Vice President-Elect Pence Visits Broadway, Gets A Post-Performance Message

Mike Pence’s night at the theater included a message from the cast. Good for them.

Republican House Member Introduces Resolution To Fight The ‘War On Christmas’

A Colorado Republican Congressman has introduced a resolution meant to involve our nation’s representatives in the non-existent ‘War On Christmas.’

‘War On Christmas’ Apparently Now Being Fought With Coffee Cups

You may not be aware, but your local Starbucks is the new front in the ‘War On Christmas.’

Ted Cruz with a Gun to His Head

So, this picture is going around: And this one: In both, Ted Cruz is giving a speech about gun rights in front of an illustration of a gun. Naturally, outrage is ensuing. POLITICO (“AP photo shows a gun pointed at Ted Cruz’s head“): In an Associated Press image that drew comment and criticism on Twitter […]

Obama’s Coffee Cup Salute Leads To Latest Outrage Of The Day

The usual suspects flew into outrage mode on social media and in the blogosphere earlier today when video emerged of President Obama saluting a Marine while holding what appears to be a Starbucks cup in his hand: Some are calling it the “latte salute.” When President Obama stepped off Marine One at the Wall Street […]

Duck Dynasty, “Free Speech,” And The Culture Of Perpetual Outrage

“Reality” TV star says something dumb about gay people, gets suspended, usual pointless outrage ensues.

War On Christmas Update: Dreaming Of A White Santa And Jesus Edition

The Fox News Channel created “War On Christmas” officially entered the absurd zone last week.

‘Merry Christmas’ v. ‘Happy Holidays’?: Most Americans Don’t Care

It would appear that most Americans are conscientious objectors when it comes to the Fox News Channel created “War On Christmas”: Last December, the Pew Research Center asked Americans whether they prefer stores and businesses to greet their customers by saying “Merry Christmas,” or “less religious terms such as ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Season’s Greetings.’” The […]

Obama’s America Iron Bowl Cartoon Controversy

Irony is officially dead.

Conservative Group Calls For Boycott Of Radio Shack For Not Using “Christmas” In Ads

It’s the return of the most absurd meme of all time.

No, The U.S. Isn’t Closing Its Vatican Embassy

A State Department announcement about consolidation of diplomatic posts in Rome has led to the latest round of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Michelle Obama Went to School With Woman That Works at Company That Built ObamaCare Website

The faux scandal of today comes to us courtesy of The Daily Caller: “Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website.”

More Faux Google Doodle Outrage

Every time there’s some kind of major holiday, or the anniversary of some important event, there are always people at the ready to claim outrage over something they considered important not being appropriately marked with a doodle on Google’s home page. Typically, you see this happen over some event with American historical meaning such as […]


The White House employs calligraphers. And pays them money!

Bob Woodward’s ‘White House Threatened Me’ Grandstanding

Bob Woodward once again has Washington abuzz with a White House scoop. This one is BS.

Obama Unloads Immigration Detention Centers Ahead of Sequester

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been released from detention ahead of possible budget cuts.

“New Black Panther Party” Panic Returns

It’s time to panic over anonymous guys in Philadelphia again, at least if you work at Fox News Channel.

Obama Meets With Liberal Journalists!

President Obama had some prominent liberal journalists over for coffee.

Obama Attended VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding

Barack Obama attended Martha Raddatz’ wedding. Now, she’s moderating the VP debate. Conspiracy!

The Presidency Costs Taxpayers A Lot, But That’s Not Obama’s Fault

The Presidency costs taxpayers a lot of money, but that’s been true for many, many years now.

God “Removed” From Democratic Party Platform

Apparently, this is today’s outrage of the day among some segments of the right: Guess what? God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform. This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform: “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone […]

Romney Bans Press From Private Fundraiser; Press Upset

The Romney campaign has hurt the press corps’ feelings.

Dumb Outrage Of The Day: Romney Hates Britain, Or Something

The campaign silly season took a trip across the pond.

The Anglo-Saxon Outrage Of The Day

Two words spoken by a Romney aide have led to a ridiculous firestorm on the right, while the rest of their comments are being ignored.

U.S. Olympic Team Uniforms Made In China. So What?

Congress is in full outrage mode because of a report that the uniforms that United States Olympians will wear at the London Olympics were made in China: WASHINGTON — Uniforms for U.S. Olympic athletes are American red, white and blue — but made in China. That has members of Congress fuming. Republicans and Democrats railed […]

Obama Plays 100th Round of Golf as President, Should Play More

Americans should be thankful when our presidents take time off.

