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Former President Carter Announces He Has Cancer On His Brain


Former President Jimmy Carter announced this morning that he has cancer which has spread to his brain: ATLANTA — Former President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that doctors had found cancer on his brain and that he would begin radiation treatments later in the day. During a news conference at the Carter Center here, Mr. Carter […]

Jimmy Carter To The Right Of Dick Cheney On Same-Sex Marriage?


Former President Jimmy Carter sounds more like a Republican than a Democrat on same-sex marriage these days: Former President Jimmy Carter said in an interview published Sunday that decisions on same-sex marriage should be left up to the states. “I don’t think that the government ought to ever tell the church to marry people, if […]

Donald Trump Prematurely Buries President Carter


One of the late afternoon speakers at today’s first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference was Donald Trump, who apparently was unaware that President Jimmy Carter was still alive: Real estate mogul Donald Trump remembered the “late, great Jimmy Carter” during his speech at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. The problem with that […]

Debunking A Myth: Reagan Was Leading Carter Long Before That Final October Debate

Reagan Carter Debate

Ronald Reagan was leading Jimmy Carter long before the two men met in Cleveland on October 28th, 1980.

Is Mitt Romney Running Against Barack Obama, Or Jimmy Carter?

Romney Carter Obama

He may be running against Barack Obama, but Mitt Romney seems to mention Jimmy Carter a lot.

Ronald Reagan and the Iran Hostage Crisis


Did Ronald Reagan’s impending inauguration help get our hostages released after 444 days?

Worst Figures in American History


If you think Jimmy Carter is the Worst Figure in American History, you really need to read more.

Like Beer? Thank Jimmy Carter!


A Southern Baptist Democratic president hated by conservatives is largely responsible for the rise of the American craft brew industry.

Historians: Obama Better Than Reagan!


A survey of historians ranks Obama as the 15th best president ever, ahead of Ronald Reagan and behind Bill Clinton.

Elena Kagan Changes Mind on Supreme Court Confirmation Candor


People are having fun with reports that Elena Kagan, who argued as an advisor during the Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmation that Supreme Court nominees should be required to give very detailed answers to policy questions, has changed her position now that the shoe is on the other foot. Kagan wrote in 1995 that the confirmation […]

Hillary Clinton Too Old For Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton UN Photo

Speculating on Supreme Court appointments is a great parlor game and throwing the “pick a politician” wildcard into the game is especially fun. Ezra Klein jumps in with both feet: I’ve always been partial to the idea of seeing Hillary Clinton appointed to the Supreme Court. She’s got a law degree, of course. She’s practiced […]

Is Karl Rove Conservative?


Reagan apostles Craig Shirley and Donald Devine take to the WaPo editorial page to argue that Karl Rove is not a conservative. From William F. Buckley Jr. to Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan, the creators of the modern conservative movement always taught that excessive concentration of power in government leads inevitably to corruption and the […]

Charles Johnson ‘Breaks’ From the Right

Little Green Footballs logo

In a move that has been coming for nearly two years, Charles Johnson has issued a manifesto explaining “Why I Parted Ways With The Right.”  For those who don’t know, Johnson is the founder and principal author of Little Green Footballs, one of the oldest and most popular blogs.  He was an elder statesman in […]

OTB Radio — Tonight at 5:30 Eastern

The next episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will record and air live from 5:30-6:30 Eastern. VodkaPundit’s Stephen Green is tentatively scheduled to join Dave Schuler and me to talk about the Tea Party protests, Joe Wilson’s outburst, the ACORN scandal, and various other items in the news.  If Steve can’t make it, blame […]

Innocent Person’s Right Not to Be Executed


Though I follow a number of lawblogs, I missed a rather interesting Supreme Court decision until reading about it on the blog of entrepreneur Mark Cuban. For reasons understandable to those who follow Cuban, he has a Google alert for “prosecutorial misconduct,” which yields more results than one would like. It led him to Michael […]

