Polish President Signs Controversial Holocaust Bill Into Law

Poland’s President has signed a controversial bill that purports to criminalize any effort to tie Poland to the Holocaust.

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Yesterday was the seventy-sixth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. For most Americans, though, it was just another day. That’s only natural.

Removing Confederate Statues Is Not ‘Erasing History’

The battle over Confederate statues that was resurrected by the violence in Charlottesville is off the front pages, but that doesn’t mean it’s over quite yet.

Charlottesville Reopens The Debate Over Confederate Symbols

It’s time to stop honoring the symbols of a nation of racist traitors.

Trump Invokes The Name Of Frederick Douglass, Ignores What Douglass Said About Immigration

During a meeting today at the White House kicking off Black History Month, President Trump invoked the name of Frederick Douglass, the former slave who became a leading abolitionist before the Civil War and an advocate for liberty and equality thereafter. It leads one to wonder if he was aware of what Douglass had to […]

The Vestiges Of The Great War Remain

This article is a couple months old, but it catalogs in chilling detail the extent to which the site of the Battle of Verdun, one of the longest and bloodiest in human history, still impact the countryside of France. By some estimates, this area will still be dangerous for hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of years due […]

Protests At Princeton May Lead To Admitting Uncomfortable Truths About Woodrow Wilson

Protests by students at Princeton are causing some people to finally pay attention to some inconvenient truths about America’s 28th President.

Jeb Bush Wants You To Know He’s In Favor of Killing Baby Hitler

Give Jeb Bush a DeLorean or a TARDIS and he’ll be traveling back in time to Hitler in no time!

The Confederate Flag Has Always Been About Hate, Not “Heritage”

The people who continue to claim that the Confederate Flag is about anything other than hatred, racism, and a nation that celebrated slavery are lying to you and to themselves.

Abraham Lincoln, 150 Years Later

150 years later, Abraham Lincoln continues to inspire us.

Watergate Forty Years Later

Even with the passage of time, Watergate remains a singularly important event in American history

Islam And World War One

The First World War played an intriguing role in the birth of the radical Islam we are dealing with today.

A Typo in the Declaration of Independence?

Could a transcription error be changing our understanding of America’s founding document?

Sarajevo, The Media, And ‘Breaking News’ Coverage, 100 Years Later

The news media of 1914 didn’t see World War One coming, but it’s not clear that we’re any better.

Sarajevo and Europe, 100 Years Later

A century later, the shots fired in Sarajevo 100 years ago still echo.

Parking Garage Where ‘Deep Throat’ Met With Bob Woodward To Be Demolished

The parking garage where Bob Woodward met with a source that, for decades, was identified only as “Deep Throat,” will be torn down as part of a new development project: One of the most historic journalism sites of the past half-century will soon vanish, following a decision by the Arlington County Board on Saturday to […]

At Normandy, Obama Continues A Tradition That Reagan Started

For the fourth time in 30 years, an American President spoke at Normandy to honor a day of sacrifice and triumph.

When Did Posters From A Defeated Murderous Dictatorship Become Pop Art?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s choices in home decor raise an interesting question.

Jim DeMint: The Federal Government Played No Role In Freeing The Slaves

Former Senator Jim DeMint, now head of the Heritage Foundation has, shall we say, an interesting view of history: Heritage Foundation head Jim DeMint appeared on Vocal Point with Jerry Newcombe of Truth In Action Ministries last week, where he insisted that “no liberal is going to win a debate that big government freed the slaves.” DeMint, […]

1,000 Years Of European History In Under 4 Minutes

A reminder of just how much the borders of Europe have changed from the mid-12th Century to today:

Secessionist America

Via Josh Blackman, here’s a map (click to enlarge) of what America would look like if every secessionist movement that has ever popped up in history had succeeded:   The background on the creation of the map can be found here.

Apollo 8’s ‘Earthrise’ 45 Years Later

Forty-five years ago today,the world was treated to the first picture of itself from orbit around another planetary body.

Alan Turing, Computer Pioneer Who Broke Engima Code, Pardoned On 1952 Conviction Of Homosexuality

Alan Turing, the computer pioneer who played a crucial role in breaking the Nazi’s Enigma code during World War II only to be convicted in 1952 on charges of “homosexuality,” has been pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II: Nearly 60 years after his death, Alan Turing, the British mathematician regarded as one of the central figures […]

Happy Repeal Day!

80 years ago, Prohibition ended. However, we are still making the same mistakes that were made from 1920 to 1933.

John F. Kennedy A Conservative? No, Not Really

Conservatives have their own Kennedy myth to compete with the myth of Camelot.

