republicans’ woes because they have nothing to offer but criticism has become the conventional wisdom. Amy Sullivan tries to combat it in a Washington Monthly piece with the plaintive title, “Not as Lame as You Think.” It’s understandable that pundits take one look at congressional Democrats […]

Can Cynthia McKinney be Arrested?

Jeff Quinton notes that Cynthia McKinney has issued a rather lame apology for her assault on a Capitol Hill police officer. What struck me as interesting, though, was that she has cited the first clause of Article I, Section 6 on her Website (note: I don’t see it now) The Senators and Representatives shall receive […]

Two Deadlines, Two Bad Premises

John Kerry contends that Iraq is “in the middle of an escalating civil war” and offers a simple policy suggestion for dealing with it: Iraqi politicians should be told that they have until May 15 to put together an effective unity government or we will immediately withdraw our military. If Iraqis aren’t willing to build […]

Tom DeLay’s Resignation Letter

Tom DeLay has published a letter to his constitutents in the 22nd Texas Congressional District announcing his resignation from Congress. It’s rather long and sums up his 21-year congressional career and his many accomplishments, real and perceived. It contains no contrition, however, for sowing the seeds of the Abramoff scandal, the K Street Project, and […]

Hamas: The Cabinet

Jonathan Edelstein; (link fixed) [A]nyone who was expecting a firm signal as to Hamas’ diplomatic policy is likely to be disappointed. On the one hand, several hard-liners hold prominent places in the lineup. Mahmoud Zahhar, one of Hamas’ co-founders and the head of the organization in Gaza, will be foreign minister, while Said Siyyam, a […]

Tony Blair to Resign – Has Picked Date

Tony Blair has revealed that he will resign as Prime Minister, presumably turning it over to Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, and that he has a date in mind which he is keeping secret for now. The Financial Times says Blair is “widely expected to stand down next year.” This is one of the […]

Abdul Rahman May be Released Soon

It appears that Abdul Rahman, the Afghan sentenced to die for the act of converting to Christianity, may be spared owing to international pressure. AP reports, The chief judge trying an Afghan man who faces a possible death sentence for converting from Islam to Christianity defended the court’s autonomy Friday amid reports the man could […]

Education: Uniform or Quality–Pick One

George Will provides another in what seems to be an endless supply of examples from the Florida Supreme Court affirming Antonin Scalia’s observation that judges are unqualified to decide moral issues. Recently, by a 5-2 margin, the court threw out the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) on the grounds that it violates the stipulation, which voters […]

Supremes: All Parties Must Consent to Warrantless Search

Lyle Denniston has an informative roundup of the opinions in today’s ruling in Georgia v. Randolph wherein, “The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 . . . that it is unconstitutional for police without a warrant to search a home, if two occupants are present at the time and one consents but the other objects. The search […]

Right of Confrontation in Sex Cases

David Savage reports that, The Supreme Court justices, with the exception of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, sounded Monday as if they were likely to bar prosecutors from using in court the words of alleged crime victims who speak to authorities but later refuse to testify. Such a ruling would greatly strengthen the right of defendants to […]

Pennsylvania Pastors Test Limits of Tax Exemption

David Kirkpatrick reports on some unusual political activity by some Pennsylvania churches. Weeks after the Internal Revenue Service announced a crackdown on political activities by churches and other tax-exempt organizations, a coalition of nonprofit conservative groups is holding training sessions to enlist Pennsylvania pastors in turning out voters for the November elections. Experts in tax […]

Balancing the Federal Budget: What to Cut?

Duncan Black and Kevin Drum call B.S. on Andrew Sullivan‘s statement that, “I’m in favor of Bush’s tax cuts, but want spending cuts to match them; I favor balanced budgets . . . .” Black writes that, “It’s a nice little fantasy to fetishize ‘small government’ and imagine that liberals fetishize ‘big government’ but that […]

A Third Term for Bush?