Mary Jo Kopechne


In my early morning Teddy Kennedy Dead at 77 media roundup post, I observed, “That the Chappaquiddick scandal didn’t make the first several paragraphs — or even first page — of several of these obits is quite remarkable. It would be like writing an obit for Richard Nixon that didn’t mention Watergate or one for […]

If You’re Gonna Play the White House, There’s Gotta be a Fiddle in the Band


“I know folks think I’m a city boy, but I do appreciate listening to country music. It’s about folks telling their life story the best way they know how.” – President Barack Obama Via Norm Geras, I see that the president hosted Alison Krauss, Brad Paisley, and Charley Pride as part of the White House […]

Jimmy Carter Quits Baptists (Again)


Former President Jimmy Carter quit the Southern Baptist Convention more than eight years ago because of its refusal to ordain women as pastors (rather odd, since the policy had been in place since the early seventeenth century origins of the Baptist faith based on the example of another follow with the initials J.C.).   To make […]

Obama Health Care = Bush Social Security


Patrick Ruffini has used considerably fewer than 140 characters to make an interesting point: “Obama Health Care = Bush Social Security.” The analogy is a strong one. You will recall that President George W. Bush, fresh off re-election in 2004 pledged to use his “political capital” to pass a major reform of the Social Security […]

A Tale of Two Murders


DrewM. passes on Michelle Malkin‘s post and column noting that the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller by a white “Christian” got scads more media commentary and more intense presidential attention than did the murder of Private William Long and maiming and attempted murder of Private Quinton Ezeagwula by a black “Muslim.” It’s a fair […]

Souter Retiring in June


A couple weeks back, I wrote a post called “Souter Retiring?”  The speculation was apparently well founded, as several outlets are now reporting that Justice David Souter will in fact step down at the end of the current session in June. NPR’s Nina Totenberg makes the interesting observation that, “At 69, Souter is nowhere near […]

Navy Shoots, Obama Scores


The juxtaposition of two headlines this morning at memeorandum was rather amusing: As it turns out, Michael Shear‘s “An Early Military Victory for Obama” and Shailagh Murray‘s “Obama’s Chief of Staff Grants Access, Gets Results” are unrelated stories combined through the vagaries of automated selection algorithms.  Indeed, the inside headline on the latter is actually […]

Quote of the Day


“Americans fall into two distinct categories today: those who remember how devastating the policies of Jimmy Carter were, and those who are about to find out.” – Ron Hart The column declines somewhat after that. via Nick Gillespie

Obama Invokes State Secrets Privilege


Meet the new boss — same as the old boss: In a closely watched case involving rendition and torture, a lawyer for the Obama administration seemed to surprise a panel of federal appeals judges on Monday by pressing ahead with an argument for preserving state secrets originally developed by the Bush administration. In the case, […]

Pragmatic Conservatism?


Andrew Sullivan has a powerful piece on the state of American conservatism, especially its alliance with the Republican Party.  Two key excerpts from a very long piece: In contemporary America, the right is now in an almost parodic state of ideology. There isn’t just a rigid set of beliefs, indifferent to any time or place […]

Troubled Times? Compared to What?


In response to my comment about Barack Obama taking office during “troubled times,” Charles Austin retorts: Not to diminish or belittle the very real problems for folks who find themselves on the wrong side of the various bubbles out there, but if these are troubled times, then we really do have it pretty good. Has […]

Obama TIME Person of the Year 2008

Obama Person of the Year

In its quadrennial no-brainer, TIME has named Barack Obama its Person of the Year. Oddly, it takes several paragraphs of throat clearing to get to anything like making a case for the choice: As Obama has moved with unprecedented speed to build an Administration that would bolster the confidence of a shaken world, his flash […]

Pulling Out: Debating Middle East Disengagement (Affirmative)


