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Don’t Expect Other Republicans To Speak Out Against Trump Like McCain, Corker, And Flake Have

Trump And GOP Elephant

Due mostly to cowardice and naked self-interest, you shouldn’t expect many other Republicans to speak out against Trump in the near future.

Without Mentioning Trump, George W. Bush Rebukes Trumpism

George W Bush

Without mentioning his successor by name, former President Bush delivered a stinging rebuke to Trump and Trumpism.

George W. Bush On Trump: “That Was Some Weird Shit”

Donald Trump Inauguration

Today’s quote of the day comes from our nation’s 43rd President: The inauguration of Donald Trump was a surreal experience for pretty much everyone who witnessed it, whether or not they were at the event and regardless of who they supported in the election. On the dais, the stoic presence of Hillary Clinton — whom […]

George W. Bush Speaks Out Against President Trump

Well, at least someone has a backbone.

“We’re The Only Plane In The Sky”

Politico Cover

As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on Sunday, Politico is up with a fascinating first-person account of the attack from the point of view of White House aides, military officers, and members of the traveling press corps who were with President Bush the day everything changed. It follows the story from […]

Bush 41, 43 Won’t Be Endorsing Trump

2016 Election Buttons

The only two living Republican former Presidents have no plan to endorse Donald Trump: For the first time since his own presidency, George H.W. Bush is planning to stay silent in the race for the Oval Office — and the younger former president Bush plans to stay silent as well. Bush 41, who enthusiastically endorsed […]

The End, At Least For Now, Of The Bush Dynasty

George H Bush with sons George W and Jeb

For now at least, the Bush Dynasty has seen the end of its involvement in national politics.

Does Being A National Leader Shorten Your Lifespan? Maybe, Maybe Not

Obama Aged Photos

A new study suggests that being a national leader may shorten your expected lifespan.

Republicans And The Legacy Of George W. Bush

George W Bush

Republicans haven’t really moved beyond the legacy of George W. Bush’s failed Administration as much as they’d like to think, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting them very much.

George H.W. Bush Highly Critical Of Rumsfeld And Cheney In New Book

Bush 43 And Bush 41 Together

In a new book, former President George H.W. Bush is highly critical of two of his son’s closest advisers in the White House.

George W. Bush Wants To Send Combat Troops To Iraq Again

George W Bush

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.

Jeb Bush Has His Own Iraq Quagmire

Jeb Bush George Bush

Iraq seems to becoming a political headache for yet another member of the Bush family.

Jeb Bush: Sure, I’d Invade Iraq Just Like My Brother Did


Like most Republicans, Jeb Bush either fails or refuses to recognize what an utter, unjustifiable disaster his brother’s decision to invade Iraq actually was.

George W. Bush Attacks Obama On Foreign Policy


Pot, meet kettle.

On Foreign Policy, Jeb Bush Would Be Another George W. Bush

US President George W. Bush (L) looks on

Like nearly all of his fellow Republicans, Jeb Bush has adopted the disastrous foreign policy views that typified his brother’s Presidency.

Jeb Bush’s Presidential Prospects Look Better Than Some Might Think

Jeb Bush Testifies At House Hearing On Free Enterprise And Economic Growth

Bush 2016?

The Economist On Obama’s War Against ISIS: ‘Mission Relaunched’


The cover for the new edition of The Economist draws a direct parallel between the President’s war against ISIS and his predecessors invasion of Iraq: This week's cover preview: Mission relaunched September 27th – October 3rd 2014 Read via: http://t.co/oojziSoY1o pic.twitter.com/v7zXxpvYNp — The Economist (@TheEconomist) September 25, 2014 Given the rather direct connections between Bush’s war and […]

House Republicans Are Dooming Their 2016 Nominee With Latino Voters


Republicans in the House seem determined to make life difficult for whomever wins the GOP nomination in 2016

Bill Clinton Most Admired President Of Past 25 Years, Bush 41 Woefully Underrated

Bush 41 Obama Bush 43 Clinton

Not surprisingly, Bill Clinton is the most admired recent President according to a new poll, but his predecessor seems to be underrated.

Robert Gates: Invading Iraq Diverted Attention From The War On Terror

Bush Gates Rumsfeld

Former SecDef Robert Gates is among those who believes that the Iraq War unduly diverted attention from fighting the War On Terror.

Obama As Polarizing As Bush

Barack Obama, George W. Bush

The political polarization we saw during the Bush Presidency has continued throughout the Obama Presidency.

Sandra Day O’Connor: Maybe SCOTUS Should Have Stayed Out Of Bush v. Gore

Supreme Court Building

Former Justice O’Connor seems to regret the fact that the Supreme Court got involved in the 2000 election. Her regrets are misplaced.

Time To Reassess George W. Bush?

George W Bush

There seems to be an effort underway to reassess the legacy of our 43rd President.

The Clinton-Bush-Obama Trifecta

Bush Clinton Obama

Are two-term Presidencies the new normal?

George W. Bush Viewed More Favorably Than Mitt Romney

Bush Romney

According to a new poll, former President George W. Bush is now viewed more favorably than Mitt Romney: For all the talk about whether Mitt Romney should distance himself from George W. Bush -and the policies of the last GOP White House — a new survey showsthat the former president actually has better favorability ratings than the […]

Romney, And The GOP, Still Haunted By The Legacy Of George W. Bush

Mitt Romney George W Bush

The GOP still hasn’t dealt with the legacy of George W. Bush.

Because Bill Clinton Is Popular, And George W. Bush Is Not

George W Bush Bill Clinton

One of these men is going to his party’s convention, the other is not. The reason why is rather obvious.

