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Harry Reid Doesn’t Regret Spreading False Charges About Mitt Romney’s Taxes

Harry Reid

Harry Reid made outlandish claims about Mitt Romney during the 2012 election. He probably knew they were lies when he made them. And he doesn’t care.

McConnell, Rest Of GOP Senate Leadership, Re-Elected Unanimously

Capitol Dome

For all of the controversy that many in the media tried to drum up during the General Election about Republican candidates for the Senate who wouldn’t necessarily commit to supporting Mitch McConnell to lead the Senate Republican Caucus, and thus become Senate Majority Leader in January, he ended up being re-elected unanimously: Senate Republicans have […]

Koch Brothers Not As Big A Deal As Democrats Would Hope

Koch Brothers

If the opening months of the 2014 campaign are any indication, Democrats intend to make the Koch Brothers a central focus of their campaign against the GOP this year. Indeed, the libertarian-oriented politically active brothers have been something of a bugaboo on the left since the 2010 midterms and have garnered more attention on MSNBC […]

Our Fate Apparently Lies In The Hands Of McConnell, Reid, Boehner, and Biden

Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Joe Biden

Are these four men our last, best hope for a deal that will end the shutdown and avoid breaching the debt ceiling?

Reid/McConnell Talks Stalemated As Democrats Push For Sequester Changes

Harry Reid Mitch McConnell

Talks between the two Senate leaders haven’t exactly gone so well.

Hopes For A Senate Deal Now Hinge On Harry Reid And Mitch McConnell

Harry Reid Mitch McConnell

Harry and Mitch to the rescue?

Harry Reid Steps In It


Earlier today, CNN Congressional Reporter Dana Bash asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid why the Senate would be blocking the small appropriations bills that the House will begin sending over today, including one that would allow for continued funding of pediatric cancer studies at the National Institutes of Health: In this clip, Senate Majority Leader […]

Senate Vote On Syria Delayed In Wake Of Russia Initiative


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has delayed an initial vote on the Syria resolution in light of yesterday’s developments out of Russia: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is holding off on taking steps toward a first vote on whether to authorize a military strike against Syria over alleged chemical weapons use. The decision follows Russia’s […]

Harry Reid Backs Away From The Nuclear Option, Filibuster Alive And Well


Once again, the threat of the “nuclear option” appears to have had less megatonnage than some expected and others hoped.

Harry Reid Rules Out Working With A Romney Administration


Harry Reid is already ruling out the idea of working with a potential Romney Administration should, as appears likely, the Democrats maintain control of the Senate: Five days before the election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ruled out trying to work with Mitt Romney should he win next week. “Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate […]

Mitt Romney: I Never Paid Less Than 13 Percent In Taxes


After choosing to not respond to the charges made by Harry Reid for about two weeks now, Mitt Romney directly addressed allegations by the Senate Majority Leader, so far unsupported by any independent evidence, Mitt Romney responded today by essentially staying that Reid is lying: Mitt Romney said Thursday that he has paid at least 13 percent […]

John McCain: Reid Is Wrong About Romney’s Taxes


Senator John McCain, who’s vetting team reportedly saw some 23 years of Mitt Romney’s tax returns, says Harry Reid is wrong in his assertion that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years: Arizona Sen. John McCain said today that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is wrong about his assertion that Mitt Romney did not pay […]

Harry Reid Should Be Condemned, Not Lauded

Senator Harry Reid speak to reporters in the Capitol in Washington

Harry Reid is a scoundrel, not a hero.

White House Won’t Back Harry Reid’s Claims On Romney


The White House isn’t letting itself get drawn into the controversy surrounding the allegations that Harry Reid is making regarding Mitt Romney’s taxes: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today deflected questions about whether the White House would back Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s allegations about Mitt Romney’s tax obligations. Speaking to reporters, Carney refused to […]

Jon Stewart Is Right: Harry Reid Is A Really, Really Terrible Person


As if doubling down on his unsupported allegations against Mitt Romney weren’t bad enough, Harry Reid has taken to repeating those allegations on the floor of the United States Senate: He’s refused to release his tax returns, as we know. If a person coming before this body wanted to be a cabinet officer, he couldn’t […]

Harry Reid Doubles Down On His Unsubstantiated Romney Tax Claims


Yesterday I noted that Harry Reid had made a ridiculously unscourced claim that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes in a decade, yesterday evening he doubled down on those claims:  On Wednesday, Reid stuck to his story, and broadened it. “I am not basing this on some figment of my imagination,” Reid said in a telephone call […]

Harry Reid, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, And The Death Of Journalistic Integrity


Publishing unsubstantiated rumor is not journalism.

