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Joe Arpaio Is Running For Senate

Joe Arpaio

Controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for Senate in Arizona.

Trump Admits He Dropped Arpaio Pardon Friday Night Because Of Hurricane Harvey Coverage

Donald Trump Shrug

Yesterday during a press conference with the President of Finland, President Trump said he issued the pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio when he did because he knew that the coverage of Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Houston would mean more people would be watching the news: WASHINGTON — President Trump offered a fiery defense […]

Joe Arpaio for Senate?

Joe Arpaio

It’s possible we haven’t heard the last from “Sheriff Joe.”

Trump, The Arpaio Pardon, And The Constitution


The pardoning of Joe Arpaio was distasteful and an affront to the Rule of Law, but it was completely within the powers of the President and should not be a ground for impeachment.

Trump Asked Jeff Sessions About Dropping Criminal Case Against Joe Arpaio

Donald Trump Joe Arpaio

President Trump’s attempts to interfere in the administration of justice go beyond the Russia investigation.

Trump Says He’s Considering Pardoning Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio

On the same day that he finally spoke up about the racist-inspired violence in Charlottesville, Donald Trump told a reporter that he is considering pardoning former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently convicted of failing to comply with the order of a Federal Judge: President Trump told Fox News he is “seriously considering” issuing […]

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Convicted Of Criminal Contempt Of Court

Joe Arpaio

Finally, “law and order” Joe Arpaio gets what he has long deserved.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Voted Out Of Office After Six Terms

Joe Arpaio

Good riddance.

Department Of Justice Sues Joe Arpaio, Alleging Civil Rights Violations

Joe Arpaio

The Department of Justice has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio claiming that his Department has been systematically violating the rights of Hispanic inmates and suspects: PHOENIX — The Justice Department on Thursday sued Joe Arpaio, a prominent Arizona sheriff known for his crackdowns aimed at rounding up illegal […]