Jon Huntsman Nominated To Be Ambassador To Russia

A good choice for an important position.

Jon Huntsman Tapped To Be Ambassador To Russia

A strong pick for what is likely to be an important Ambassadorial position in coming years.

Former Presidential Candidates Emerging As Candidates For Senate In 2018

Several former candidates for President are emerging as potential candidates for Senate.

Jon Huntsman For Senate?

Jon Huntsman, who served as Governor of Utah and U.S. Ambassador to China, and ran for President in 2012, is mulling a bid for the U.S. Senate in 2018: Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman said he’s weighing a run for the U.S. Senate in 2018, depending in part on whether fellow Republican Orrin Hatch decides […]

Huntsman 2016?

The GOP’s most promising alternative to Mitt Romney in 2012 may run again in 2016, but it doesn’t seem like he’d go very far.

Jon Huntsman: Marriage Equality Is A Conservative Cause

Once again, Utah’s former Governor is making sense.

Obama Campaign Saw Jon Huntsman As A Threat

Republicans rejected him, but the Obama campaign viewed him as a threat: When Obama campaign aides surveyed the field of Republican presidential hopefuls early on, they saw a certain handsome Mormon candidate and thought he’d be trouble in a general election showdown. It wasn’t Mitt Romney. Jon Huntsman is the former Utah governor who took a moderate […]

Republicans Could Have Done A Lot Worse Than Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney wasn’t a perfect candidate, but he was much better than most of the 2012 Republican field.

Jon Huntsman Speaking At The Democratic Convention? Don’t Believe The Rumor

Someone at one of the Brietbart sites posted a story this afternoon that quickly went viral claiming that former Utah Governor and GOP Presidential candidate  Jon Huntsman, Jr. would be speaking at the Democratic National Convention. A revelation that seemed conveniently tied in to the report James Joyner wrote about this morning that some Republican(s) […]

Where Huntsman Went Wrong

Huntsman’s tactics reinforced his fellow Republicans’ natural skepticism of his candidacy.

Jon Huntsman To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Not surprisingly, it’s the end of Huntsmania

Republican Race In South Carolina Tightens

Things are tightening up among the Republican candidates in the Palmetto State.

Federal Judge Rejects Rick Perry’s Ballot Access Lawsuit

Not surprisingly, Rick Perry’s effort to get on Virginia’s primary ballot via litigation has failed

Sorry Jon Huntsman, Third Place Isn’t Good Enough

Jon Huntsman put on a brave face last night, but he’s really got nowhere to go from here.

Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire, Ron Paul Second, Race Nearly Over

A good night for Romney, a surprising showing for Ron Paul, and the first steps toward the end of the race for the Republican nomination.

Good News For Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman, And Santorum In Virginia? Maybe, Maybe Not

Some legal developments in the lawsuit over access to Virginia’s March 6th Primary Ballot.

The Final Numbers From New Hampshire, And A Prediction

The Romney campaign is touting the results of the final Suffolk University tracking poll, which shows their candidate up four points over night to 37%, with Ron Paul at 18%, Jon Huntsman at 16%, Rick Santorum at 11%, Newt Gingrich at 9%. There’s also a new Rasmussen poll this morning that shows Romney at 39%, […]

Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, And The Politics Of Creative Destruction

Mitt Romney is taking heat for his role at Bain Capital. He shouldn’t.

New Hampshire Still Romney Country, But Who Comes In Second?

Barring a disaster, Mitt Romney is going to win the New Hampshire Primary, but who comes in second is still up in the air.

Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, And Serving Your Country

When did serving your country become something political opponents attacked you for?

Second Battle Of New Hampshire Brings Fireworks, But Little Danger For Romney

Ten hours later, the candidates seemed more combative than they had been the night before.

In New Hampshire, It’s Do Or Die For Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman has gambled everything on New Hampshire. It probably won’t pay off.

With Three Days To Go, New Hampshire Is Still Romney Country

There seems to be very little stopping a big night for Mitt Romney next Tuesday.

Gingrich, Perry, And The Virginia Pre-Primary

Virginia has helped winnow the Republican field. You’re welcome America.

Republicans Clash At The (Thankfully) Final Debate Of 2011

The final candidate clash of 2011 didn’t lead to the sparring that some expected.

Huntsman, Gingrich, And The Not-Really Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Yesterday’s encounter between Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich was less than it could have been.

