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Fox News Host Shepard Smith Debunks His Own Network’s Favorite Clinton Conspiracy Theory


A Fox News host has debunked the Uranium One conspiracy theory being pushed by his own network.

The Trump Effect? MSNBC Reaches No. 1 In Total Viewers


A big change appears to have taken place in American cable news viewing habits.

Sinking MSNBC to Shuffle Lineup Yet Again


MSNBC’s attempt to be the liberal Fox News isn’t working.

Fox’s Chris Wallace Takes Heat For Asking Michele Bachmann “Are You A Flake?”


A Tea Party favorite gets asked a tough question,and a Fox News host finds himself forced to apologize.

Are Fox News Viewers Least Informed?


Jon Stewart told Chris Wallace that Fox News viewers are consistently the least informed. It’s actually not true. PolitFact looks at a number of surveys on the subject and finds that Fox viewers do relatively well–indeed, Fox outperforms CNN and MSNBC–although not nearly as well as viewers of the Daily Show or listeners to Rush […]

Former White House Correspondents President: Fox News Seating ‘A Travesty’


Should FOX News, which is obviously pro-Republican, have a front row seat in the White House press room? Of course.

Fox News’ Ties to Terrorism


Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and co. pointed out brilliantly that Fox News’ logic about “extremist” funding to the Park51 project can be equally applied to …. Fox News. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

The Politics of Kagan and the Military

Elena Kagan

The main attack that appears to exist against Elena Kagan at the moment has to do with her actions as Dean of the Harvard Law School and policies concerning military recruiters. The basic position is well represented by Newt Gingrich’s statement today Fox News Sunday (as transcribed by HuffPo): “I think the president should withdraw […]

Biden ‘Big Fat Deal’ Comment No Big Deal


The latest Fox News survey [PDF] asked whether Vice President Joe Biden’s whispered comment that the health care bill was a “big expletive deal” was offensive.  Not surprisingly, a majority thought not.  Also not shocking:  A majority of Republicans though it was. Greg Sargent is amused, titling his post “Fox News Polls Biden’s ‘F-Bomb,” Gets […]

Tea Party United by Politics, Demographically Diverse


According to two new surveys, the Tea Party movement is supported by 28% of Americans, half of its members are non-Republicans, and, aside from skewing slightly white and male, remarkably similar to the country as a whole demographically. A poll of registered voters by the Winston Group, The Hill reports, finds that the “national breakdown […]

Fox Palin Show Off to Embarrassing Start


Fox News has been heavily promoting its new show with former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.   It’s no accident, apparently, that the show debuts on April Fool’s Day. Like LL Cool J, Toby Keith is slated to appear on “Real American Stories,” a Fox News show hosted by Sarah Palin. Unlike LL […]

Georgetown Cocktail Parties


In response to a posting from Tunku Varadarajan accusing him of being a “polite company conservative” who “yearns for the goodwill of the liberal elite in the media and in the Beltway—who wishes, always, to have their ear, to be at their dinner parties, to be comforted by a sense that liberal interlocutors believe that […]

Cable News in Perspective


CJR Fellow Terry McDermott argues that Fox has “simply (and shamelessly) mastered the confines of cable.”   He blathers on and on and on before finally coming to an actual point: Cable news is not literally a broadcast business, but a narrowcast. At any given moment, there are a relative handful of people (in peak hours […]

Editor-in-Chief Obama

Obama Press Corps Photo

President Obama is frustrated by the national media’s obsession with silly stories, Time‘s Michael Scherer reports. We are past, for the moment, the White House “war” on Fox, such as it was. (Obama did an interview with Fox News’ Major Garrett a few weeks back, and General Petraeus is on Fox News Sunday today, with […]

Anderson Cooper’s Ratings Plummet


I’m sure I’ll see dumber stories as the day wears on but Business Insider‘s “Anderson Cooper’s Ratings Plummet” is the early morning leader. Anderson Cooper is fading in the ratings. The respected CNN anchor has seen his numbers slip significantly through the past year. His 10 p.m. show, “Anderson Cooper 360,” has declined 62% in […]

