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Andrew Sullivan’s Alter Ego


Scott Payne has an extensive interview with Patrick Appel, who, we have recently learned, is much more than Andrew Sullivan’s assistant. Along with Chris Bodenner, Patrick does most of the pick-and-shovel work of blogging, reading through hundreds of blog posts, articles, and reader submissions and even writing up draft posts for Andrew to edit and […]

Manly Thoughts

Manzine Logo

If you haven’t been reading MANzine lately, here’s what you’ve missed: Features: Fixing College Football (James Joyner) –   Most of the first weekend’s college football games are a joke that make a mockery of sportsmanship and competition. Manliness in the Modern Age (Alex Knapp) – I’ve never understood why so many of my male […]

Evolution of Blogging


Scott Payne has an interesting interview with Kevin Drum on the evolution of the blogosphere since the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth circa 2002.    I joined the fray about six months later and think he’s dead on. A couple of excerpts: But the political blogosphere did have a bit more of a clubby feel […]

Manly Thoughts

Manzine Logo

If you haven’t been reading MANzine this week, here’s what you’ve missed: Manhood in the 21st Century (Scott Payne) – We have learned to cease thinking of ourselves as men. That’s a mistake. Why We Play Fantasy Football (Jon Stonger) – What is it about drafting an imaginary team in an imaginary league for an […]

Talkin’ ’bout My Generation


Scott Payne laments that, owing to high ticket prices, rock concerts are now mostly attended by old, rich people who are ruining the experience for young people who want to get stoned and dance. Meh. Photo by Flickr user marfis75 under Creative Commons license.

Ridiculing the Tea Party Protests


Steve Benen and Jesse Taylor both note that some people participating in the “Tea Party” protests are less than highly articulate spokesmen for the cause, with the former referring to “low-information voters” interviewed by CNN and the latter, well, apparently having gotten over being tired of obscenities. Scott Payne is right that it’s unfair to […]