Michael Bloomberg Came Really Close To Running For President, But Decided Not To

Michael Bloomberg announced today that he’s not running for President, but he came awfully close to getting into the race.

Who Wants Michael Bloomberg To Run For President? Practically Nobody

As Michael Bloomberg flirts with the idea of running for President, a poll finds very little enthusiasm for the idea.

Michael Bloomberg Apparently Thinking Of Running For President For Some Reason

We’re in another Presidential election cycle so it must be time to speculate about Michael Bloomberg again.

New York’s Highest Court Kills Mike Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

Mike Bloomberg’s absurd soda ban is, thankfully, dead.

Appellate Court Rules New York Large Sized Soda Ban Unconstitutional

Another legal setback for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to regulate what New York City residents can eat and drink.

Don’t Tell Thomas Friedman

John McCain is apparently lobbying New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg to endorse Mitt Romney: John McCain is trying to convince Mayor Bloomberg to support Mitt Romney’s bid for president. McCain — the GOP Arizona senator who lost to President Obama in 2008 — visited the mayor at City Hall yesterday to talk up the likely […]

Thomas Friedman’s Michael Bloomberg Fetish

Thomas Friedman is fantasizing about Michael Bloomberg again.

Michael Bloomberg For President? Why?

Once again, pundits are suggesting that New York’s Michael Bloomberg might run for President. Though nobody seems to be able to explain why.

Bloomberg: Don’t Blame Banks for Mortgage Crisis

Did Congress cause the mortgage crisis by mandating loans to poor people? No.

Michael Bloomberg Says He Isn’t Running For President

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he isn’t running for President, but he’s sure acting like a guy who’s at least thinking about it.

All Political Corruption is Local

Matt Yglesias is befuddled that Michael Bloomberg is ineligible for re-election as NYC mayor: It really does seem a bit odd that a mayor with a 67 percent approval rating should be forced from office because of a term limits law. I suppose I understand the theory that presidential-level term limits serve as a check […]

McCain and Obama Reject Exclusive, Moderated Debate

The campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama have rejected a proposed opening debate proposed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that would have been broadcast exclusively on ABC and hosted by Diane Sawyer. While Obama has accepted in theory McCain’s suggestion that they have ten, unmoderated, town hall-style debates while suggesting that they be […]

Hillary Clinton Losing Millions

Hillary Clinton may take a hit to her personal finances in excess of $11 million, Bret Schulte reports for U.S. News. With rounds to fight running out, the self-described Rocky Balboa of politics will soon be forced to assess the damage sustained by the most expensive primary bout in history. Sen. Hillary Clinton doled out […]

Bloomberg Not Running, Nation Recovers Quickly

Michael Bloomberg says that he is not running for president but has an op-ed in the NYT purporting to show that he’s smarter and more reasonable than those who are and it’s therefore the nation’s loss. WATCHING the 2008 presidential campaign, you sometimes get the feeling that the candidates — smart, all of them — […]

Mending the Economy (Updated)

Well, the income tax rebate has been signed into law WASHINGTON — The stimulus law signed by President Bush on Wednesday provides what he called a “booster shot” to the economy, but the medicine might not be strong enough to ward off a recession. The $168 billion package of personal tax rebates and business tax […]

Caption Contest Winners

The Jerry Lee Lewis… Goodness Gracious… Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Ron Paul Phenomenon Not About Ron Paul

Joe Carter, in an interesting reflection on his 30 days working for the Huckabee campaign, makes this observation: The Ron Paul Phenomenon is Not About Ron Paul — It will take a more astute political mind than I possess to comprehend this Ron Paul phenomenon. All I know is that it has less to do […]

Bloomberg Readying Independent Bid

Talk of a Bloomberg candidacy won’t go away — mostly because Bloomberg won’t shut up about it (and he owns a media empire). Buoyed by the still unsettled field, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is growing increasingly enchanted with the idea of an independent presidential bid, and his aides are aggressively laying the groundwork for him […]

Rudy Giuliani ‘Shag Fund’ Scandal

While the right side of the blogosphere busied itself with outrage over planted questions in the YouTube debate, our counterparts on the left were exulting over news that Rudy Giuliani billed New York City taxpayers for security services and travel expenses for his then-mistress (now wife) back in 2000. TPM’s Josh Marshall has dubbed this […]

Remembering 9/11 Victims

The big story right now at YahooNews: “Heads bow in memory of 9/11 victims” Relatives of Sept. 11 victims bowed their heads in silence Tuesday to mark the moments exactly six years earlier when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field. The dreary skies created a grim backdrop, […]

Bloomberg-Hagel 2008: Third Party Fantasy #9

If we needed confirmation that silly season is in full swing, we need look no further than David Broder‘s wistful column this morning about a possible independent bid by a Michael Bloomberg-Chuck Hagel ticket. Aside from the standard “Washington is gridlocked in partisan battle between two equally spent parties” and people are tired of it […]

Sam Nunn Mulls Presidential Bid on Unity08 Ticket

Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn is thinking about a White House bid, the AJC’s Jim Galloway reports. Sam Nunn left the U.S. Senate more than 10 years ago. Since then, the Georgia Democrat, who made his name nationally as a defense-minded hawk, has watched what’s happened to the country, and he’s more than a bit […]

Bloomberg Candidacy Would Help Democrats

If Democrat turned Republican turned Independent Michael Bloomberg runs for president, he’ll take more votes away from his first former party than his second, a new survey finds. If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg runs for President as an independent candidate, it helps Democrats in Florida, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. […]

Gotham’s Megalomaniacs?