Comparative Fringes


Steve Benen is a bit disappointed that I didn’t “follow [Charles] Johnson’s lead and reject what’s become of the contemporary political right” in my post responding to his departure.  In particular, he thinks I’m too easy on the conservative fringe groups and understate their hold on the movement. I continue to think this is a […]

White House Takes On Politico


Marc Ambinder reports, “It’s not just Fox News that’s become subject of White House derision. The following is an excerpt from a joke e-mail that is circulating among White House staffers.” 7 narratives politico is fighting in their efforts to get an interview with the President 1.       They are more interested in readers than accuracy […]

Palin – Beck 2012


“Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday did not rule out running for president alongside Fox News host Glenn Beck in 2012,” Andy Barr reports for Politico. Palin was asked during an interview with Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” about the chances that she “would run on a ticket with Fox’s own Glenn Beck,” […]

Glenn Beck, Community Organizer


Glenn Beck has a plan.  Actually, the Plan.  Which he reveals on his website. Today, I have stopped looking for a leader to show us the way out because I have come to realize that the only one who can truly save our country…is us. To change America’s course we need to change ourselves, our […]

Fox Fake Crowd Videos


For the second time in a week, Fox News has been caught using old video to give the false impression of larger-than-actual turnout at appearances of politicos they supported.  Sufficiently embarrassed at having been caught, Fox executives are promising “serious disciplinary action” for those responsible. While the incidents add fuel to the fire that Fox […]

CNN in Last Place – Behind MSNBC Reruns!


CNN has dropped to fourth place in the cable news business it invented. And Fox continues to rise while under fire from the administration. CNN, which invented the cable news network more than two decades ago, will hit a new competitive low with its prime-time programs in October, finishing fourth — and last — among […]

Roger Ailes for President?!

President Roger Ailes

Topping Memeorandum is Mike Allen‘s wild speculation for Politico about a presidential run by Roger Ailes. Friends and associates are encouraging Fox News chief Roger Ailes to jump into the political arena for real by running for president in 2012, top sources tell POLITICO. “Ailes knows how to frame an issue better than anybody, and […]

Conservative Media Scoops Mainstream Media


A series of scandals uncovered by conservative outlets and ignored by the mainstream press are starting to raise some uncomfortable questions. The right-wing media’s single-minded focus on a handful of targets over the past months and its success in pushing those stories into the mainstream have underscored the sharp divide between traditional news organizations and […]

Obama Revamps White House Communications


Danny Glover reports on President Obama’s total restructuring of the White House message machine in a piece ominously titled “The Cost of Controlling The Press.” Barack Obama’s White House is spending more than $80,000 a week to staff its old and new media offices. Add the price of speechwriters and the White House communications tab […]

Lamar Smith: Liberal Bias Bigger Threat Than Terrorism


Rep. Lamar Smith (TX) had an interview yesterday on the number one rated cable news network, Fox News, in which he made the astonishing claim that “liberal media bias” is the biggest threat facing America today: SMITH: Let me just say — this is going to sound radical, I don’t mean for it to be […]

Fox Cancels ‘Beltway Boys’


One of those shows I used to watch but haven’t in years, Fox News’ Beltway Boys, which starred Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, has been canceled, Paul Bedard reports, with network execs believing it had “run its course.” Theirs was a fun mix of the week’s politics, a peppy version of some of the other […]

Fox Says No to Obama 100 Day Stunt


Friday, noting that President Obama was costing the television networks millions by constantly demanding prime time for news conferences, I mused, “given the availability of a half dozen cable news channels, I’m not sure why the networks don’t just go with original programming.”   Someone must be reading because Fox will be running “Lie to Me” […]

