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Republicans Have Lost The Gamble They Took On Donald Trump

Trump And GOP Elephant

Republicans on Capitol Hill and elsewhere were gambling when they lined up behind Donald Trump. So far, they’ve lost.

Donald Trump And The Art Of The Bad Deal

Donald Trump Chuck Schumer

Donald Trump made a deal with Democrats on spending and the debt ceiling, but it was an exceedingly bad one.

Paul Ryan Won’t Campaign For Donald Trump

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is abandoning the Trump campaign.

Paul Ryan Easily Wins Primary

Paul Ryan

Notwithstanding a push by Trump supporters and hard right pundits, House Speaker Paul Ryan easily won his primary challenge last night: WASHINGTON — The House speaker, Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, easily won his Republican primary on Tuesday, defeating a political newcomer who had received a late surge of attention after being praised by Donald […]

Paul Ryan Folds Like A Cheap Suit, Endorses Donald Trump

Paul Ryan

After initially expressing doubts about his candidacy, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has lined up behind Donald Trump.

Sarah Palin Targets Paul Ryan Over Refusal To Endorse Donald Trump

Palin Seuss

Sarah Palin, who was among the early endorsers of Donald Trump, is now saying that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan must be defeated because of his unwillingness to immediately jump on the Donald Trump bandwagon: Sarah Palin will work to defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan by backing his primary opponent in Wisconsin, the former […]

Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, And The Future Of The Republican Party

Donald Trump Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is declining to back Donald Trump for the time being, but other Republicans are making their own choices.

Paul Ryan Rules Out The Idea Of Being Drafted As GOP Nominee

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan takes himself out of contention as a potential Republican nominee.

The Paul Ryan Scenario: Unlikely To Succeed, And A Sign Of Total Desperation

Paul Ryan

With the Republican nomination fight down to two incredibly unappealing candidates, some Republican insiders are talking about looking elsewhere for a nominee.

The End Of Paul Ryan’s Honeymoon?

Paul Ryan Speaker

Five months after becoming Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan seems to be running into some of the same difficulties that John Boehner did.

Final Spending Bill Sails Through Congress, Giving Speaker Ryan Another Legislative Win

Paul Ryan Speaking (with beard)

The final spending bill for the 2016 Fiscal Year sailed through Congress today, marking the end of a very successful first two months in office for Speaker Paul Ryan

House Passes Bill To Limit Syrian Refugee Program, But Its Fate Remains Uncertain

Capitol Building Dusk

With little actual debate and despite Paul Ryan’s promise of a return to ‘regular order,’ the House has passed a hastily drafted bill in response to the largely fear-based response to Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Paul Ryan Joins Republican Calls For Halt To Accepting Syrian Refugees

Paul Ryan Speaking

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is the latest Republican to call for a halt to the processing of Syrian refugees who may eventually be brought to the United States: WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan called Tuesday for the suspension of a program to accept Syrian refugees into the United States, and two […]

Dennis Hastert’s Portrait Removed From House Of Representatives

GOP Convention 2012

Politico reports that one of the first notable impacts of Paul Ryan’s Speakership has been the removal of the portrait of Dennis Hastert from the group of portraits of former Speakers Of The House that are displayed in an area just off the House Floor. Hastert, you will recall, was indicted over the summer on Federal […]

Paul Ryan’s Comments On The Likelihood Of Immigration Reform Simply Reflect Political Realty

Paul Ryan Speaker

Paul Ryan’s admission that immigration reform will not happen as long as Barack Obama is President simply reflects the reality of immigration politics in Congress.

Paul Ryan Easily Elected Speaker Of The House

Paul Ryan Speaker

With only a handful of opposition, Paul Ryan was easily elected the 62nd Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan Won’t Be The Next Speaker Of The House, Paul D. Ryan Will

House GOP

As expected, the House Republican Caucus has selected the Congressman from Wisconsin 1st Congressional District as its candidate in tomorrow’s election for Speaker of the House: Republicans on Wednesday rallied behind Rep. Paul Ryan to be the next Speaker of the House, declaring him the best candidate to turn the page and unify a fractured […]

After Opposing Procedure Under Which It Was Negotiated, Paul Ryan Will Support Budget Deal

Paul Ryan Speaking

Yesterday, Paul Ryan spoke out against the procedure under which the new budget deal was negotiated. Today, he announced that he’ll vote for it anyway.

Congress, White House Reach Budget Deal, John Boehner’s Parting Gift To Paul Ryan?

Capitol Buidling Dayime2

Congress and the White House have reached a tentative deal on the budget and debt ceiling that promises to make Paul Ryan’s initial months as Speaker a lot easier.

With Last Obstacles To Becoming Speaker Clear, Paul Ryan Is “All In”

Paul Ryan Speaking

With the voting now seemingly a mere formality, the question becomes what kind of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will become.

Paul Ryan Now Has A Clear Path To Become Speaker Of The House

House GOP

With the top conservative caucus in Congress acquiescing to his candidacy, Paul Ryan is largely certain to become the next Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan Willing To Be Speaker, If All His Conditions Are Met

House GOP

Paul Ryan has never really wanted to be Speaker Of The House, but he’s take the job if House Republicans meet the conditions he’s set out.

Will He Or Won’t He? Washington Waits On Paul Ryan’s Decision On Running For Speaker

House GOP

With Congress set to come back from its recess, attention is once again turning to the race for Speaker and one Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin.

Conservative Groups Opposing Paul Ryan For Speaker Before He Even Announces

House GOP

Paul Ryan has yet to say if he will run for Speaker of the House, but that hasn’t stopped the opposition on the hard right from forming already.