On January 23, 1980 President Jimmy Carter enunciated what became known as the Carter Doctrine. He stated, “An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by […]

Barack Hussein Obama to Take Oath

Obama Swearing In

Barack Obama tells LAT that he will be sworn in as Barack Hussein Obama, saying, “I think the tradition is that they use all three names, and I will follow the tradition, not trying to make a statement one way or the other. I’ll do what everybody else does.” In fact, as Taegan Goddard points […]

Not the Great Depression (Updated)


Daniel Gross makes the case that I’ve been making for weeks, supplying hard numbers where I’ve relied on common sense, that the current mess isn’t comparable to the Great Depression: Both got going when financial crisis led to a reduction in consumer demand. But the two phenomena differ substantially. Instead of workers with 5 o’clock […]

Obamas Visit White House


NYT has a feature on today’s visit by Barack and Michelle Obama to the White House for the traditional meet-and-greet with outgoing president and first lady George W. and Laura Bush. For nearly two years on the campaign trail, Senator Barack Obama rarely missed a chance to take a swipe at President Bush. The name […]

Obama’s Landslide in Perspective


In the discussion on Obama’s apparent 365-173 Electoral College victory, Rodney Dill asks, “How close is this, historically? The popular vote difference seems like it was pretty big by modern standards, but usually that would result in an even more lopsided electoral vote.” It’s an interesting question. Dave Leip’s Atlas has the results for every […]

Palin Last Nail in Republican Coffin?


Quite a few reports came out yesterday buttressing rumors that there were tensions between John McCain and Sarah Palin which caused a feud within the campaign team.   It’s only fitting, I suppose, since the selection of Palin has highlighted and exacerbated a growing fissure within the Republican Party itself. Fox New’s Carl Cameron dished last […]

Election Prediction: Obama 325, McCain 213 (Updated)

Obama's Best Case Electoral College Map

After nearly four years of watching this campaign unfold, it’s about to wrap up.  There are another thirty-six hours of so of campaigning left and probably no more significant polls to be released.  So, it’s time to go on the record and predict the outcome. Others’ Projections:  An Obama Rout RealClearPolitics: Obama 353, McCain 185 […]

Barnett Endorses ‘Weak-Ass Jimmy Carter’


Given that Thomas Barnett is an avid internationalist who abhors the National Greatness strain of foreign policy that McCain champions, I was not at all shocked to see via the Security folder in my RSS reader that he has endorsed Barack Obama. Obama’s task is the great unwinding of the Bush debacle, which Bush himself […]

Palin’s Debate ‘Gaffes’


Matt Yglesias snarks, A lot of people are wondering who the “McClellan” character was that Sarah Palin was referring to, with many guessing that she’s been consulting long-dead failed Civil War General George McClellan for advice on Afghanistan. But another colleague suggested that she’s mentally combined General McKiernan, the commanding officer in Afghanistan, and David […]

What Caused Our Economic Crisis Video


This video, called “Burning Down the House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis” (although, oddly, set to the tune of “Money for Nothing”) is apparently all the rage (at least in my wife’s office). It traces the subprime crisis to the Jimmy Carter era Community Reinvestment Act. To the extent this view is correct (and I […]

Experience: Obama v. Palin

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?

Josh Marshall headlines as “Sadly Nuts” a post responding to John McCain’s retort, to questions of Sarah Palin’s qualifications to serve as president, “If they want to go down that route, in all candor, she has far, far more experience than Senator Obama does.” Says Josh, Set aside the bravado. Can McCain possibly believe that? […]

Sarah Palin, “Small Town Mayor”

Sarah Palin Legs Photo

Those who’ve read my previous commentary on Sarah Palin, notably yesterday’s post on the announcement of Palin as McCain’s VP pick, know that I think she’s a poor choice.  While she has many fans and may be possessed of some remarkable political gifts, she’s a tough sell as “Ready On Day One” and thus undercuts […]

