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Palin’s Trump Endorsement Brings Tina Fey Back To SNL


We all knew this was going to happen once Sarah Palin joined Donald Trump in Iowa last week: “Sha’s two Corinthians short of a Bible.” Good one.

Sarah Palin: Now That I Think About It, Katie Couric’s Questions Were Fair After All


Sarah Palin To The ‘Lamestream Media’: Never Mind

Bad Advice Quote Of The Day: Sarah Palin Edition


Sarah Palin has some advice for the Romney/Ryan ticket: In a statement to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin offers some advice for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, this year’s Republican ticket for president and vice president, respectively. “With so much at stake in this election, both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan […]

Republicans Begin To Set Convention Speakers

RNC Convention 2008

With the Republican National Convention a mere three weeks away, the party is beginning to announce the names of the people who will be speaking to the gathered crowd. Yesterday, for example, we learned of a trio of female Republicans along with a group of present and former Governors: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, […]

Perry Continues To Lead GOP Field


We’re getting close to the point where only two people on this stage will matter.

Romney, Bachmann Nearly Tied In New Iowa Poll


The first Des Moines Register poll is out.

Paul Revere’s Ride: Don’t Know Much About History


If there’s anything all sides should be able to agree on after several days of back-and-forth is that most of us didn’t really know the story.

What Herman Cain Really Thinks About His Opponents


I noted yesterday that Herman Cain had criticized Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann for what he called pandering at this weekend’s Faith And Freedom Conference but, as Ujala Sehgal notes, Cain has been pretty unrestrained in talking about his other opponents as well: Rick Santorum is a Disgrace to Reagan. Last month, Rick Santorum challenged […]

Howard Dean: Sarah Palin Could Beat Obama

File photo of Sarah Palin  in Clarkston

When John McCain declared that Sarah Palin could beat President Obama, it was easy to dismiss. But when the architect of the Democratic strategy in 2008, says the same thing, you have to listen.

Romney Leads Among Iowa Republicans, Cain And Palin Tied For Second


The battle of Iowa is beginning with Mitt Romney in the lead, but Herman Cain and Sarah Palin aren’t far behind.

Sarah Palin Movie: The Undefeated


Sarah Palin has commissioned a film to bolster her reputation. This is very intriguing on a number of levels.

Why Nobody’s Running Against Obama


Why are many of the top Republicans are sitting out the race despite a seemingly vulnerable incumbent?

Mitt Romney, Republican Frontrunner, Cipher

Mitt Romney at Daytona 500

Mitt Romney starts his 2012 run as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. But, in reinventing himself yet again, the “authenticity” issue that troubled many of us in 2008 looms again.

Who Will Be The 2012 Republican Nominee? Follow The Money


The 2012 GOP nominee will have to raise $300 million and assemble a top-notch staff.

Palin ‘Target’ Graphic in Perspective


Palin’s infamous “target” poster recycles a theme used by both parties over the years.

Aaron Sorkin on Palin’s Hunting


Aaron Sorkin gets “happy” when hunters accidentally kill one another.

Sarah Palin is No Hunter


The namesake of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is no hunter, no matter what she might pretend.

Meghan McCain: Who Are You Calling a ‘Blue Blood’?


Meghan McCain doesn’t know what a “blue blood” is but doesn’t want to be called one.

Palin: Obama Administration’s Incompetence in the WikiLeaks Fiasco

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange holds up a copy of the Guardian newspaper during a press conference at the Frontline Club in central London

Sarah Palin has taken to her Facebook page to raise “Serious Questions about the Obama Administration’s Incompetence in the WikiLeaks Fiasco.” They’re more interesting than I’d expected.

Palin Beats Gawker in Book Suit


federal judge on Saturday ordered the website Gawker to pull down unauthorized excerpts from Sarah Palin’s forthcoming book, “America By Heart.”

Romney, Huckabee, Palin Lead GOP Field For 2012


Despite votes in the 2010 contest still being counted, polls for 2012 are already pouring out. They’re largely meaningless.