Blaming Dallas For Kennedy’s Assassination

Don’t blame Dallas, or 60s era Texas conservatism, for what happened in Dallas 50 years ago,

Did Richard Nixon Drunk Dial Ronald Reagan?

The final batch of Nixon White House Tapes was released this week, and included among them was a phone call between Nixon and a man who would hold his office a mere eight years later: On the night of April 30, 1973, President Richard Nixondelivered an address to the nation in which he revealed the details of […]

The War of the Rebellion and the Naming of the American Civil War

The history of what to call the American Civil War.

The Fourth Of July And The Fourth Amendment

Contemporary Americans accept actions by the state that were once the cause for revolt.

Reflections On The 4th Of July In Light Of The Coup In Egypt

Yesterday’s coup in Egypt, a day before we celebrate our own independence, reminds us of something else worth celebrating.

Was The American Civil War Avoidable?

Rather than asking whether it was “worth it,” the important historical question regarding the Civil War is whether it could have been avoided.

When Americans And Germans Fought On The Same Side In World War II

There’s a fascinating story at The Daily Beast about a battle during the closing days of World War II in Europe and a battle in which the American and German Armies were on the same side: Here are the basic facts: on 5 May 1945—five days after Hitler’s suicide—three Sherman tanks from the 23rd Tank Battalion of the […]

LBJ Tapes: Nixon Sabotaged Vietnam Peace Talks

The final release of President Lyndon Johnson’s tape recordings reveals a bizarre plot.

Jefferson Was Neither A Monster Nor A Saint

Vilifying Thomas Jefferson is as much as mistake as placing him on a pedestal.

150 Years Ago Today, The Bloodiest Day In American History

Today is the anniversary of a significant turning point in the Civil War.

Mitt Romney 2012 v. Ronald Reagan 1980: A Brief Study In Contrasts

National Journal’s Sophie Quinton makes an interesting historical comparison: Foreign-policy crises don’t often punctuate presidential campaigns. And when they do, the response from the campaign trail usually isn’t to criticize the commander in chief. Mitt Romney’s sharp statements on the Obama administration’s response to a fatal attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya are a departure […]

An Alternative History Exercise: What If JFK Hadn’t Died?

Examining a history that might have been.

Was The Revolution A Mistake?

Were the Colonists wrong to toss aside the British Empire so casually?

200 Years Ago Today, America’s First War Begins

Two centuries ago, a war that makes less and less sense with the passage of time began.

Sixty-Eight Years Ago Today

I can’t think of any better way to mark the 68th anniversary of what, other than the landings at Inchon, may be the most daring military action in human history than with the speech that General Eisenhower read at the end of that day: And, if the landings had failed, he would’ve said this: “Our […]

Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

One of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th Century may be on the verge of being solved: For decades, pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart was said to have “disappeared” over the Pacific on her quest to circle the globe along a 29,000-mile equatorial route. Now, new information gives a clearer picture of what happened 75 […]

Final Volume Of William Manchester’s Churchill Biography Coming In November

It’s been nearly twenty years now since I read The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Visions of Glory, 1874-1932 and The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Alone, 1932-1940, the first two volumes of what was supposed to have been historian William Manchester’s planned three-volume biography of England’s iconic war time Prime Minister. They remain among […]

New Study Raises Estimate Of Civil War Death Toll 20 Percent

According to a new study, America’s bloodiest war was even bloodier than we’ve been taught: For 110 years, the numbers stood as gospel: 618,222 men died in the Civil War, 360,222 from the North and 258,000 from the South — by far the greatest toll of any war in American history. But new research shows […]

Christian Conservatives Have A Very Selective Memory Of Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan wasn’t really much a of a “Christian Conservative.”

Mikhail Gorbachev: The World Would Be Better If The USSR Was Still Around

Not surprisingly, the last man to lead the Soviet Union believes we’d be better off if it still existed.

The Final Memorial

The memory of the attack on Pearl Harbor is, inevitably, fading into history.

Ronald Reagan On Immigration: “I Believe In The Idea Of Amnesty”

Following up on the clip from a 1980 Reagan/Bush debate that Alex Knapp posted last night, here’s more of Ronald Reagan on immigration from the second 1984 Presidential Debate with Walter Mondale: Two years later, Congress passed and Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which included a provision that granted amnesty to any […]

How Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld Helped Richard Nixon Implement The Worst Idea Ever

Conor Friedersdorf points to an interesting section of  former Vice President Cheney’s that points out the role that he and Donald Rumsfeld played in implementing one of the most misguided public policy ideas in recent American history. For those who weren’t around at the time, in 1971, in response to rising inflation and a weakening […]

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Did World War II teach us anything about spending-as-stimulus? Not really.

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