Obama’s Acceptance Speech: The More Things CHANGE, The More They Remain the Same

Obama Acceptance Speech Photo

I wrote a quick post before bed last night giving my off-the-cuff reaction to Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech, arguing that, despite all the talk of “change,” it was basically a speech that Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, or John Kerry could have given. The NYT has a six-page transcript […]

Obama as Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Adam Serwer laments the fact that Barack and, particularly, Michelle Obama have to humanize themselves to the electorate and fight back against an elitist caricature. [T]he Obamas are still fighting Jackie Robinson Syndrome, the reflexive double standards and often small, sometimes large, but always public humiliations that come from being the first black person to […]

The Bush Boom

Household Income 1967 to 2007

Kevin Drum reports that, Bush expansion is over, and Brad DeLong describes it as “the first business cycle during which median household income in America falls from peak to peak.” And indeed it is. The closest we’ve come to such a dismal recovery in the postwar era was the dreaded stagflation-driven economic expansion of Jimmy […]

McCain ‘Biden’ Ad


Well, that didn’t take long.  The McCain campaign already has a spot out called “Biden,” highlighting newly anointed Barack Obama running mate Joe Biden quotes saying Obama lacks the experience to be president and that he’d be honored to serve with McCain. VIDEO SCRIPT ANNCR: What does Barack Obama’s running mate say about Barack Obama? […]

30 Years Ago Today

Glenn Reynolds: “Thirty years ago Jimmy Carter established the Department of Energy. And all our energy problems were solved . . . .” Heh. Indeed.

Congressional Approval at Record Low, Republicans More Likely than Democrats to Approve

Congress Approval Ratings Record Low

President Bush isn’t alone in being unpopular: Congress is down to 14 percent approval, the lowest in the history of the Gallup poll. While the approval numbers are the worst ever, there is a silver lining: “The 75% currently disapproving of Congress is just shy of the record-high 78% in March 1992” Lydia Saad calls […]

Why Rush Limbaugh is So Popular

Rush Limbaugh Cigar Photo

Ezra Klein believes a recent NYT Magazine profile of Rush Limbaugh is a “puff piece.” He lists, for example, Rush’s “presidential platform” as published: 1. Open the continental shelf to drilling. Ditto the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 2. Establish a 17 percent flat tax. 3. Privatize Social Security. 4. Give parents school vouchers to break […]

Presidents and Computer Literacy

Bill Clinton Using Computer Photo

Jane Hamsher wants to know, “If You Can’t Use a Computer, How Can You Be President?” I chuckled when I saw the story at memeorandum since, after all, it’s unlikely that any president before Bill Clinton could “use” a computer in any meaningful sense. (Maybe Jimmy Carter, who was a nuclear engineer in a past […]

Obama and McCain Foreign Policy Brain Trusts


Matt Yglesias lists the people on Barack Obama’s “National Security Working Group” and finds that they’re “mostly names we’ve heard before in Obamaworld or else graybeard elder statesman types.” Kevin Drum is mildly disappointed, finding it kind of dull. And, indeed, there are no surprises here: Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Senator David Boren, former […]

McCain Making Kerry Mistake on Vietnam?

John McCain Vietnam POW Photo

Pat Lang, a retired Green Beret colonel, is somewhat bemused at how much is being made of John McCain’s military experience. John McCain is an admirable man. There are many such who wore the uniform of the United States in adverse circumstance. Jim Webb, Chuck Hagel, Daniel Inouye, Bob Dole… Shall I go on? How […]

John McCain’s Jimmy Carter ‘Flip Flop’

Jimmy Carter Scowl Photo

The HuffPo PR department sent me an email entitled “McCain flip-flops on Jimmy Carter” touting a Seth Colter Walls post noting that John McCain has said nice things about Jimmy Carter in the past but is now saying mean things. He points to a recent quip by McCain that, “Sen. Obama says that I’m running […]

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