Trump Bows to Radical Islam!

Apparently the new Miss USA is a Muslim.  To Debbie Schussel this means that Donald Trump is a “dhimmi” (which means, “a non-Muslim subject of a state governed in accordance with sharia law”):  “Donald Trump, Dhimmi: Miss Hezbollah Rima Fakih Wins Miss USA; Rigged for Muslima? Miss Oklahoma’s Arizona Immigration Answer.” Now, I do not […]

Terrorists, American Citizenship, and Sham Marriages

In her column this week, Michelle Malkin does yeoman work in uncovering a problem that I never realized existed: Terrorists obtaining American citizenship through what appear to be sham marriages. She notes that many of us were confused that Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square bomber with apparent ties to the Pakistani Taliban, was a […]

Smearing Conservative Bloggers with the Truth

For some reason, I didn’t get the TrackBack and thus missed Dan Riehl‘s reply to my “Congress Receiving Death Threats” post.   Given that 18 hours have passed, I’ve decided to write a new post rather than bury my response as an update. He’s right that I mistakenly attribute a post with Doug Powers’ byline […]

John Patrick Bedell: RIGHT Wing Extremist?!

It appears that a counterintuitive meme is spreading:  John Patrick Bedell, who was killed while he opened fire at the Pentagon Metro stop, was a right-wing extemist. So says Christian Science Monitor‘s Peter Grier, in a piece subtlety headlined “John Patrick Bedell: Did right-wing extremism lead to shooting?” John Patrick Bedell, whom authorities identified as […]

Liberal Magazines Suffering Under Obama

If you’re trying to sell political magazines, you’re better off when your team is out of power and angry. Vanity Fair‘s Matt Pressman investigates this blinding flash of the obvious: The George W. Bush years were good for more than just oilfield-services companies and waterboard manufacturers. They were also a boon for liberal political magazines, […]

Hot Air Sold to Salem Communications

Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air, one of the very most popular conservative blogs, has been acquired by Salem Communications, Mediaite‘s Colby Hall reports: CPAC hasn’t even officially started and already its making news. Mediaite has learned that leading center-right web site Hot Air has been acquired by Salem Communications for an undisclosed sum. Sources close to […]

Michael Yon Arrested

Longtime national security blogger Michael Yon posted this on his Facebook page about an hour ago: Got arrested at the Seattle airport for refusing to say how much money I make. (The uniformed ones say I was not “arrested”, but they definitely handcuffed me.) Their videos and audios should show that I was polite, but […]

Cash For Cloture

Someone, perhaps this commenter at ABC’s The Note, has coined “Cash for Cloture” to describe the outrageous giveaways agreed to by the Senate Democratic leadership to buy off the last few Senators to get to 60 votes on the health care bill.  It’s spreading fast, with Mark Steyn and Glenn Reynolds employing the meme and […]

The Comedy of the Senate

Al Franken was presiding over a sleepy session of the Senate yesterday afternoon and took what AP calls “the unusual step” of denying unanimous consent to allow Joe Lieberman to finish his remarks. Franken was presiding over the Senate Thursday afternoon as Lieberman spoke about amendments he planned to offer to the bill. Lieberman asked […]

Charles Johnson ‘Breaks’ From the Right

In a move that has been coming for nearly two years, Charles Johnson has issued a manifesto explaining “Why I Parted Ways With The Right.”  For those who don’t know, Johnson is the founder and principal author of Little Green Footballs, one of the oldest and most popular blogs.  He was an elder statesman in […]

Census Worker Hanging Suicide, Not Right Wing Murder

Remember the bizarre case of Bill Sparkman, the census worker found hanging from a tree in Kentucky with the letters FED scrawled on his chest?  Remember the media frenzy about crazy Southerners and their hatred of the federal government?  At the time, I cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying there could be any number of […]

Hacked Climate Scientists Emails Reveal Truth

The University of East Anglia mail server was hacked earlier in the week and a string of private correspondences between esteemed climate scientists were published.  In addition to some juicy internecine gossip becoming embarrassingly public, a few of the messages seem to reveal doubts about the evidence for global warming and at least one refers […]