Shepard Smith: America Doesn’t Torture


I’m amused by Nico Pitney’s headline, “Shepard Smith Uncensored: “We Are America, We Do Not F**king Torture!” (VIDEO).”  Mostly because it censors Shepard Smith. But the Left’s sudden embrace of Smith is interesting, too. It may have begun with this recent Esquire profile. He has always managed to be a part of Fox and apart […]

Fox News Not Conservative


So says E.D. Kain: Fox News is simply not conservative.  The fact of the matter is, I find NPR and even News Hour more conservative than Fox – but in a different sense, I suppose, than the standard boiler plate conservatism that has so infested American politics.  What I mean to say is that the […]

Stephanopoulos Conference Calls – Conflict of Interest?


Via Memeorandum, I see that MRC is hammering ABC on a story that I somehow missed: Media Research Center MRC President L. Brent Bozell, III has written a letter to ABC News President David Westin calling on him to publicly address and resolve what appears to be a clear violation of journalistic ethics by ABC’s […]

Bill Kristol’s Replacement


As everyone knows by now, Bill Kristol’s last NYT column appeared yesterday. Aside from the italicized footer “This is William Kristol’s last column,” it was unremarkable.  Which, most observers on the Left and Right seem to agree, was something it had in common with most of Kristol’s NYT columns and largely explains why the one […]

Fox Calls Election for Obama


With the polls now closed in California, FOX News has officially called the election for Barack Obama as of 11 Eastern, trailing OTB by more than two hours. Juan Williams is choking up at the significance of a black man being elected president. It is indeed quite incredible. Bill Kristol notes, too, that Obama will […]

White Evangelicals in WV Go McCain


Fox News just had a graphic up saying that 2/3 of white Evangelicals in West Virginia went for John McCain.   Thanks for the insight, guys.

Gwen Ifill, Pro-Obama Author, Debate Moderator


There’s a minor hubbub brewing over the fact that Gwen Ifill, who will once again moderate the vice presidential debate, is publishing a pro-Obama book shortly after the election, apparently unbeknownst to the McCain-Palin campaign. Questions are being raised about the objectivity of Thursday’s vice presidential debate moderator after news surfaced that she is releasing […]

Brit Hume Stepping Down at Year End

Brit Hume FOX Photo

Brit Hume is going into semi-retirement, Howie Kurtz reports. Brit Hume, a top anchor and executive with Fox News since the channel was launched 12 years ago, plans to step down at year’s end. But he won’t disappear entirely. Sources familiar with the situation say that Hume, 65, will give up his job as Washington […]

New Yorker Obama Terrorist Cover

New Yorker Obama Terrorist Cover

The liberal blogs are in a tizzy about the cover of the July 21 New Yorker, an illustration by Barry Blitt which shows the Obamas in terrorist outfits, doing a fist bump with a big portrait of Osama bin Laden over their mantle with an American flag burning in the fireplace: Given that this is […]

Tony Snow Dies of Cancer

Tony Snow Photo

Tony Snow has died. He was only 53. CNN Breaking: Former White House press secretary Tony Snow has died at the age of 53 after a second battle with cancer. Snow, who had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for a recurrence of the disease, left his White House job September. 14, 2007, and joined CNN as […]

Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama’s Cohones


Jesse Jackson’s statement that Barack Obama’s “talking down to black people” makes him so angry that he “wants to cut his nuts out” has caused quite the stir. Charles Hurt of the NY Post has the most concise report: In a vulgar tirade caught on tape by Fox News, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said he […]

McCain Shakes Up Campaign Staff. Again.

Steve Schmidt John McCain Photo

John McCain has reshuffled his top campaign staff for the second time is a less than a year, elevating Karl Rove protégé Steve Schmidt to the top post. Responding to Republican concerns that his candidacy was faltering, Mr. McCain put a veteran of President Bush’s 2004 campaign in charge of day-to-day operations and stepped away […]

Obama’s ‘Sweetheart’ Home Loan


The Manufactured Outrage of the Day comes to us from Joe Stephens and his page A3 piece for today’s Washington Post, “Obama Got Discount on Home Loan.” Shortly after joining the U.S. Senate and while enjoying a surge in income, Barack Obama bought a $1.65 million restored Georgian mansion in an upscale Chicago neighborhood. To […]

Fastest Flip-Flop In History?