When Reading 140 Characters is too Big a Strain


It only seems fair to take an entire tweet, lengthy though it may be, into account when reacting.

My Basic Theory of Sarah Palin


Yes, I think that Palin is running in 2012.

Palin: Party Like It’s 1773


Sarah Palin and the Tea Party aren’t as clueless as their detractors think.

O’Donnell Uses Palin Playbook


Like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell is no fan of the press.

Murkowski’s Sore Loser Write-In Bid


Lisa Murkowski is the worst kind of sore loser candidate, willing to screw over her party’s voters and her own donors to keep her seat

Palin Goes Beyond Just an Endorsement for O’Donnell


Via CNN:  Palin robocall for Christine O’Donnell The audio is also being used in a radio ad: The O’Donnell campaign has bought time to broadcast the Palin robocall on the radio. In it Palin says “a wave of positive change can really sweep across our land with the election of Constitutional conservatives like Christine who […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Sarah Palin on Facebook


Sarah Palin gets a lot of mileage by posting random thoughts on her Facebook page.  So it’s only fair that Arnold Schwarzenegger uses that platform to tweak her a bit: Over Anchorage, AK. Looking everywhere but can’t see Russia from here. Will keep you updated as search continues. Classic. via Reddit

Alternate Universe Thought of the Day


Somewhere, in an alternate universe where DC Comics characters are real, I wonder if Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich are protesting the building of any new clown colleges in Gotham City…

Is The GOP Anti-Islamic ? No, But They Are Playing With Fire


The GOP is playing a dangerous game with the anti-Islamic rhetoric that it seems to be courting these days.

Sarah Palin Teacher Drag Queen Brouhaha


NY Mag‘s Dan Amira wonders, “Did Sarah Palin Roll Her Eyes at Teaching?” Sarah Palin was up in Homer, Alaska, recently, fishing with her Discovery Channel crew in tow, when she was met with an unpleasant protest: a giant banner reading “Worst Governor Ever,” unfurled nearby by local Kathleen Gustafson. For whatever reason — maybe […]

Speaking of Cursing…


Since I broached the general the subject of cursing earlier today, it seemed appropriate to note the following piece from NPR:  It No Longer Takes @#$%& To Use ‘Foul’ Language. I will say this, though:  while I concur that cojones has a generally coarse connotation, I am not sure that it really falls into the […]

Tea Party Targets Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski


The next GOP incumbent in the cross hairs of the Tea Party movement may be the biggest target of all: Washington (CNN) – The Tea Party Express endorsed on Wednesday a little known Alaska candidate in a bid to oust an incumbent Republican senator who is part of the Senate GOP leadership. The group is […]

Romney, Huckabee Continue To Lead Early 2012 GOP Polling


Not surprisingly, the early polling of Republican candidates for 2012 continues to look like mostly a game of name recognition: For the fourth month in a row PPP’s national look ahead to the 2012 Presidential contest finds Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee owning the top two spots, but Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich aren’t too […]

Obama Leads All Potential Republican Rivals In 2012 Poll


Despite recent dips in his personal approval ratings and the ongoing crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, there’s no sign yet that any of the most-talked about Republican candidates in 2012 would beat President Obama: President Barack Obama holds an edge over each of his potential Republican challengers in 2012, according to a new Public […]

Sarah Palin Has A Good Primary Night


Some are referring to yesterday’s election results as a good night for women, but it was also a good night for one specific woman: Some of Sarah Palin’s riskiest endorsements scored major victories Tuesday for the former Alaska governor, showing off her power in Republican primaries. Palin had four primary endorsements in play – Carly […]

Sarah Palin Encourages Bobby Jindal To Violate Federal Law


Fox News Channel pundit, and for a short time Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin says that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal should ignore Federal environmental laws and build sand berms despite objections from the Army Corps of Engineers that the islands could cause more damage than they prevent: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) pushed Louisiana […]

Specter Loses, Paul Wins, Lincoln in Run-Off: What Does it Mean?