Scozzafava Endorses Democrat Owens

The special election to fill New York’s 23rd Congressional District seat vacated by the appointment of Republican John McHugh as Secretary of the Army has taken yet another bizarre twist.  Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava dropped out over the weekend, causing great celebration on the part of Republicans like Michelle Malkin, who termed her “radical leftist […]

Conservative Media Scoops Mainstream Media

A series of scandals uncovered by conservative outlets and ignored by the mainstream press are starting to raise some uncomfortable questions. The right-wing media’s single-minded focus on a handful of targets over the past months and its success in pushing those stories into the mainstream have underscored the sharp divide between traditional news organizations and […]

Malkin’s Chutzpah

I normally don’t pay attention to Michelle Malkin because of my general policy of not paying attention to those uninterested in rational discussion (a policy that extends to, for example, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, etc.). However, I have to say that I admire the chutzpah of her recent blog post, in […]

9/12 Protests

Yesterday, somewhere between “tens of thousands” and “two million” people flooded the nation’s capital to protest somethingoranother. Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government (Jeff Zeleny, NYT) A sea of protesters filled the west lawn of the Capitol and spilled onto the National Mall on Saturday in the largest rally against President Obama since […]

Obama’s Schoolchildren Speech

President Obama is set to address the nation’s schoolchildren next week, presumably to propagandize them into his evil agenda of turning the country into Communist Russia (pronounced “roo-shuh”) and offing granny to save money on health care just as they do in his native Kenya. There are even instruction manuals to enlist the support of […]

Magazine Format Blogs

Jayvie Canono has a useful discussion about the magazine-style format that has taken the blog world by storm over the last couple of years. Among the non-technical issues he raises is this: Will your readers like it? Maybe they would prefer that they just keep scrolling down to keep reading your posts. Maybe you should […]


The Outrage of the Day, apparently, is a USA Today op-ed by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer in which they assert “Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.” Weekly Standard, Gateway Pundit, The Huffington Post, Top of the Ticket, Moe_Lane’s blog, The Moderate Voice, JammieWearingFool, JustOneMinute, The Atlantic Politics Channel, Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion, The Jawa […]

A Tale of Two Murders

DrewM. passes on Michelle Malkin‘s post and column noting that the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller by a white “Christian” got scads more media commentary and more intense presidential attention than did the murder of Private William Long and maiming and attempted murder of Private Quinton Ezeagwula by a black “Muslim.” It’s a fair […]

Military Recruiting Shootings

One soldier was killed and another seriously injured in a shooting at an Army-Navy Recruiting Center in west Little Rock, Arkansas.  Thankfully, the second’s injuries are not considered life-threatening.  Contrary to earlier reports, both victims were “just out of basic training,” participating in the “Hometown Recruiting Assistance” program, and not Army Recruiters.  An arrest has […]

Was Tiller Murder ‘Terrorism’?

For the second time in less than a week, Andrew Sullivan has handed out one of his positive awards to someone for whom a different and negative award was named.   This time, Michelle Malkin gets an Yglesias Award for calling the murder of George Tiller “terrorism.”   (For those who don’t keep up with such things, […]

Hewitt Wins Yglesias Award

Now, here’s something I thought I’d never see:  Andrew Sullivan has nominated Hugh Hewitt for an Yglesias Award for his defense of Sonia Sotomayor. For those who don’t keep up with such things, “The Yglesias Award is for writers, politicians, columnists or pundits who actually criticize their own side, make enemies among political allies, and […]

U.S. Presidents and Royal Protocol

The Obamas are coming under criticism from around the blogosphere for their dealings with royals.  First, Barack Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II a video iPod filled with some rather add materials (along with an actually thoughtful gift).  Then, Michelle Obama got into trouble for getting too familiar with the the queen.  Now, Barack Obama is […]

Limbaugh – Steele Cage Match

RNC chairman Michael Steele was on D.L. Hughley’s CNN show Saturday night and people are slowly getting interested: Some obvious questions come to mind: D.L. Hughley has a talk show?! What’s up with that shirt Steele’s wearing? Mostly, though, people are talking about Steele’s comments about Rush Limbaugh. So let’s put it into context here. […] You Can Believe In

Michelle Malkin has an interesting post entitled “Document drop: The story behind” The short version:  The Government Services Agency initially denied the Obama transition team the domain “” on numerous grounds: 1) The name was too generic, violating “canonical” rules; 2) the name was political — a campaign slogan — and thus violated the […]

Palin Last Nail in Republican Coffin?

