Dumbest Vox Headline Ever

The title of Vox’s review of Rogue One, the new Star Wars movie that tells the story of how the Rebels got the plans for the first Death Star that was destroyed in the original movie released back in 1977,  is perhaps the dumbest headline I’ve ever seen: Because the fact that it’s been called ‘Star Wars” for […]

A Spoiler Free Review Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You’ll be happy, Star Wars fans. And, don’t worry, no spoilers here.

A Record Breaking Opening Weekend For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Perhaps not surprisingly, the newest film in the Star Wars saga is breaking all kinds of records.

New Star Wars Trailers Offer More Views Of The Force Awakens

Star Wars fandom was abuzz yesterday with the release of the final Japanese and International trailer for The Force Awakens, which includes footage not seen in the trailer released here in the United States late last month: Among other things, the trailer does seem to indicate that Daisy Ridley’s character Rey will be at the center of […]

New Star Wars Trailer Was Highlight Of Otherwise Forgettable Giants-Eagles Game

Last night’s Giants-Eagles game was largely forgettable even for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles who saw their team win an incredibly messy, badly played game, but it’s seems certain that most people were turning in at halftime not to see analysis of a mediocre first half, but the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, […]

The New Star Wars Trailer Is Out, And It’s Fantastic

The newest teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released today at a Disney/Lucasfilm event in San Francisco, and it’s become the talk of the Internet: In so many ways, this trailer was much better than the brief glimpse we were given back in November, and there will be more to come with the […]

Star Wars Episode VII Gets A Title, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The next installment in the Star Wars saga officially has a title: “Star Wars 7” has a title: “The Force Awakens.” The latest chapter in the sprawling saga concluded principal photography recently, and with that finish came a tweet, posted Thursday morning, with the (presumably official) title. (…) Meanwhile, the cast members recently gathered for […]

Darth Vader Running For Parliament In Ukraine

Among the candidates in today’s parliamentary elections in Ukraine is a Dark Lord of the Sith: One candidate in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections hopes to bring voters to the dark side: Darth Alekseyevich Vader. Dressed in full Star Wars regalia, Vader prowls the streets of Kiev atop his black campaign van wooing voters with promises to […]

Peter (Chewbacca) Mayhew Releases Trove Of On-Set Classic Star Wars Pictures

The Huffington Post has released a treasure trove of pictures from the set of the original three Star Wars movie sent out view the Twitter account of Peter Mayhew, who is best known as Chewbacca: With no shortage of shots featuring a certain princess, Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew released a collection of “Star Wars” behind-the-scenes photos on his […]

The Greatest Star Wars Movie?

Was Return Of The Jedi the best of all the Star Wars films? One writer thinks so.

George Lucas To Continue Killing Star Wars In Blu-Ray Release

George Lucas is once again “enhancing” his epic films for the upcoming Blu-Ray release.

The Star Wars Prequel That Should Have Been…

A trailer for the Lando Calrissian film Blackstar Warrior, the Star Wars prequel that should have been:


Marc Ambinder provides a little levity:  The Most Revealing #Wookieleaks. My fav from his list: 7. Inquiry reveals cantina footage digitally altered; Han Solo discharged weapon first.(@jeffdcohen)

Remembering the Battle of Hoth

In honor of the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, I have to urge each and every one of you to watch this fan film, which tells the story of the Battle of Hoth in the style of a Ken Burns documentary. Enjoy!

Favorite Movies Of Conservative Bloggers

RWN’s John Hawkins polled his roster of conservative bloggers on their favorite movies of all time. Only two flicks from this millennium made the top dozen, although several others made the larger list: 8) The Godfather II: 6 (1974) 8) Jaws: 6 (1975) 8) Raiders of the Lost Ark: 6 (1981) 8) Pulp Fiction: 6 […]

Quote of the Day – Star Wars Edition

“I always admired George. You know, George is a guy that does what he loves. And I do what I love. The difference is what George loves makes hundreds of billions of dollars.” – David Lynch on turning down George Lucas’ offer to direct “Return of the Jedi.” via Jason Kottke

Star Trek Prequel Movie

The new “Star Trek” prequel is out.   The reviews are mixed but Jar-Jar Binks is not featured, guaranteeing that it’ll be better than the first “Star Wars” prequel. What’s interesting is how well the franchise has endured and how wide-ranging its appeal remains.  The show (since dubbed “The Original Series” or “TOS” by the fanbase) […]

Foreign Policy Blogging

Over at New Atlanticist, I’ve written several foreign policy-related posts. Fighting Poverty with Profit looks at a persuasive editorial calling for a radical new approach to development aid. Poland Slashes Early Retirement Benefits notes the irony that Poland, a country which lived under Communism for decades and freed itself thanks, in large part, to an […]

Dark Knight Passes Star Wars

Dark Knight is about to pass Star Wars — which had two independent releases of what were arguably two different movies — to become the number two grossing movie of all time.  It still has a ways to go, though, to pass Titanic: Rank Title(click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross Year 1 Titanic Par. $600,788,188 […]