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Texas Democrats Don’t Have A Serious Candidate For Texas Governor

Texas Flag

Texas Democrats apparently don’t have a serious candidate for Governor next year: AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Democrats haven’t won a Texas governor’s race in nearly three decades, but a booming Hispanic population and the party’s dominance of the state’s largest cities have made them willing to invest in the contest to keep hopes of an […]

Democrats Battling Over Party’s Future


After seven years that mostly consisted of losing elections, there’s a battle going on over which direction the party should head.

Democrats May Be About To Flip Montana’s At-Large House Seat


There’s a Special Election in Montana tomorrow, and the Democratic candidate is performing far above expectations.

Senate Democrats Split On Strategy For Gorsuch Nomination

Trump Neil Gorsuch

Senate Democrats are divided on how to approach the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, making it likely that he’ll be confirmed.

Tom Perez Elected DNC Chairman

Tom Perez

A new head for the DNC at a time when the Democratic Party finds itself reeling and eager to take on Donald Trump.

After Election Losses, Democrats Battle For Some Top Leadership Positions


In what seems like a replay of the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, some top Democratic Party leadership positions may be in jeopardy.

No, The Democratic Party Is Not ‘Decimated’


Reports of the demise of the Democratic Party have been greatly exaggerated.

Polling Shows Democrats Less Engaged In The 2016 Campaign Than Republicans


A new poll shows that Democratic voters are less engaged in the 2016 campaign right now than Republicans are, but that probably doesn’t mean that much for next year.

Elizabeth Warren Once Again Tells Us She’s Not Running For President

Fed Chairman Bernanke Semi-Annual Monetary Policy Report To Senate Committee

Once again, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren says she isn’t running for President, and has no plans to do so.

Democrats Pick Philadelphia For 2016 Convention

Philadelphia skyline

After narrowing the list down to three cities, the Democratic Party has chosen Philadelphia as the site of their nominating convention in 2016: The 2016 Democratic National Convention will take place in Philadelphia, according to a committee statement. The convention will take place on July 25. Republicans will host their convention in Cleveland the week […]

Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Running For President, But Don’t Expect The Speculation To End Soon

Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is not running for President, and she is unlikely to change her mind on that. Nonetheless, the speculation that she is will continue for some time to come because it suits her interests and the interests of others.

In The Wake Of Midterm Losses, Some On The Left Say Democrats Should Write Off The South


Some on the left are suggesting Democrats should write off the South for the foreseeable future, but that would be as foolish as Republicans assuming that their dominance in the region will last as long as Democratic dominance did in the century after the Civil War.

Can Hillary Expand The Electoral College Map In 2016? In An Important Sense, It Doesn’t Matter

Electoral College 2012

An adviser close to Hillary Clinton is talking about expanding the Electoral College map in 2016, but even without such an expansion the GOP faces an uphill battle.

Election Losses Lead To Debate Inside Democratic Party


Another round of election losses is leading Democrats to contemplate the direction they should take going forward.

A (Mostly) Solid Republican South, At Least For Now

Southern US Map

The GOP is dominant in the Southern United States, but it’s unlikely to last as long as Democratic dominance of the region did.

Minimum Wage Initiatives Win At Ballot Box, But Fail To Help Democrats Politically

Minimum Wage

Increasing the minimum wage proved to be popular at the ballot box Tuesday, unsurprisingly, However, it did not help Democrats on the same ballot.

Democrats Starting To Worry About Turnout In The Midterms

Election 2014

Democrats are starting to worry that low turnout could turn a good year for the GOP into a very good year.

Social Issues Now Benefiting Democrats


Once something that generally benefited Republicans, social issues are now becoming a wedge issue for Democrats.

Democrats Have A 2014 Voter Enthusiasm Problem


If current trends holds, Democratic candidates are going to have a problem turning out voters in November.

Brian Schweitzer Takes Another Swipe At Hillary Clinton

Brian Schweitzer

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has taken another shot at Hillary Clinton: Brian Schweitzer isn’t on board with the Hillary Clinton 2016 coronation. The former Montana governor, in a Time magazine interview published Thursday, criticized Clinton for voting for the Iraq War and for being too cozy with Wall Street. “You can’t be the candidate that shakes down […]

Is Same-Sex Marriage Now A Wedge Issue For Democrats?


Is support for marriage equality now an issue that can benefit Democrats at the polls?

Brian Schweitzer Hits Hillary Clinton Over Wall Street Ties

Brian Schweitzer

A prairie populist challenger for Hillary Clinton?

A Democratic Lock On The Electoral College

Electoral College 2012

The Democrats have a big advantage in the Electoral College, at least for now.

Hispanics Identify More With Democratic Party


A new Gallup poll shows that Hispanic-Americans identify with the Democratic Party over the Republican Party by a nearly 2-to-1 margin: PRINCETON, NJ — Hispanics of all ages in the U.S. today are more than twice as likely to identify with or lean to the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. However, younger Hispanics are […]

The Democratic Party Joins The GOP In Abandoning Civil Liberties

Democratic Convention Day Two

Based on its recently passed platform, the Democratic Party has given up any pretense of putting civil liberties ahead of “national security.”

Democrats To Add Same-Sex Marriage Plank To 2012 Platform


The Democratic Party will put support for legalization of same-sex marriage in the platform to be approved at the convention in Charlotte: WASHINGTON — A Democratic Party source confirmed to The Huffington Post that the party will include a plank supporting marriage equality in its official platform at the upcoming convention. The news, first reported by […]

DNC Unveils First Web Ad Directed At Newt Gingrich


Up until now, Democrats had been confining their attacks on the GOP field solely on Mitt Romney. The media has interpreted this as an indication that Romney is the candidate that the DNC and the Obama 2012 team both (1) fears the most and (2) thinks is most likely to win the Republican nomination. They’re […]

New York Times Calls On Democrats To Reject Pelosi


The New York Times has joined the mostly muted chorus calling on Democrats to select someone other than Nancy Pelosi as their new Minority Leader. In all likelihood, their call will go unheeded.

Biden To Democratic Base: “Stop Whining”

Joseph Biden

Vice-President Biden has a message for the Democratic base — stop complaining and just support us already.

Trust In Congress Hits All-Time Low, Both Parties Despised


Public trust in Congress is at an all time low, again, and the public doesn’t trust either party to fix things.