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Manly Thoughts

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If you haven’t been reading MANzine lately, here’s what you’ve missed: Features: Fixing College Football (James Joyner) –   Most of the first weekend’s college football games are a joke that make a mockery of sportsmanship and competition. Manliness in the Modern Age (Alex Knapp) – I’ve never understood why so many of my male […]

Army’s New Parachute


Back in the days when men were men, Army paratroopers jumped with ‘chutes like the T-10 Charlie or the Dash One Bravo.  Now, they’ve switched to wimpy little ‘chutes that provide soft landings. Nathan Hodge: Today’s soldiers are weighed down with a ton of gear, and the Army wanted a new parachute that could carry […]

Bailout Compromise Reached


It appears that House and Senate negotiators are on the verge of an agreement with the administration on a plan to address the financial crisis. Congressional negotiators and the Bush administration’s top Treasury officials go to work Sunday on settling the final details of a historic $700 billion Wall Street bailout aimed at keeping credit […]

Army Band Hit By Skydiver, Marches On


OTB’s Roving Correspondent Richard Gardner sent me this clip about an unfortunate incident at Fort Riley, Kansas wherein a hapless parachutist collides with an Army band. A rogue parachutist veered off course yesterday and smashed into an unsuspecting military brass band in Kansas, injuring three musicians and destroying two tubas. Members of the 1st Infantry […]