Bradley Manning Jailed Naked

The saga of accused Wikileaks conspirator Bradley Manning continues to get uglier, with the military acknowledging that he was forced to spend the day naked for, well, no apparent reason.

Pilot Antidepressant Ban Lifted

Pilots will be allowed to fly while taking the most common antidepressant drugs and those who lied about doing so in the past will be granted limited amnesty. The government is lifting a 70-year-old ban on letting pilots fly while on antidepressants, citing improvements in the drugs and an unforeseen side effect of the restriction: […]

Terrorists Are Stupid

Josh Marshall voices a question that I’ve had in my head for awhile, too: I tend to agree that if a young person gets on an international flight, not only with no checked luggage but no carry ons that suggest he plans on ever getting off the plane, that is sort of a tip off. […]

Census Worker Hanging Suicide, Not Right Wing Murder

Remember the bizarre case of Bill Sparkman, the census worker found hanging from a tree in Kentucky with the letters FED scrawled on his chest?  Remember the media frenzy about crazy Southerners and their hatred of the federal government?  At the time, I cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying there could be any number of […]

‘Dating’ A Married Man

The Nashville Tennessean‘s story about the apparent murder-suicide involving 36-year-old NFL legend Steve McNair and 20-year-old waitress Sahel Kazemi repeatedly uses variations of “dating” to describe their relationship.   Somehow, that doesn’t seem like the right word choice.

Failure of Breaking News Reporting?

Aaron Brazell argues that, with the advent of instant-reporting of rumor via Twitter and other social media, the mainstream press has fallen behind.  He cites yesterday’s Steve McNair murder, the false rumors that Jeff Goldblum had died, and Michael Jackson’s death. He laments that, while the McNair news broke on two Nashville stations but “It […]

Freddie Mac CFO Commits Suicide

Freddie Mac CFO David Kellerman has killed himself, DC’s WUSA9 reports. David Kellermann, Acting Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Freddie Mac, was found dead this morning. Fairfax County Police officials tell 9NEWS NOW they responded to his home around 5 a.m. after his wife alerted them to his suicide. Kellermann was 41 […]