Despite Saying No, Paul Ryan Is Being Heavily Lobbied To Run For Speaker

House GOP

Paul Ryan is getting pressure from all sides to get into the race for Speaker Of The House.

The Latest Conservative Rebellion Against John Boehner Is Fizzling Out

John Boehner 2

The latest effort by conservative Republicans to oust John Boehner appears to be coming to an unsurprising end.

Paul Ryan Not Running For President


Although his name has frequently been mentioned as a candidate for President in 2016, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is making clear he has no intention of running: Rep. Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican who was his party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee, announced Monday that he will not run for president in 2016. Ryan, the new […]

That Des Moines Register 2016 Poll? Yea, It’s Largely Meaningless


It’s way too early, folks.

Paul Ryan Most Popular Among Iowa GOPers, Hillary Leads Among Iowa Democrats


A new Des Moines Register poll shows Paul Ryan as the most popular potential Republican choice among Iowa Republicans, while Hillary Clinton leads among Iowa Democrats: Iowa Republicans are wowed by Paul Ryan, a new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows. Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate is wildly popular here with a 73 percent favorability rating, a […]

Paul Ryan And Patty Murray Reach Budget Deal, But Can It Pass Congress?


A budget deal has been reached, now it has to get through both Chambers of Congress.

Paul Ryan Reemerges, Offering The GOP An Obamacare-Free Way Out

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is back, and he has a plan his party ought to be paying attention to.

Paul Ryan Pushing Immigration Reform Behind The Scenes


Congressman Paul Ryan has apparently taken it upon himself to fulfill a role in the House similar to the one that Marco Rubio fulfilled in the Senate: Two weeks after his vice-presidential bid ended, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) ran into an old friend, Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D-Ill.), and prodded him to restart his effort at […]

2016 Republican Field Is Wide Open

Elephants Fighting

The Republican field for 2016 is more wide open than any we’ve seen in a long time.

A Conservative Critique Of Paul Ryan’s Budget


James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute isn’t too thrilled with Paul Ryan’s new budget plan: [S]ince Ryan’s PTP also serves as the fiscal 2014 budget resolution for House Republicans, the blueprint is far from ideal: 1.  If the GOP’s Medicare reform plan is such a good idea (and budget deficits are such a problem), […]

Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan Is Not Serious


The Chairman of the House Budget Committee is proposing a budget that is based largely on fantasy.

Neither Mitt Romney Nor Paul Ryan Understand Why They Lost


Neither member of the Republican ticket seems to understand what really happened on Election Day.

Yes, Those Dishes Were Dirty

Ryan Soup Kitchen

Since posted about this story yesterday, I suppose an update is in order: Amid questions and criticisms related to Paul Ryan’s visit this weekend to an Ohio soup kitchen, the charity’s president said the Republican vice presidential candidate did, in fact, scrub dirty dishes though his visit wasn’t officially sanctioned. The question of whether the […]

Paul Ryan Takes Part In The Dumbest Staged Photo Op Ever

Ryan Soup Kitchen

I’ve really got to wonder which person on Ryan’s advance team thought this was a good idea: YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Paul Ryan visited a soup kitchen here Saturday on his way to the airport, but by the time the GOP vice presidential nominee and his family had arrived shortly before noon, the grits, sausage and doughnuts […]

SNL On The Vice Presidential Debate


Not surprisingly, last Thursday’s Biden-Ryan encounter was heavily mocked on Saturday Night Live:

Biden-Ryan Debate Mostly A Draw


Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate was combative, but is unlikely to have a major impact on the race for President.

Will Tonight’s Vice-Presidential Debate Matter?

Paul Ryan Joe Biden

Sizing up the stakes for tonight’s one and only meeting between the two Vice-Presidential candidates.

Expectations High For Paul Ryan Ahead Of Debate

Ryan Biden

Expectations are high for Paul Ryan heading in to Thursday’s Vice-Presidential debate. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Chris Christie Raises Debate Expectations As Team Romney Tries To Lower Them


Chris Christie appeared on three Sunday morning shows today and, on each of them, he appeared to raise debate expectations for Mitt Romney: If Mitt Romney campaign’s is worried about measuring debate expectations for Wednesday night, Chris Christie hasn’t gotten the message. “This whole race is going to be turned upside down come Thursday morning,” the Republican governor […]

Paul Ryan: Reinstating ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Would Be A Step In The Wrong Direction


Some encouraging words from the GOP’s Vice-Presidential nominee: GOP vice-presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy should not be reinstated in an interview with West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV that aired on Sunday. Ryan voted in 2010 — along with most Republicans and several Democrats — against the […]

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law


The battle over Wisconsin’s public sector union reform continues.

Paul Ryan Panders To Religious Right On School Prayer

Paul Ryan Rally

For some reason, Paul Ryan decided to talk about school prayer this weekend.

Romney And Ryan Not Providing Details About Their Tax Plan

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are refusing to provide significant details about their tax plan. That’s a mistake.

Is The GOP Suckering Fiscal Conservatives All Over Again?

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan

Do fiscal conservatives realize they’re being sold a bill of goods?

Viewership For Ryan’s Speech Below That For Palin’s

2012 GOP Convention

Last night’s penultimate hour of convention coverage drew far fewer viewers than the night that Sarah Palin spoke in Minneapolis: Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee, drew fewer viewers than the 37.2 million that nominee Sarah Palin attracted four years ago. The final hour of convention coverage last night attracted slightly more than 20 million […]

Paul Ryan Gives An Acceptance Speech That Most People Will End Up Forgetting


Paul Ryan did what he needed to do last night, but in the long run his speech will be lost to history.

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