Quite a few reports came out yesterday buttressing rumors that there were tensions between John McCain and Sarah Palin which caused a feud within the campaign team.   It’s only fitting, I suppose, since the selection of Palin has highlighted and exacerbated a growing fissure within the Republican Party itself. Fox New’s Carl Cameron dished last […]

Dean Barnett Dies at 41

Townhall blogger, Weekly Standard writer, and Hugh Hewitt guest host Dean Barnett died yesterday at the age of 41 after a lifelong struggle with cystic fibrosis. Bill Kristol: “It’s my sad duty to report that our good friend and valued contributor Dean Barnett passed away today. He was a remarkable man–principled, witty, and to all […]

Indianapolis Voter Registration at 105%

People in Indianapolis are fired up to vote, with  early voting taking place at record levels. Voter registration is at record levels and new registrations are coming at a torrid pace.  Indeed, Paul Ogden does the math and figures that voter registration in Indianapolis and Marion County has exceeded 105 percent of the over-eighteen population, […]

California to Ban Trans Fats, Needs Schwarzenegger Signature

California will become the first state in the Union to ban trans fats in restaurants and other public food facilities if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs into into law a bill passed by the state legislature Monday. Schwarzenegger has yet to announce his position publicly but he did sign a ban on trans fats in public […]

Defunct Blog Increasingly Influential

John Sides and Eric Lawrence begin an LAT piece on the importance of political blogs, “Who listens to blogging heads?” thusly: Daily Kos. Little Green Footballs. Talking Points Memo. Instapundit. Firedoglake. Captain’s Quarters. These are among the thousands of political blogs that are increasingly a factor in U.S. politics. Given that Ed Morrissey shuttered the […]

Tony Snow Dies of Cancer

Tony Snow has died. He was only 53. CNN Breaking: Former White House press secretary Tony Snow has died at the age of 53 after a second battle with cancer. Snow, who had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for a recurrence of the disease, left his White House job September. 14, 2007, and joined CNN as […]

McCain Killing Iranians with Cigarettes, Risks Killing Presidential Chances with Bad Jokes

John McCain’s secret plan for Iran: kill them with cigarettes. Presidential candidate John McCain, who once sang in jest about bombing Iran, on Tuesday reacted to a report of rising U.S. cigarette exports to the country by saying it may be “a way of killing ’em.” McCain, known for acerbic comments and for sometimes firing […]

Obama’s ‘Sweetheart’ Home Loan

The Manufactured Outrage of the Day comes to us from Joe Stephens and his page A3 piece for today’s Washington Post, “Obama Got Discount on Home Loan.” Shortly after joining the U.S. Senate and while enjoying a surge in income, Barack Obama bought a $1.65 million restored Georgian mansion in an upscale Chicago neighborhood. To […]

John Bolton Slams Korea Nuke Deal

John Bolton, President Bush’s former UN ambassador, is not at all pleased with last week’s deal with North Korea on the nuclear stalemate. With much fanfare and choreography, but little substance, the administration has accepted a North Korean “declaration” about its nuclear program that is narrowly limited, incomplete and almost certainly dishonest in material respects. […]

AP Announces Excerpt Fees

Just when it appeared that the Associated Press had come to its senses, they’ve now announced an exorbitant up-front fee for even short quotations of their works, Tim Conneally reports for BetaNews. They’ve created a handy-dandy online form to calculate what we owe them. Hmm. Well, surely, an organization as large as the AP, which […]

Supreme Court: Gitmo Detainees Have Habeus Rights

Terrorist suspects detained at Guantánamo Bay (and presumably, anyplace else under American jurisdiction) have the right to file habeus corpus petitions in U.S. civilian courts the Supreme Court ruled today in a 5-4 decision. Further, Congress could not pass a law waiving these protections absent rebellion or invasion. Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in […]

Obama’s Baby Mama

Today’s Manufactured Outrage of the Day* is that, on a mid-day Fox News program featuring Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin debating the impact of Michelle Obama on the race, the production assistant in charge of writing chyrons dubbed the would-be first Lady “Obama’s Baby Mama.” Apparently, this is a racial slur which suggests that she […]