Today’s Outrage Of The Day: “Decapitated” George W. Bush In `Game Of Thrones’

A year old, seconds-long, scene from a show on HBO has apparently become the latest cause for outrage.

Ted Nugent Said Something Stupid; I Apologize

Ted Nugent, whose music I really liked when I was in junior high school, said something vile and crazy.

April 16, 2012: Witnesses prepare to testify before a House committee on General Services Administration spending. Being sworn in, from left, are: GSA Inspector General Brian Miller; former GSA Administrator Martha Johnson; Jeff Neely, former regional commissioner of the Public Buildings Service, Pacific Rim Region; GSA Chief of Staff Michael Robertson; and David Foley, deputy commissioner of the GSA Public Buildings Service. (AP) April 16, 2012: Witnesses prepare to testify before a House committee on General Services Administration spending. Being sworn in, from left, are: GSA Inspector General Brian Miller; former GSA Administrator Martha Johnson; Jeff Neely, former regional commissioner of the Public Buildings Service, Pacific Rim Region; GSA Chief of Staff Michael Robertson; and David Foley, deputy commissioner of the GSA Public Buildings Service. (AP)

Washington Spending in Perspective

What’s worse: Leon Panetta spending $860,000 in taxpayer money flying home? Or the GSA spending $823,000 on a conference?

David Axelrod Buys $1.7 Million Condo

In an epic Internet scandal, Obama strategist David Axelrod has bought an expensive condo.

Apparently, Conservatives Don’t Like Obama’s Dog Either

Yesterday, there was a ridiculous story making its way around the conservative blogosphere claiming that the White House had flown Bo, the White House Dog, back from Hawaii for a photo op with the President: This may not be the biggest story of the year, and in all likelihood it probably isn’t even true. But […]

Fox News & Sarah Palin Attack The White House Christmas Card

In the world of Fox News and Sarah Palin, the picture above, which graces the front of the 2011 White House Christmas Card isn’t, well, Christmas-y enough: The official White House holiday card makes no mention of the word ‘Christmas’ and instead focused on Bo the First Dog based on the wishes of the First […]

State Department Bought $70,000 Worth of Obama Biographies

Barack Obama wrote two bestselling memoirs before becoming president. Both of them are hot items at Foggy Bottom.

Attackwatch: It’s Just Politics, Folks

The Obama campaign’s new “Attackwatch” site is the latest Outrage Of The Day

If It’s August, It Must Be Time For Fake Outrage Over The President’s Vacation

President Obama is back on Martha’ Vineyard for a ten-day vacation. The usual suspects are upset.

Michelle Obama Vacation Scandal

The First Lady takes a lot of days off from her unpaid “job.”

Pat Buchanan Calls Obama ‘Your Boy’ To Al Sharpton

Pat Buchanan referred to President Obama as “your boy” in conversation with Al Sharpton.

Michelle Obama’s 1700 Calorie Meal

The First Lady is coming under fire for hypocrisy in her meal choices.

Paul Ryan’s $350 Wine v. John Edwards’ $400 Haircut

So, apparently, Paul Ryan has expensive tastes in wine.

Federal Workers Paid More Than Governors

Upwards of 77,000 federal employees make more than the governors of the states in which they live, the Congressional Research Service reports.

Faux Outrage Of The Week: The White House’s “War On Easter”

The latest conservative meme seems to be that the White House hates Jesus and the Easter Bunny.

Obama Fills Out His Bracket While World Collapses

President Obama is once again catching flak for his leisure activities.

Mother and Father Replaced by Parent 1 and Parent 2

The words “mother” and “father” will be removed from U.S. passport applications and replaced with gender neutral terminology.

Obama Wants to Give America Back to Indians!

President Obama is supporting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Is this the end of America?

Amazon Pulls E-Book Promoting Pedophilia After Protests

Yesterday’s outrage of the day involved an odd book written by a creep, and it has lessons galore for everyone.

VFW Endorses Non-Vet Over Allen West, Retired LTC

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has endorsed Ron Klein, who never served a day in uniform, over retired LTC Allen West, a decorated veteran of several foreign wars. Is this an outrage?

Obama: “We Can Absorb A Terrorist Attack”

What’s so wrong with saying that America will survive even if al Qaeda manages to hit us again ?

Arizona Governor Needlessly Freaks Out Over Human Rights Report To U.N.

An obscure U.N. human rights report has become the latest political outrage of the day in the battle over Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

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