Kevin Drum awards the world record for fastest flip-flop to Sean Hannity in a show yesterday commenting about the North Korea deal: HANNITY: The news today brings a clear foreign policy victory for the Bush administration. But will the press report it that way? Joining us now for analysis, former ambassador to the U.N. and […]

Obama’s Baby Mama

Obama's Baby Mama Screencap

Today’s Manufactured Outrage of the Day* is that, on a mid-day Fox News program featuring Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin debating the impact of Michelle Obama on the race, the production assistant in charge of writing chyrons dubbed the would-be first Lady “Obama’s Baby Mama.” Apparently, this is a racial slur which suggests that she […]

Hillary Clinton Quitting Tonight (Or IS She?)


AP BREAKING: Clinton set to concede delegate race to Obama Hillary Rodham Clinton will concede Tuesday night that Barack Obama has the delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, campaign officials said, effectively ending her bid to be the nation’s first female president. Obama is 40 delegates shy of clinching the nomination, but he is widely […]

Michelle Obama ‘Whitey’ Video Revealed

Larry Johnson Photo

Larry Johnson’s propaganda effort has worked. His promise to produce a “stunning” and “dramatic” video of Michelle Obama ranting about “whitey” has overloaded his servers. The revelatory post is supposedly here; at least that’s headlining memeorandum at the moment. I can’t get to it at the moment. BooMan claims a transcription will say: Why’d he […]

Rachael Ray, Donut Terrorist

Rachel Ray, Donut Terrorist Photo

Dunkin’ Donuts has pulled an ad spot featuring Rachael Ray wearing a scarf around her neck because some thought it was a subtle nod of support to Palestinians. Does Dunkin’ Donuts really think its customers could mistake Rachael Ray for a terrorist sympathizer? The Canton-based company has abruptly canceled an ad in which the domestic […]

Two Blogs that Pass in the Night

Root for Us You Liberal Moron

Yesterday’s exchange with Thers over the state of conservatism reflects a major defect in the blogging medium. For the most part, we write blogs in serial fashion, as a conversation with our readers, and presume that recent posts on the same subject have been read. Most blog readers, on the other hand, parachute into posts […]

Fox Assistant Fired for McCain Worship


A young Fox News staffer was fired for telling John McCain she’d voted for him, Chris Ariens reports. Insiders tell us the assistant, identified as Jennifer Locke, was on assignment with a camera crew to cover the entertainment angle of the event. When Sen. John McCain walked by, the assistant said, “I voted for you […]

Indiana and North Carolina Postmortem

Democrats Popular Vote Clinton and Obama

Barack Obama moved to within 200 delegates of securing the Democratic presidential nomination yesterday, scoring a 56-42 blowout in North Carolina while narrowly losing, 49-51, in Indiana. Barring revelations that would make the Wright affair look insignificant in comparison, the race is all over but the shouting. Obama Wins the Night AP’s Calvin Woodward: On […]

Obama Losing Two-Front Race War


Andrew Sullivan fears that, whatever the outcome of tonight’s primaries, the press will frame it as about race. [W]hat Obama has been subjected to is a classic pincer movement: the Clintons have attacked from the right, subtly and not-so-subtly framing Obama’s candidacy as a racial one, and evoking Bill’s own Bubba identity and Hillary’s totally […]

Bloggers as Opinion Leaders

When I first started the blog, a little over five years ago, most of us wrote constant posts about blogging. Mostly, I suspect, this was just a function of the novelty of the medium, as evidenced by the plethora of mainstream media stories on blogging during the same period. Both trends have settled down to […]

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