Huntsman/Gingrich “Lincoln Douglas Debate” Today At 4pm

For anyone who has the time, this is something that could actually be interesting. Starting at 4pm Eastern today, Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich will be taking part in a 90 minute “Lincoln-Douglas” Debate. It appears that this will be similar to the event that Gingrich held with Herman Cain back in November, although I’ve […]

Jon Huntsman: I’m Not Going To Kiss Trump’s Ring, Or Any Other Part Of His Anatomy

There’s been a war of words going on between the Hunstman camp and Donald Trump since the summer, mostly because Hunstman has seemingly delighted in mocking the spectacle of other GOP candidates going to visit “The Donald” in his New York office. Suffice it to say, it isn’t over: “I’m not going to kiss his […]

A Different Kind Of Presidential Forum

Last night’s Huckabee Presidential Forum was different, and surprisingly substantive.

Why Not Huntsman?

TAP’s Jamelle Bouie captures “The Huntsman Dilemma” quite well: [I]f I were Jon Huntsman, I would be furious with the current dynamics of the Republican primary. Compared to the likely nominee, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Huntsman is a far more reliable conservative. In addition to serving as the conservative governor of one of the […]

Republicans For Waterboarding

The most disturbing part of Saturday’s debate came when most of the GOP candidates endorsed torture.

Ron Paul And Michele Bachmann Complain They Weren’t Treated Fairly At Debate

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann both complained after last night’s debate that they weren’t being treated fairly by the moderators: Fireworks were few and far between at the GOP’s foreign policy debate tonight, but if any issue provoked the ire of some candidates it was not each other but rather how CBS News’ moderator Scott […]

Republican Foreign Policy Debate: Winners and Losers

Huntsman will gain little if any traction and none of the frontrunners really helped or hurt themselves.

Will Jon Huntsman Get A Second Look, Or Even A First, From Conservatives?

Jon Huntsman’s campaign has never really gotten off the ground. Will conservatives start taking him more seriously?

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead

Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

CNBC Republican Debate Winners And, Well, Loser

Last night’s debate was about more than Rick Perry’s gaffe.

Huntsman On Romney: He’s A “Perfectly Lubricated Weather Vane”

Jon Hunstman hasn’t been known in this campaign for taking an aggressive stance toward any of his opponents, but that’s changing with the New Hampshire primary drawing closer: Jon Huntsman unleashed new attack lines on two of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination Friday. The former Utah governor called Mitt Romney a “perfectly lubricated […]

Huntsman Girls Spoof Cain Smoking Ad

Jon Huntsman’s daughters shoot a humorous commercial for their dad, spoofing the bizarre Herman Cain smoking ad:

Republicans Bash Obama For Doing What Bush Wanted To Do In Iraq

President Obama is being attacking from the right for following through on a policy decision made by his Republican predecessor.

Jon Hunstman: Pastor Who Criticizied Mormonism Is “A Moron”

One of the advantages of not being the frontrunner in a political race, is they you’re somewhat more free to speak your mind: Mitt Romney has been reluctant thus far to address controversial comments from a supporter of Rick Perry equating the Mormon religion with a cult. Jon Huntsman — not so much. In an […]

Two New Polls Confirm It’s A Romney/Cain/Perry Race, For Now

The Republican race remains as fluid as it has ever been.

Foreign Policy At The GOP Debate: Lots Of Sound Bites, Little Substance

If you’re interested in knowing how the candidates would handle a foreign policy crisis, last night’s debate was mostly unhelpful.

Once Again, Romney Wins And Perry Falters In GOP Debate

Last night’s Republican debate is likely to raise more questions about Rick Perry in the minds of voters.

Romney Surges, Perry Falls, Huntsman Surprises In New Hampshire Poll

Mitt Romney is far and away the leader in the New Hampshire primary right now, but a new poll has an interesting uptick in support for a candidate most people had written off: Well, here are a couple of — no, make that several — new wrinkles in the Republican presidential contest in New Hampshire: […]

Perry Continues To Lead GOP Field

We’re getting close to the point where only two people on this stage will matter.

CNN/Tea Party Debate: Rick Perry Gets Hit From All Sides

The Texas Governor was taking it from all sides at last night’s Tea Party Debate.

Ron Paul And Rick Perry’s Off-Camera Confrontation At Reagan Library Debate

A photographer caught an interesting moment between Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas Congressman Ron Paul last night during a commercial break from the Reagan Library Debate: During the Sept. 7 Republican debate, Ron Paul clashed with fellow Texan Rick Perry once again. This time, things got physical. During a commercial break, Perry walked up […]

Reagan Library Debate Winners And Losers

There were eight people on the stage last night, but the GOP field has narrowed significantly.

Jon Huntsman Goes On The Attack

Jon Huntsman is not going to be the Republican nominee in 2012, but he seems ready to carve out a niche for himself.

Huntsman: I Believe in Evolution and Trust Scientists

Jon Huntsman just tweeted, “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

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