TNR senior editor Michelle Cottle wonders, “What business do [Rudy] Giuliani and [Michael] Bloomberg have running for president?” In addition to finding the former “creepy” and the latter “uninspiring,” she thinks running the Big Apple just doesn’t cut it as preparation for the presidency. In fact, Rudy’s fundamental New Yorkness seems to be his answer […]

Nader Ponders Run, Calls Clinton ‘Coward’

Ralph Nader may make yet another run for the presidency in 2008, Roger Simon reports. Ralph Nader says he is seriously considering running for president in 2008 because he foresees another Tweedledum-Tweedledee election that offers little real choice to voters. “You know the two parties are still converging — they don’t even debate the military […]

Bloomberg Switches Parties Again, Setting up Independent White House Bid

NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, long rumored to be setting up an independent bid for the White House, announced last night that he’s changed his party affiliation to Independent. Michael R. Bloomberg, a longtime Democrat who switched to the Republican Party to run for mayor of New York City in 2001, announced this evening that he […]

Presidency Hillary’s to Lose?

Mike Allen begins a story with a rather stunning aside: “Even many Republicans will tell you that the presidency this cycle is Sen. Hillary Clinton’s to lose . . . .” Given how polarizing she is, can that really be the case? Maybe. Months of head-to-head polls showing that every plausible Republican nominee would be […]

Republicans Isolationist, Insulationist Power-Projectors?

Chuck Hagel was on “Face the Nation” yesterday and left open the option of an independent big for the White House, perhaps sharing a ticket with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He’s been flirting with that possibility for a while, and is a perfect match for the Unity08 concept, so it’s not that newsworthy (despite substantial […]

Bloomberg for President Fantasies

Steven Taylor explains why the idea of Michael Bloomberg winning the presidency as an independent is “utter nonsense” and “nothing more than an exercise in sheer fantasy.” I wrote much the same thing last December but some lessons require constant repetition.

Why No Love For Bill?

Matthew Yglesias ponders why Bill Richardson’s Presidential Campaign isn’t garnering more media attention. This is the sign of a presidential campaign that’s not getting much attention. And that, in turn, is a sign of exactly how weird our presidential nominating process has become. We’ll leave aside, momentarily, the fact that Richardson is clearly more qualified […]

New Yorker for President?

Outgoing New York governor George Pataki is visiting New Hampshire and Iowa and otherwise “weighing his options” vis-a-vis a 2008 presidential bid (via Taegan Goddard). With Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Bloomberg already leaning toward running, it would be one crowded field of New Yorkers vying for the White House. I guess they figure […]

Bloomberg Mulls 2008 Presidential Bid — As Independent

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has been seriously exploring an run for the presidency as a third party candidate. A long cover feature in New York Magazine outlines a “withering indictment of the political class, Democrats and Republicans alike, slamming its members for pandering, myopia, and borderline corruption” that author John Heilemann correctly notes […]

Mitt Romney (Former Company) Buys (Stake in) Clear Channel

Chris Bowers has a post proclaiming “Mitt Romney Buys Clear Channel” and delivers this ominous assessment: To prepare for their 2008 runs, most potential candidates stock up on staff, a Leadership PAC, and support from party leaders, advocacy organizations, and grassroots groups. Mitt Romney buys a media empire. I can’t argue with what will probably […]

Bloomberg Secretly Considers Independent Presidential Run

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is mulling over the idea of running for president as an independent, his local CBS affiliate says. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has always denied it, but CBS 2 has learned the details of a secret meeting, involving the mayor, to discuss a possible run for the White House. “I […]

Fifth Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

As everyone has discovered by now, today is the

Lieberman Hires Republican Pollster

Joe Lieberman’s transformation into the quasi-Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate is nearly complete, now that he’s hired the top Republican polling firm. Sen. Joe Lieberman continued retooling his campaign staff Friday, hiring a nationally known pollster and media consultant to assist in his independent re-election bid. Lieberman hired Democratic consultant Josh Isay, who has […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest: Bill Quick gives a hearty “Bah Humbug!” to the president’s Kwanzaa message. Sean Hackbarth contends that the story of a schoolboy being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security for checking out Mao’s “Little Red Book” is almost certainly a hoax. Fontana Labs rises to the defense of pleated pants. Kevin McGehee […]

Off-Off Year Elections Help Warner, Hurt Bush?

Most of the political analysis leading up to and now reporting on yesterday’s numerous state and local races focused on what message it would send about national politics. A win by Republicans would help President Bush while a win by Democrats would signal that the country is tired of Republican leadership, an ominous harbinger for […]

NYC Increases Subway Security After Threat

CNN Breaking News: New York Police Commissioner says information received indicated subway system may be target of a terror attack “in coming days.” NYC Increases Subway Security After Threat (AP) Authorities stepped up mass transit security Thursday after receiving a credible threat that the city’s subway system could be the target of a terrorist attack […]