Fred Barnes makes what at first appears to be a ludicrous suggestion, given the president’s abysmal poll numbers: “It’s time for President Bush to think about a third term.” Upon delving deeper, though, the suggestion merely seems absurd. No, he doesn’t need to overturn the Constitution. He can start the equivalent of his third term […]

Iraq War Reaches Three Years

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld tries to explain, “What We’ve Gained In 3 Years in Iraq” in an op-ed in today’s WaPo. He informs us that, The terrorists seem to recognize that they are losing in Iraq. I believe that history will show that to be the case. Fortunately, history is not made up of […]

Scalia: Beware Moralist Judges

Justice Antonin Scalia railed against moralizing judges at a banquet Wednesday night. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia railed against the era of the “judge-moralist,” saying judges are no better qualified than “Joe Sixpack” to decide moral questions such as abortion and gay marriage. “Anyone who thinks the country’s most prominent lawyers reflect the views of […]

Airline Screeners Fail Bomb Tests

Lisa Myers reports on the continued ineptitude of TSA airport screeners. Imagine an explosion strong enough to blow a car’s trunk apart, caused by a bomb inside a passenger plane. Government sources tell NBC News that federal investigators recently were able to carry materials needed to make a similar homemade bomb through security screening at […]

Bush Troubles with Congressional Republicans Not New

WaPo fronts a piece by Jim VandeHei under the headline “GOP Irritation At Bush Was Long Brewing.” President Bush’s troubles with congressional Republicans, which erupted during the backlash to the Dubai seaport deal, are rooted in policy frustrations and personal resentments that GOP lawmakers say stretch back to the opening days of the administration. For […]

Iraq’s New Parliament Sworn In

It took three months of negotiations but Iraq’s new parliament has been sworn in. It’s still not functional, however. Three months after elections, Iraq’s new parliament was sworn in Thursday with parties still deadlocked over the next government, vehicles banned from Baghdad’s streets to prevent car bombings and the country under the shadow of a […]

Supreme Court Upholds Soloman Act 8-0

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Soloman Act, ruling that the federal government has a right to insist that colleges who take federal money allow recruiters on campus. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that colleges that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus, despite university objections to the Pentagon’s “don’t ask, don’t […]

Are American Kids Getting Dumber?

Tom Elia rounds up several recent studies with alarming statistics about the state of our education system in a post entitled, “Is We Educating Our Children Good?” Callimachus summarizes some of the more worrisome thusly: A survey by ACT college testing service found “only 51 percent of students showed they were ready to handle the […]

Time to End Presidential Term Limits?

Pejman Yousefzadeh argues that President Bush is falling prey to to a familiar trend. [A]ny reasonably informed observer of the American political system will likely point out that just about every second-term administration in recent times has suffered dramatic political reversals and bouts of severe unpopularity. The reasons vary from administration to administration, but there […]

Saving Darfur

The editors of the New Republic have a credulous plea for doing more to save Darfur. The genocide in Darfur has been going on for three years now. And, for three years, the international community hasn’t done much to stop it. It has threatened, but not enforced, sanctions. It has sent peacekeepers, but with insufficient […]

Senate Strengthens Disclosure Rules

WaPo fronts a Jeff Birnbaum report that the Senate Ethics Committee rejected an independent office of public integrity to oversee congressional ethics compliance. A Senate committee yesterday rejected a bipartisan proposal to establish an independent office to oversee the enforcement of congressional ethics and lobbying laws, signaling a reluctance in Congress to beef up the […]

The Implosion of the Canadian Health Care System?

That is what it is looking like. Russell Roberts at Cafe Hayek points to this New York Times article that paints and interesting picture in Canada. Here are the key paragraphs, The country’s publicly financed health insurance system — frequently described as the third rail of its political system and a core value of its […]

Imperial Presidency Has Long History

National Journal‘s Paul Starobin examines the long history of the so-called “Imperial Presidency” in an essay for Government Executive. The birth and sustained growth of the Imperial Presidency are inseparable from America’s self-adopted “world responsibilities,” in the apt phrase of Harry Truman. “In one generation, we’ve come from an isolated republic, to the position of […]

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