George W. Bush Skipping Republican Convention

George W Bush

That sound you hear is a massive sigh of relief from the Romney campaign: Former President George W. Bush will not attend the Republican convention next month in Tampa, POLITICO has learned. “President Bush was grateful for the invitation to the Republican National Convention,” Bush spokesman Freddy Ford wrote in an e-mail.  “He supports Governor Romney […]

Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama For State Of The Economy

Barack Obama, George W. Bush

It’s no surprise that Democrats continue to attempt to tie Mitt Romney and other Republicans to the George W. Bush Administration when you see poll numbers like this: PRINCETON, NJ — Americans continue to place more blame for the nation’s economic problems on George W. Bush than on Barack Obama, even though Bush left office […]

George W. Bush To Be Hung In White House Ceremony


Well, to be more precise, his official portrait: George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, are expected to return to the White House later this month to be honored by President Barack Obama with the unveiling of their official portraits that will hang at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House confirmed on Friday that the […]

Bush To Blame For Weak GOP Field?

George W Bush

Is George Bush to blame for a weak Republican field almost four years after he left office? Not entirely.

The Presidency That Republicans Would Rather Forget

George W Bush

The Republican candidates for President have apparently forgotten that this guy was their party’s nominee twice.

Republicans Bash Obama For Doing What Bush Wanted To Do In Iraq


President Obama is being attacking from the right for following through on a policy decision made by his Republican predecessor.

Poll: Obama A Better President Than Bush


President Obama’s poll numbers are sinking, but they’re still not low enough to make people think he’s worse than his predecessor: As low as President Barack Obama’s approval ratings might sink, Americans say he’s at least better than former President George W. Bush, a new poll shows. In fact, 48 percent of respondents said that […]

Voters Still Blame Bush For The Economy

obama bush

David Weigel passes on this internal from the CBS/New York Times Poll: Bush has been out of office for nearly 31 months and yet more people still blame him for the state of the economy than they do the President of the United States. As Weigel says, there’s a reason why Democrats continue to bring […]

Ex-Spy Says Bush Administration Tried To Use CIA To Discredit Blogger


An ex-CIA agent says that someone in the Bush White House tried to use the agency to “discredit” Iraq War critic Juan Cole.

Guess Which Other President Called For Negotiations Based On Pre-1967 Borders


His name, was George W. Bush: Found via Twitter

Report: Decade Old “Secret Deal” With Pakistan Authorized Raid Against Bin Laden


Did a deal between the U.S. and Pakistan during the infancy of the war against al Qaeda play a role in the raid against Osama bin Laden?

George W. Bush’s Statement On Killing Of Osama bin Laden


Former President Bush released the following statement shortly after President Obama spoke tonight: Earlier this evening, President Obama called to inform me that American forces killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of the al Qaeda network that attacked America on September 11, 2001. I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and […]

Jacques Chirac Corruption Trial


Former French president Jacques Chirac is being tried on corruption charges stemming from misconduct as mayor of Paris.

An Observation on Mitch Daniels


Looking at the Republican field for 2012, I'm more than a little disheartened that the most prudent and fiscally conservative contender for the Republican nomination is Mitch Daniels. The same Mitch Daniels who, as director of OMB, oversaw a federal budget that went from a $236 billion suprlus to a $400 billion deficit. The same […]

Bush’s Apologia Should Not Be Accepted


Former Congressman Bob Barr argues that the right should not be so eager to rehabilitate George W. Bush. He’s right.

About That Nostalgia For George W. Bush, Let’s Not Forget Reality Okay?


The release of former President Bush’s new book, as well as his interview last night with Matt Lauer, seems to have led some on the right to forget what the Bush Presidency was actually like. As Michelle Malkin noted this morning, though, Bush’s fiscal and economic policies weren’t any better than President Obama’s: In January […]

Bush Considered Replacing Cheney As VP Before 2004 Election


George W. Bush’s new memoir reveals that he briefly considered replaced Dick Cheney as Vice-President before the 2004 elections. His decision not to do so reveals much about the relationship between Presidents and Vice-Presidents in modern American politics.

Bush, Or Obama ?


The guys at Bankrupting America paid a visit to last Saturday’s Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally and decided to quiz some attendees on their knowledge of which President was responsible for which outrageous spending program:

Irony: Dowd, Robinson, Beinart Want Bush To Comment On “Ground Zero Mosque”


Byron York notes that three columnists who spent most of the bast decade criticizing the Bush Administration at every turn are practically begging former President Bush to speak out about the controversy that has erupted over the proposed Islamic community center that would be built in Lower Manhattan at the site of a former Burlington […]

Obama’s 2012 Opponent ? George W. Bush


The Obama Administration seems to be saying that “Blame Bush” will be at the core of their re-election strategy. Good idea ? Not really.

Bill Clinton More Popular Than George W. Bush


A new Rasmussen poll of the public’s attitude toward President Obama’s two most immediate successors shows much more fondness for the Clinton era than the Bush years: Democrats see Bill Clinton as a key factor in embattled Senator Blanche Lincoln’s Arkansas primary win last week and a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that […]

CBS News: Gore Separation Is George Bush’s Fault


CBS News Correspondent Sharryl Attkinson and The Washington Post’s Sally Quinn combine for what may well be the most ridiculous comment yet about the separation of Al and Tipper Gore: Al Gore was the Democratic Presidential nominee in 2000, ultimately losing a controversial election for former President George W. Bush. He later shared a Nobel […]

Obama’s 2010 Election Strategy: Campaign Against George Bush


According to The Politico, President Obama plans to counter the rising Republican tide by campaigning against a man who hasn’t held elective office for nearly a year and a half: President Barack Obama is trying to ride the wave of anti-incumbency by taking on an unpopular politician steeped in the partisan ways of Washington. It […]

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