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Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

After a long wait, gays and lesbians in Australia have achieved marriage equality.

Australians Vote Overwhelmingly In Favor Of Marriage Equality In Non-Binding Referendum


An overwhelming majority of Australians voted in favor of marriage equality in a non-binding referendum. The ball is now in the court of the nation’s legislature to move forward.

Edith Windsor, Plaintiff In Landmark Marriage Equality Case, Dies At 88

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Edith Windsor, the Plaintiff whose lawsuit led to the first of two landmark Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality, has died at the age of 88: Edith Windsor, the gay-rights activist whose landmark case led the Supreme Court to grant same-sex married couples federal recognition for the first time and rights to a host of […]

Two Years After Obergefell, Public Support For Same-Sex Marriage Hits Another High

Rainbow Map

Two years after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling, nearly two-thirds of Americans support the idea of legal marriage rights for gay and lesbian Americans.

Support For Same-Sex Marriage Continues To Rise, Hits A Record 61%

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Nearly one year after the Supreme Court’s historic decision, public support for same-sex marriage continues to rise even among groups that were previously strongly opposed to it.

From Bork, To Kennedy, To Obergefell

Robert Bork Hearings

He definitely wouldn’t appreciate it, but in some sense you can thank Robert Bork for the Supreme Court’s opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Past Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Could Hurt Republicans In The Future

GOP Rainbow Flag

A long history of opposing marriage equality could end up hurting Republicans even though that battle is over in this country.

The Sixth Circuit Just Made Nationwide Same-Sex Marriage Even More Likely, And Closer To Reality

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

An unsurprising ruling from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that only seems to bring closer the day when same-sex marriage will be legal nationwide.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Alaska’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban


And Alaska makes 30.

Same-Sex Marriage Goes From 19 States To 29 States In One Week


In the space of one week, we’ve gone from 19 states that recognize same-sex marriage to 29. Soon, it will be 35.

SCOTUS Gives The GOP A Way Out Of The Same-Sex Marriage Battle

Elephants Fighting

The Supreme Court has given the GOP a way out of a battle that they are going to lose anyway.

The Supreme Court Has Made Nationwide Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

The die is cast.

Fourth Circuit Refuses To Stay Ruling Against Virginia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban


The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to stay the effect of its ruling striking down Virginia’s state Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage: A federal appeals court panel refused to stay its decision striking Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage Wednesday, which means the unions could start next week absent further judicial action. Opponents of the law […]

Same-Sex Marriage Suffers A Legal Setback In Tennessee

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

A trial court judge in Tennessee is the first jurist since the Supreme Court’s decision in U.S. v. Windsor to uphold a ban on same-sex marriage

Utah Appeals Same-Sex Marriage Case To Supreme Court

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

Utah’s Attorney General has appealed the 10th Circuit’s decision striking down that state’s ban on same-sex marriage to the Supreme Court: WASHINGTON—Utah officials on Tuesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, a case that could set the stage for the justices to decide whether gay couples have a constitutional […]

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Dont Tread On Me Rainbow Flag

Another Circuit Court of Appeals has weighed in on the marriage equality debate.

10th Circuit Strikes Down Oklahoma’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

Another step closer to the Supreme Court.

State Court Judge Strikes Down Florida’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage


A state court Judge in Florida has become the latest jurist to strike down a state’s ban on same-sex marriage: In a decision some called “the beginning of the end” of Florida’s ban on gay marriage, a Monroe County judge ruled Thursday that two Key West bartenders and other gay couples must be allowed to […]

Colorado Judge Strikes Down Centennial State’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban


A state court Judge in Colorado has become the latest jurist to strike down a state law ban on same-sex marriage: An Adams County District Court judge on Wednesday declared Colorado’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional, but he immediately stayed his ruling. Judge C. Scott Crabtree pulled no punches in his 49-page ruling, saying the […]

The Legal Battle For Same-Sex Marriage Is Headed To The Supreme Court

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

Assuming it accepts the appeal, Utah is giving the Supreme Court its high profile case for the October 2015 Term.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson: I Won’t Oppose Marriage Equality If Voters Want It


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is starting to waiver on opposition to same-sex marriage: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Tuesday he wouldn’t oppose gay marriage if voters decided that’s what they wanted. “I’m a pretty traditional guy,” Johnson said, in comments reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m almost 60 years old. I think marriage is between a […]

GOP Senator Susan Collins Endorses Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Susan Collins, Maine’s Republican Senator, has become the fourth Republican Senator to endorse same-sex marriage: PORTLAND, Maine — Republican Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday announced her support for gay marriage for the first time after getting an endorsement from the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization in her bid for re-election. “A number of states, including my […]

10th Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down Utah’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

A big step forward for the challenge to state-based bans on same-sex marriage.

