Eliminating The Debt Ceiling: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Perhaps it’s time to consider getting rid of the debt ceiling entirely.

Congress, White House Reach Budget Deal, John Boehner’s Parting Gift To Paul Ryan?

Congress and the White House have reached a tentative deal on the budget and debt ceiling that promises to make Paul Ryan’s initial months as Speaker a lot easier.

Ben Carson Isn’t Alone In Having Utterly Silly Ideas About The Debt Ceiling

Yes, Ben Carson’s comments about the debt ceiling are silly, but it’s the fact that a lot of Republicans agree with him that’s dangerous.

The Tea Party’s Position On The Debt Ceiling Is Fiscally And Politically Irresponsible

Refusing to raise the debt ceiling does nothing at all to control spending.

Boehner To Bring Clean Debt Ceiling Bill To Vote In House

Big news out of the House of Representatives

What Lessons Will The GOP Learn From The Shutdown?

Will the GOP learn the right lessons from the just-concluded showdown? That remains to be seen.

The GOP’s Seinfeld Shutdown

The GOP’s shutdown was about as pointless as a show about waiting for a table in a Chinese restaurant.

House Republicans Waste A Day, Leaving Final Deal Up To The Senate

The House wasted a day yesterday, now it’s crunch time.

Credit Rater Fitch Puts U.S. On ‘Negative Credit Watch’

Credit rating agency Fitch just sent a pretty strong signal to Washington, D.C.: Late Tuesday afternoon, Fitch credit rating service announced that it put the U.S. on credit rating watch negative because of government failure to raise the debt ceiling in a “timely” manner. The ratings service affirmed the U.S. credit rating at AAA — a rating […]

House Shutdown/Debt Ceiling Plan Already Falling Apart?

Well, so much for that plan.

House To Pursue Its Own Shutdown/Debt Ceiling Bill, But That May Not Be Bad News [Update: Or, Maybe Not]

It looks like the House will be making its move before the Senate acts, but that may actually help resolve this faster.

Senate Nears Deal That Kicks The Can Down The Road, Accomplishes Little Else

The deal emerging out of the talks between Senator Reid and Senator McConnell is about what you’d expect, but it’s probably the best we can expect right now.

Poll Numbers On Shutdown Just Getting Worse For The GOP

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that the GOP is continuing to be punished badly, and to a far greater degree than other Washington players, in connection with the ongoing shutdown/debt ceiling standoff: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds nearly three quarters of Americans disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling negotiations over […]

Our Fate Apparently Lies In The Hands Of McConnell, Reid, Boehner, and Biden

Are these four men our last, best hope for a deal that will end the shutdown and avoid breaching the debt ceiling?

Reid/McConnell Talks Stalemated As Democrats Push For Sequester Changes

Talks between the two Senate leaders haven’t exactly gone so well.

GOP Plan Would Address Debt Ceiling, But Keep Government Shutdown Going

Republicans appear to be uniting behind a short-term plan to deal with the debt ceiling, but seem okay with keeping the government shutdown going forward.

Negotiating Over The Debt Ceiling Is Not Unprecedented

Contrary to the White House’s arguments, negotiating over the debt ceiling is not at all historically unprecedented.

Return Of The Debt Kamikazes

They’re back…….

Ted Cruz Doubles Down On His Failed Obamacare Strategy

Ted Cruz wants his fellow Republicans to follow him down the rabbit hole again.

Boehner Won’t Allow Default Over Debt Ceiling, Still Insisting On Negotiations

Speaker Boehner told his caucus members that he will not allow a default over the debt ceiling but don’t look for a change in strategy.

On Debt Ceiling, GOP Lawmakers Get Different Message From Base Than From General Public

If you want to understand why Republicans in Congress are acting like they are, just look at the polls.

Republican Plan B: Hold The Debt Ceiling Hostage?

Republicans reportedly have another plan to get what they want on Obamacare and other issues.

The Debt Ceiling Debate Will Be Returning Soon

Tyler Durden passes along an analysis that estimates that we’ll need to deal with raising the debt ceiling again some time in the next four months: Key Takeaways: We expect the Treasury to exhaust its extraordinary measures to create borrowing authority on October 31, and run out of cash on November 1. Our “drop dead” […]

House Republicans Propose Ignoring Debt Ceiling For Three Months

The short term debt ceiling increase that House Republicans will vote on this week is a bit unusual: Forget about raising the federal debt limit. House Republicans are proposing to ignore it altogether — at least until May 18. The House plans to vote Wednesday on a measure that would leave the $16.4 trillion debt […]

Republicans Propose Three Month Debt Ceiling Increase

Congressional Republicans have announced that they will agree to increase the debt ceiling, but it comes with some strings attached: WASHINGTON — Backing down from their hard-line stance, House Republicans said Friday that they would agree to lift the federal government’s statutory borrowing limit for three months, with a requirement that both chambers of Congress […]

Republicans Foolishly Risking Default To Prove A Political Point

Once again, the House GOP is risking sending the economy into the tank to prove a political point.