In yesterday’s much ballyhooed Super Duper Tuesday Primaries, we got the results most of us were expecting based on an analysis of the polls and the trendlines. Arlen Specter’s bid to save his career, which was going to end in the Republican primaries, by switching parties ended instead in the Democratic primaries, losing 47 to […]

Newt Gingrich Predicts Obama Loss, Hints At 2012 Run

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich tells The Politico that he believes President Obama will lose in 2012, and hinted that he may be running himself: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gives President Barack Obama only a 20 percent chance of being reelected — and says he might be the one to give Obama the boot. Gingrich, who this […]

Liberal Rush Limbaugh?


In a rather weird exchange on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Salon editor Joan Walsh was stumped when asked to call out extremists on her side of the aisle: P.J. Gladnick has the transcript: JOE SCARBOROUGH: …I think it helps us all to say there are extreme voices on the left, there are extreme voices on the […]

Republicans vs. Obama


Stats guru Nate Silver has “compiled all polls conducted since July of last year that test Obama against a Republican opponent” using “the Real Clear Politics rule of only using one poll from each firm for each matchup (the most recent).” He then adjusts for “house effects,” the tendency of particular polls to be biased […]

Obama 55, Palin 42 (Plus $12 Million)


Were a presidential election being held today, President Barack Obama would be former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin 55 to 42, a new CNN poll shows. President Barack Obama’s job approval may have slid — 51 percent in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey, 46 today in the Gallup daily track, 45 yesterday. But given a […]

Mitt Romney 2012 GOP Favorite


Mitt Romney is the frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination. Aside from it being Romney’s “turn,” he’s got very strong organization and fundraising capabilities and has demonstrated the ability to get through a campaign without committing major gaffes.

Palin on Obama’s Nuclear Policy


Sarah Palin, who was governor of Alaska for a few months before launching a career as a talk show host, objects to President Obama’s new nuclear policy thusly: Now, the president, with all the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer, as a part-time senator, and as a full-time candidate, all that […]

Palin, Jesus, and Retaliation


In an interview with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin offered up this criticism of Obama’s continuity with America’s policy of reducing its nuclear arsenal: “No administration in America’s history would, I think, ever have considered such a step that we just found out President Obama is supporting today. It’s kinda like getting out there on a […]

Liquor an Office Supply? RNC Meets ‘Mad Men’


Republican institutions seem to be making a habit of making unusual expenditures with donated money. First, it was Sarah Palin’s ridiculous wardrobe budget. Then, it was the visits to bondage clubs. Now, Lindsay Beyerstein reports, it’s booze. Lots and lots of booze. At the Republican National Committee, the term “office supplies” seems to have taken […]

Fox Palin Show Off to Embarrassing Start


Fox News has been heavily promoting its new show with former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.   It’s no accident, apparently, that the show debuts on April Fool’s Day. Like LL Cool J, Toby Keith is slated to appear on “Real American Stories,” a Fox News show hosted by Sarah Palin. Unlike LL […]

Georgetown Cocktail Parties


In response to a posting from Tunku Varadarajan accusing him of being a “polite company conservative” who “yearns for the goodwill of the liberal elite in the media and in the Beltway—who wishes, always, to have their ear, to be at their dinner parties, to be comforted by a sense that liberal interlocutors believe that […]

George W. Bush’s Rehabilitation


Professional iconoclast Stanley Fish has been predicting for a while that people would come to miss George W. Bush once the heated controversies of the moment had faded and the big picture emerged. Now, he sees evidence that he was right. A perhaps more substantial sign incorporates a sign famous (or infamous) in the Bush […]

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll


Ron Paul beat out Mitt Romney in the 2010 CPAC straw poll, with Sarah Palin finishing a distant third. Jonathan Martin and Jessica Taylor of Politico note that the reaction to the announcement was less than polite. Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Texas Republican who ran a quixotic bid for the Republican presidential nomination in […]

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