Will Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” Make The Senate Better, Or Worse?


Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” has changed the rules of the game, for now.

43 Republican Senators Say They’ll Vote No On Reid Bill


The prospects for Harry Reid’s debt ceiling plan just got a lot more difficult with the release of a letter from Mitch McConnell signed by enough Republican Senators to stop any effort to invoke cloture: Forty-three GOP senators on Saturday signed a letter addressed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) expressing opposition to his […]

Senate Blocks Boehner Bill, Focus Shifts To Reid Plan, McConnell Won’t Negotiate


The Senate killed the Boehner Plan but the debt ceiling crisis is still unresolved and the way out is murky.

Boehner Plan Stalled In The House, Reid Plan Moving Forward In The Senate


The House Republican leadership is once again trying to put together the 216 votes they need to get John Boehner’s debt ceiling bill passed: House GOP leaders expressed confidence Friday morning that they would move a vote on raising the debt ceiling one day after they had to pull their Speaker’s measure from a planned […]

Why Didn’t Democrats Raise The Debt Ceiling Last December?


As we hurdle toward uncertainly, it’s worth noting, I think, that the Democrats passed on the opportunity to deal with the debt ceiling back in December 2010 when they still had control of Congress. Why, you might ask? I’ll let Harry Reid explain: Briefing reporters yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he’s glad the […]

Harry Reid: The Boehner Plan Is Dead On Arrival In The Senate


Even if John Boehner’s plan does overcome its problems in the House, it’s not going to survive in the Senate in its present form: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday said Democrats would defeat the latest proposal from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to raise the debt ceiling. He accused Boehner of being […]

John Boehner And Harry Reid Release Competing, Mostly Incompatible, Debt Plans


John Boehner and Harry Reid introduced their debt plans. Now, where do we go from here?

Debt Talks Break Down As Both Parties Go Separate Ways

U.S. Capitol

The debt talks in Congress are moribund now, and both sides are working on their own versions of a plan, again.

Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Update


It hasn’t been a very productive weekend in Washington, D.C.

Harry Reid Republicans


Reader Michael Reynolds passes along a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Ed Vogel: Preliminary figures show just 2,000 more Democrats than Republicans voted in Nevada’s general election, the secretary of state’s office said Monday. Because there were 60,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans at the time of the election, the figures are a clear […]

Harry Reid’s Closing Argument: Basically, My Opponent Is Crazy


If you want an indication of just how vicious the Nevada Senate race has gotten in the closing days, look no further: Will it work ? Who knows. At this point, I’m not sure that either one of these people deserves to win.

Angle Attorney: Reid Intends to Steal Election


Sharron Angle’s attorney is charging that “Harry Reid intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outright.” She touts various “shenanigans” in a fundraising letter.

Little Evidence Of Enthusiasm Gap In Early Nevada Voting


At least in Nevada, there appears to be little evidence of an enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats, which is potentially good news for Harry Reid.

Politicians and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations


To the extent that these faux debates are a measure of competence to hold the office in question, Sharron Reid’s holding her own against the veteran incumbent demonstrated that she was up to the task. Or, at least, as up to it as Reid.

Worst. Debate. Ever. But, Advantage Angle

Nevada Senate debate

Last night’s one and only Nevada Senate Debate was an embarrassing affair all around, but it most likely sealed the electoral doom of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Harry Reid Considers It His Duty To Spend Your Grandchildren’s Money

harry reid

Harry Reid think it’s his Constitutional duty spend other people’s money and bring it home to Nevada. His constituents seem to have other ideas this year.

