A Neighborhood vs. Ethnic Violence

Via Fred Clark comes a fascinating story out of Kyrgyzstan, and how one neighborhood kept recent ethnic violence at bay. In one neighborhood of diverse ethnic groups, about two dozen people — Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Russian — were chatting over tea, munching apples from their orchards and talking about how they remain scared. Despite a […]

Don’t Waste Kyrgyzstan Crisis

My latest for The National Interest, “Turmoil in Kyrgyzstan,” is posted.  The key bits: There are no good options here. Neither Russia nor the United States would welcome the unilateral entry of the other. Nor would either welcome a regional domino reaction to tens of thousands of refugees flooding across the “stans” of the former […]

Pseudo Experts

Jonathan Chait contends that “Real budget wonks who circulate among genuine experts often fail to understand the degree to which the public debate is driven by pure hacks.”  Further, “The same basic phenomenon can be seen is debates over climate change, supply-side economics, and other issues. You have a whole ideological movement that, to a […]

Kyrgyzstan Revolution?

Kyrgyzstan’s capital is under siege in a brutal riot that appears to have ousted Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the brutal leader who himself came to power in the Tulip Revolution. Obviously, it’s a breaking news story but I’m keeping up with it as best I can at New Atlanticist: “Kyrgyzstan Revolution Topples Government.” Oh, and if your reaction […]

Supplying NATO Forces in Afghanistan

I see that more attention is being paid these days to the subject I’ve been talking about for several years now, the difficulties of supplying a large force in Afghanistan: The U.S. military is laboring to shore up a vulnerable supply chain through Pakistan and Central Asia as it seeks to expand the flow of […]

Russia Outbids U. S. for Manas Air Base

Just about ten days ago CENTCOM head Gen. David Petraeus announced that he’d succeeded in negotiating new supply routes for Afghanistan through neighboring countries, former member republics of the Soviet Union. Apparently, this was premature. Yesterday Russia announced that the government of Kyrgyzstan had agreed to turn the Manas Air Base over to Russia: USA’s […]