Scott Walker Equivocates On Previous Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s Republican Governor isn’t very eager to talk about same-sex marriage these days.

It Doesn’t Matter When, Or Why, Hillary Clinton Changed Her Mind On Marriage Equality

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Obsessing over what a politician believed in the past accomplishes nothing.

Majority Supports Constitutional Right To Same-Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court

The people are ready. Is the Supreme Court?

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban


Another legal victory for marriage equality.

Supreme Court Denies Effort To Block Same-Sex Marriages In Oregon

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

Last month, a Federal District Court Judge in Oregon struck down that state’s ban on same-sex marriage and, in response, state officials from the Governor on down announced that they would not appeal the decision, thus making the Judge’s decision final and same-sex marriage legal. In response,the National Organization For Marriage, which had previously failed in its […]

Is Same-Sex Marriage Now A Wedge Issue For Democrats?


Is support for marriage equality now an issue that can benefit Democrats at the polls?

Pennsylvania Will Not Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling


And Pennsylvania makes it 19.

Support For Marriage Equality Hits All-Time High In Gallup Poll


While most of the attention on marriage equality front has been focused on the courts in recent months, there’s also considerable evidence that public attitudes on the issue are continuing to shift dramatically. It was more than three years ago now that we first saw a poll that showed majority support for same-sex marriage, a […]

Federal Judge Strikes Down Pennsylvania’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Dont Tread On Me Rainbow Flag

Yet another Federal Judge has struck down a state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Utah Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed Before Injunction


In a minor, but still important, victory for marriage equality, a Federal Judge in Utah ruled yesterday that the state must recognize the marriages performed during the time earlier this year after the states ban on same-sex marriage was struck down and before an injunction was issued to the granting of additional licenses: A federal […]

Another Legal Victory For Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Two Women

A 13 month string of legal victories for marriage equality reaches Oregon.

Arkansas Judge Strikes Down Same-Sex Marriage Ban


Another victory for marriage equality.

Gay Marriage Bans Being Challenged In All But Four States


The legal challenges to bans on same-sex marriages have gone nationwide: Last week, there were five state same-sex marriage bans that had yet to be challenged. On Tuesday, that number fell to four. Next week, it’s expected to drop to three. Georgia’s ban is the latest to be challenged. Seven people filed suit against the state […]

The Republican Civil War Over Same-Sex Marriage Has Begun

Elephants Fighting

Sooner than one might have expected, Republicans are starting to battle over the issue of marriage equality.

Federal Judge Rules Ohio Must Recognize Out Of State Gay Marriages


A partial victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Mozilla CEO Resigns In Wake Of Controversy Over Gay Marriage Stance

Brandon Eich Mozilla

The CEO of Mozilla resigned today amid controversy over his position on same-sex marriage. The triumph of “political correctness,” or just the will of the marketplace?

Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Appeal Set On Fast Track

Dont Tread On Me Rainbow Flag

It was just last month that a Federal District Court Judge struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage, and today the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals set the case on a schedule that will likely mean a ruling coming down before the summer is over: WASHINGTON — The appeals court considering whether Virginia’s ban on […]

Michele Bachmann: Gays Are “Bullying” The American People


Soon to be former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says that gays and lesbians are bullying people: Speaking to conservative host Lars Larson during last week’s CPAC event in Maryland, Bachmann said it’s been getting “tiresome” that the gay community have “so bullied the American people and they have so intimidated politicians that politicians fear them and they think […]

61% Of Young Republicans Favor Marriage Equality


Some additional interesting results from Pew Research’s survey of millenial voters: Young people continue to be the strongest proponents of same-sex marriage. And as public support for same-sex marriage continues to grow, the gap between young and old is nowhere more striking than within the Republican coalition. Today, 61% of Republicans and Republican leaners under […]

Same-Sex Marriage Victories Spread South To Kentucky


The string of victories for same-sex marriage continues as a Federal Judge rules that the Commonwealth of Kentucky must recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages.

Nevada’s Attorney General And Governor Won’t Defend Law Against Same-Sex Marriage

Wedding Rings

The fight for marriage equality takes another step forward.

2013: The Year Marriage Equality Won

Supreme Court DOMA

The year that will soon ended will go down in history as the year that the same-sex marriage debate changed forever.

Federal Judge Rules Ohio Must Recognize Out Of State Same-Sex Marriage, Sometimes


A limited ruling out of Ohio with wide ranging implications.

New Mexico Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Caps Off Big Year For Marriage Equality And Liberty


A 17th state legalizes gay marriage. There’s no turning back.