Reid And Angle Remain Tied In Nevada Senate Race

FireShot capture #001 - '2010 Nevada Senate General Election_ Sharron Angle (R) vs Sen_ Harry Reid (D)' - www_huffingtonpost_com_2010_03_05_10-nv-sen-ge-avr_n_727027_html

Despite a few polls over the past week that suggested that Sharron Angle was breaking away from Harry Reid in Nevada’s tight-as-a-drum Senate race, it’s fairly obvious that this remains one of the closest Senate elections in the country, as evidenced by the latest Rasmussen poll: Just before their first and only debate, Senate Majority […]

Angle up by 2; None of the Above at 10%


Via CNN:  CNN/Time Poll: 1 in 10 in Nevada say ‘none of the above’. The latest CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corporation poll goes like this: Angle (R): 42% Reid (D):  40% Ashjian (Tea Party):  7% None of the Above:  10% It is unclear to me from the wording of the story if the 10% in fact plan […]

Reid/Angle Race Remains Tight


The latest poll out of Nevada continues to show that the Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle is as tight as a drum: U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and GOP challenger Sharron Angle tied with 43 percent of the vote in a new poll that suggests most Nevadans won’t gamble on half a dozen […]

Sharron Angle Backs Out of Debate, Annoys Local Political Reporter


File this one under what looks to be a very amateur hour mistake by the Sharron Angle campaign: Nevada’s top political journalist lit into Republican Senate hopeful Sharron Angle on Thursday, saying that the Tea Party favorite had backed out of a planned debate. Jon Ralston, host of “Face to Face,” used Thursday’s broadcast as […]

Back to the Nevada Polls


The Nevada Senate race is, in many ways, a three-way in which none of the above could be a spoiler for Angle.

Nevada Poll: Bad News for Reid, Worse News for Angle


The numbers still show an exceptionally close Senate race in Nevada. They also show that a different GOP nominee would have meant a very different scenario.

Harry Reid: “Ground Zero Mosque” Should Be Built Somewhere Else


The Senate Majority Leader has weighed in on the construction of an Islamic Community Center at the former location of a Burlington Coat Factory: Now that President Obama has addressed and amplified the issue, the political debate over the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero is being felt far from Lower Manhattan, in political […]

Harry Reid’s Campaign Against Sharron Angle Having An Impact


Harry Reid has spent the summer trying to portray is opponent as a kook. So far, it’s working.

Harry Reid: How Can Any Hispanic Person Be A Republican ?


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seemed to make a pretty emphatic play for the race card yesterday: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid questioned on Tuesday how Hispanics could be Republicans. Speaking with Hispanic supporters Tuesday at Hermandad Mexicana in Las Vegas, Reid took several shots at Republicans, blaming them for the fact that comprehensive immigration […]

Sharron Angle Talks Gay Adoption, Church-State Relations, And Coked-Up Stimulus Monkeys


Nevada Republican Senate Candidate Sharron Angle is back in the news, and something tells me that Harry Reid is probably smiling about it. First, a recently released questionnaire reveals Angles view on a wide variety of social issues: Republican Sharron Angle believes the clergy should be allowed to endorse candidates from the pulpit and opposes […]

Why Sharron Angle Still Has A Chance


Despite her mis-steps, Sharron Angle still has a shot at beating Harry Reid in November

Reid and Angle Neck-and-Neck in NV Polls


Angle is smartly focusing her commercials on the economy, and it is helping her numbers.

Rasmussen: Nevada Senate Race Now “Leans Democrat”


More bad news for Sharron Angle in today’s Rasmussen poll: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has edged ahead of his Republican opponent Sharron Angle in his bid for reelection in Nevada. Both candidates are seen to hold extreme views by large segments of the population. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in […]

Sharron Angle Continues To Avoid Answering Questions


I can’t believe that this strategy is going to work for much longer: U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle invited local media to attend a press event in Reno Wednesday morning, but when members of the media tried to ask the candidate questions she didn’t answer. At the event this morning Angle signed a pledge to […]

The End Of The Sharron Angle/Tea Party Bubble In Nevada


Following up on Wednesday’s Rasmussen poll that showed the Nevada Senate race down to a dead heat, a new poll from the Las Vegas Review-Journal has Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulling ahead of Sharron Angle: U.S. Sen. Harry Reid has opened a strong lead over Republican opponent Sharron Angle after pummeling her in a […]

Reid/Angle Race Now Statistical Dead Heat


The Senate race between Majority Leader Harry Reid and Tea Party conservative Sharron Angle is essentially a tie: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is creeping forward and now is nearly tied with Republican Sharron Angle in his bid for reelection in Nevada. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Nevada finds Angle […]

Sharron Angle: Quote Me And I’ll Sue


Nevada’s Republican candidate for Senate doesn’t seem to like to have her own words used against her: Sharron Angle’s campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign last week after a copy of her pre-primary election website was relaunched as www.therealsharronangle.com, which was later taken down. After winning the June 8 […]

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