The Latest Crazy Solution To the Debt Ceiling: IOU’s

Welcome to the latest crazy scheme to avoid reality.

The Debt Ceiling And The 14th Amendment

Resurrecting and old, and bad, idea.

The Debt Ceiling and the Remainder of the Fiscal Cliff

Are we really going to do this again? The answer appears to be yes.

The Platinum Coin Boondoggle

Could a coin like this solve the looming debt ceiling crisis?

Get Ready For Another Debt Ceiling Fight

The next six weeks or so will see Congress once again fighting over a self-created crisis.

Get Ready For Another Debt Ceiling Showdown

The battle lines are being drawn for another showdown over the debt ceiling.

43 Republican Senators Say They’ll Vote No On Reid Bill

The prospects for Harry Reid’s debt ceiling plan just got a lot more difficult with the release of a letter from Mitch McConnell signed by enough Republican Senators to stop any effort to invoke cloture: Forty-three GOP senators on Saturday signed a letter addressed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) expressing opposition to his […]

Senate Blocks Boehner Bill, Focus Shifts To Reid Plan, McConnell Won’t Negotiate

The Senate killed the Boehner Plan but the debt ceiling crisis is still unresolved and the way out is murky.

Boehner Plan Stalled In The House, Reid Plan Moving Forward In The Senate

The House Republican leadership is once again trying to put together the 216 votes they need to get John Boehner’s debt ceiling bill passed: House GOP leaders expressed confidence Friday morning that they would move a vote on raising the debt ceiling one day after they had to pull their Speaker’s measure from a planned […]

Why Didn’t Democrats Raise The Debt Ceiling Last December?

As we hurdle toward uncertainly, it’s worth noting, I think, that the Democrats passed on the opportunity to deal with the debt ceiling back in December 2010 when they still had control of Congress. Why, you might ask? I’ll let Harry Reid explain: Briefing reporters yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he’s glad the […]

Steny Hoyer: Boehner Plan Will Get No Democratic Votes

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer says that the Boehner Plan is likely to get zero Democratic votes when it comes up for a vote: After aggressively whipping votes, the office of House minority whip Steny Hoyer now believes that not a single Democrat will vote for John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan, delivering a blow to […]

Is It All Over But The Blame Game? Or, Why I’m Thinking We’re Hosed

I no longer have any confidence that our leaders will act responsibly before the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline.

Harry Reid: The Boehner Plan Is Dead On Arrival In The Senate

Even if John Boehner’s plan does overcome its problems in the House, it’s not going to survive in the Senate in its present form: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday said Democrats would defeat the latest proposal from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to raise the debt ceiling. He accused Boehner of being […]

In Dueling Speechs Obama And Boehner Talk Past Each Other, Accomplish Little

Their mouths were moving, but nothing of substance was coming out.

John Boehner And Harry Reid Release Competing, Mostly Incompatible, Debt Plans

John Boehner and Harry Reid introduced their debt plans. Now, where do we go from here?

Debt Talks Break Down As Both Parties Go Separate Ways

The debt talks in Congress are moribund now, and both sides are working on their own versions of a plan, again.

Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Update

It hasn’t been a very productive weekend in Washington, D.C.

Report: Obama & Boehner Talking About Plan With $3 Trillion In Spending Cuts, Few Tax Hikes

A very interesting report from the National Journal about the current state of the negotiations between the White House and the House GOP: The White House and House Republican leaders are discussing a large deal to raise the debt ceiling that would include about $3 trillion in deficit cuts over 10 years, according to several […]

Heritage Foundation: Going Into Default Is Better Than Compromise

Ed Feulner, the President of The Heritage Foundation, writes today that letting the nation go into default is preferable to making a deal that involves any amount of compromise: We find ourselves in the midst of an important battle, the outcome of which will be determined by decisions to be made in the immediate days […]

The Debt Ceiling is a Housekeeping Procedure

The House Republicans are functionally insane.

Gang Of Six Resurrecting The “Grand Bargain”?

The Gang of Six is back together. And they have a plan.

Third Bond Rating Firm Threatens Credit Downgrade If Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

After Moody’s and S&P warned us last week, the U.S. is now being warned by a third major bond rating farm: Another major bond rating firm on Monday reiterated its threat to downgrade the U.S. government to a B-plus rating if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by August 2 and the government defaults on its […]

Timothy Geithner: There Are No More Extensions Left On The Debt Ceiling Deadline

The Treasury Secretary is warning Congress that there is no moving the August 2nd deadline for exceeding the debt ceiling: There’s “no way” to give Congress more time to increase the U.S. debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday after meeting Senate Democrats. “We don’t have much time. It’s time to move,” Geithner said, […]

GOP In Danger Of Losing The P.R. War Over Debt, Spending, And Taxes?

If you look at the polls, the GOP has several things to be concerned about in the debate over the debt ceiling.

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