Obama, The Jewish Lobby, and the Perils of Web 2.0

One of Barack Obama’s key advantages in building grassroots support, especially among young people usually not apt to vote, has been his innovative use of the latest Web techniques, including the integration of social networking technologies. Not only did he lap the field in getting “friends” on Facebook and MySpace but he actually hired the […]

Rachael Ray, Donut Terrorist

Dunkin’ Donuts has pulled an ad spot featuring Rachael Ray wearing a scarf around her neck because some thought it was a subtle nod of support to Palestinians. Does Dunkin’ Donuts really think its customers could mistake Rachael Ray for a terrorist sympathizer? The Canton-based company has abruptly canceled an ad in which the domestic […]

Absolut Redraws USA – Mexico Border

Absolut Vodka has got some ‘splainin’ to do: Laura Martínez found the ad in the print edition of Quién magazine in Mexico City and it’s going viral. Jim Hoft has picked it up, calling it an “Absolut-ly Outrageous Ad,” Pierre Legrand profanely calls for a boycott, and Brian Ledbetter goes with “Absolut-ly Insulting.” Michelle Malkin […]

Captain’s Quarters Closing

Ed Morrissey has announced that he’s mothballing Captain’s Quarters and joining Michelle Malkin’s team at Hot Air. He’ll be replacing Bryan Preston, who has left to take a position as a producer for Laura Ingraham. It’s an interesting move and certainly strengthens the Hot Air brand. I can’t remember the last time a blogger of […]

NYT Hit Piece on McCain Alleges Adultery, Favoritism

The New York Times today fronts a long exposé on John McCain, which the campaign describes as a “hit-and-run smear campaign,” under the headline “For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk.” The piece alleges that McCain did favors for a female lobbyist nine or more years ago and insinuates that they were romantically […]

Newspapers Reprint Danish Muslim Cartoon

The Danish Muslim cartoons that sparked worldwide rioting, mayhem, and murder two years ago are back. Newspapers across Europe Wednesday reprinted the controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked worldwide protests two years ago. The move came one day after Danish authorities arrested three people allegedly plotting a “terror-related assassination” of Kurt Westergaard, the […]

The Conservative Minority

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse on the issue, but the continued high pitched battle between conservative Republicans who have rallied around conservative-come-lately Mitt Romney in hopes of defeating Teddy Kennedy’s Good Friend John McCain remains the most interesting story this election cycle. Conservatives Love Romney The most recent Rasmussen poll shows that […]

Schwarzenegger, Giuliani and McCain Republicans

RealClearPolitics‘ John McIntyre reminds us that the 2004 convention gave President Bush a large bounce in the polls, while the Democratic convention did next to nothing for John Kerry. He’s got an interesting theory on why that was: Who did Karl Rove and the GOP strategists chose to put front and center on prime-time television […]

Florida Primary Postmortem

The victories of John McCain and Hillary Clinton in Florida last night presage what will happen in next week’s Super Duper Tuesday contests and have significantly reshaped the race. Polls and Predictions Compared to Final Results The polls finally got one right, correctly predicting the winners and the order of finish of all challengers with […]

South Carolina and Nevada Post-Mortem

I dashed off some quick thoughts last night after John McCain’s win in South Carolina but let’s look at the race more closely. Democrats Not much has changed, really, aside from a ratcheting up in the bitterness of the Clinton-Obama battle. Both Clinton and Obama are claiming victory in Nevada, with the former winning the […]

Huckabee and Al Qaeda Oppose Guantánamo

The ACLU is encouraging people to wwear orange tomorrow in a show of support for closing down the detention facility at Guantánamo. I always find these things silly, even when I support the cause, but at least give the ACLU credit for picking a fashion statement that would stand out rather than the ridiculous “wear […]

Hillary Clinton ‘Iron My Shirt’ Stunt

TownHall‘s Mary Katharine Ham seems to have broken the news last night about a bizarre stunt at a Hillary Clinton rally yesterday evening. 7:26 PM – Two protestors just stood up in the audience holding orange signs that read “IRON MY SHIRT,” and chanted “Iron my shirt, Iron my shirt” for a few seconds until […]

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