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Why Does Europe Want To Keep Greece?

Greek European Union Flags

It’s easy to see what Greece thinks it still needs Europe, it’s more of puzzle why Europe thinks it needs to hang on to Greece.

Greece Reaches Deal With Europe That’s Quite Similar To The One Voters Rejected

Greek European Union Flags

Greece reached a new deal with European bankers that seems oddly similar to the one that voters rejected just a week ago.

Greek Voters Reject Bailout Deal, Greece Still Largely Screwed

Greek European Union Flags

Greek voters rejected the latest bailout package, but that only seems likely to make things even worse for them.

Greek Banks To Remain Closed Monday As Debt Negotiations Head To The Wire

Greek European Union Flags

The Greek Government is basically shutting the banking system down tomorrow as negotiations over its debt problems continue.

Greece May Need More Aid


It’s been nearly a year since the economic crisis in Greece reared its ugly head, but there are signs now that the nation may need to turn to Europe (read, mostly Germany) for more aid in the near future: Greece may need a third bailout but would not accept new austerity measures, the Greek finance […]

Eurozone Officially In Recession


For the second time since 2009, the Eurozone has slipped into a recession: (Reuters) – The debt crisis dragged the euro zone into its second recession since 2009 in the third quarter despite modest growth in Germany andFrance, data showed on Thursday. The two leading economies both managed 0.2 percent growth in the July-to-September period. But […]

Photo Of The Day: Greek Apocalypse Edition


This photo currently appears on the home page of The New York Times above a story about Sunday’s elections in Greece: Yes, this is going to end well.

The Euro Zone: Join, Or Die


There may be only one solution to saving the Euro.

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead


Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

Two To Three Weeks To Prevent A Meltdown In Europe?


It’s time to start being concerned about Europe.

The System Is the Cause of Systemic Failure


To save the world economy and themselves Germany and China must change course.

Italy The Next Euro Zone Crisis Country?


With the Greek financial crisis still working itself out, European politicians are beginning to worry about another country that could go into crisis very soon: With fears growing that Italy could become the latest victim of the euro zone’s sovereign debt crisis, and with plans for a second Greek bailout deadlocked, top European officials are […]

Two on Greece, the Eurozone, and the IMF


What we don’t know might hurt us.

The Eurozone Crisis Won’t Just Go Away


Despite what appear to be the fond hope of European central bankers that it will just all go away, something needs to be done. But what?

Edward Hugh: Euro Doom Prophet


Today’s NYT has a longish feature article on Barcelona-based econoblogger Edward Hugh, whose work I’ve long admired and occasionally cross-posted at New Atlanticist.   The piece is titled “The Blog Prophet of Euro Zone Doom.” For years, almost nobody paid attention to the sky-is-falling alarms of Edward Hugh, a gregarious British blogger and self-taught economist who […]