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Momentum For A Law Banning Bump Stocks Has Slowed

Guns And Bullets

Notwithstanding overwhelming public support, Congress is not moving forward on a proposal to ban bump stocks.

Poll Shows Increased Support For Gun Control Measures In The Wake Of Las Vegas

Gun Flag

New polling shows increased support for gun control measures in the wake of Las Vegas, but it’s not likely to last and it won’t lead to any significant action by Congress.

Time To Ban Bump Stocks

Guns And Bullets

The Las Vegas shooting provides a good opportunity to enact a common sense gun control law that even Second Amendment advocates agree is called for.

New Poll Finds Strong Support For Enhanced Background Checks For Gun Sales

Guns And Bullets

A new poll finds strong public support for enhanced background checks and barring people on Federal watch lists from purchasing weapons.

Senate Rejects Post-Orlando Gun Control Efforts

Guns And Bullets

As expected, the Senate rejected four gun control measures introduced in the wake of the attack in Orlando.

Obama’s Executive Action On Guns Is More Symbolism Than Substance

Gun Flag

The gun control regulations to be announced later today by President Obama later today amount to far less than the hype would lead you to believe.

DHS Official Argues Against Using No-Fly List To Bar People From Buying Guns

No-Fly List

At least one DHS official seems to be against the idea of using no-fly list to stop people from buying firearms.

Majority Of Americans Oppose Ban On So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’ According To New Poll

Assault Weapons

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans oppose a ban on so-called ‘assault weapons,’ a marked change from two decades ago.

Using The No-Fly List To Bar Gun Purchases Is Bad Policy, And Likely Unconstitutional

No-Fly List

The Governors of Connecticut and New York are joining President Obama and Hillary Clinton in favor of a really bad idea.

Court Declines To Hear Case Involving Chicago Suburb’s Assault Weapons Ban


The Supreme Court has declined to accept an appeal challenging a law barring certain types of so-called ‘assault weapons’ in a Chicago suburb.

No, We Shouldn’t Use The No-Fly List To Decide Who Can’t Buy A Gun

No-Fly List

The no-fly list is a flawed, arbitrary mess that has kept innocent people from flying for years. Using it to deny people rights recognized by the Constitution is, quite honestly, insane.

Have There Really Been 355 ‘Mass Shootings’ This Year? Only If You’re Relying On Bad Data

Gun Flag

No, there really haven’t been 355 ‘mass shootings’ since January 1st. Not unless you’re relying on completely unreliable data.

Gun Control Advocates May Not Like Political Reality, But They Can’t Ignore It

Gun Flag

A new poll shows an up-tick in public support for some gun control measures, but gun control advocates can’t ignore the political reality that says those restrictions are unlikely to ever become law.

Dylann Roof Case Reveals That Background Checks Don’t Always Work

Gun Background Checks

New information in the Dylann Roof case shows that the background check system used for gun purchases is still prone to human error.

Gun Control Is No More Likely After Charleston Than It Was Before


Political reality shows us that the shootings in Charleston are not going to have any appreciable impact on the likelihood of any type of gun control law passing anywhere outside of the bluest of the blue states.

Washington State Voters Set To Approve Universal Background Checks For Gun Purchases

Gun Flag

Two gun control initiatives will be on the ballot for voters in Washington State, but its the one that would expand background checks that looks likely to win: Do you want expanded background checks for gun purchases? Do you not want expanded background checks for gun purchases? Those two competing questions will be on the ballot […]

Federal Court Upholds Most Of New York State Gun Control Law

Gun Flag

A Federal Judge in New York upholds, for the most part, that state’s new gun control law.

Joe Manchin: Further Gun Control Efforts Unlikely In 2014

Gun Flag

The likelihood of any action on gun control in 2014 is extremely limited

Right of the People


Sharing some thoughts and soliciting feedback on what the 2nd amendment means.

Colorado Shootings Had Little Impact On Public Opinion On Gun Laws


A new Pew Research Center poll indicates that the shooting in Aurora, Colorado has had no discernible impact in public opinion regarding gun rights and gun control: A new poll shows Americans views on gun control unchanged after the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. earlier this month, with the public almost evenly split on the need for […]

Aurora Shootings Will Not Lead To Restrictions On Gun Ownership


Don’t look for an effort to enact new gun laws in the wake of the Aurora shootings.

Supreme Court Holds 2nd Amendment Applies To The States


The Supreme Court resolved a 100+ year old Constitutional ambiguity today, but the legal issues surrounding gun control remain as murky as ever.