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Alan Simpson: Best Damn Record of No Taxes of any Son-of-a-Bitch

Alan Simpson 2007

Alan Simpson’s wit, candor, and integrity made him one of my favorite senators of all time. And now he’s fighting back against the interest groups that are killing our party. Former Sen. Alan Simpson is none too pleased with conservatives who say he lacks sufficient antitax fervor.  “I got the best damn record on no […]

Tea Party United by Politics, Demographically Diverse


According to two new surveys, the Tea Party movement is supported by 28% of Americans, half of its members are non-Republicans, and, aside from skewing slightly white and male, remarkably similar to the country as a whole demographically. A poll of registered voters by the Winston Group, The Hill reports, finds that the “national breakdown […]

Reconciliation, Health Care, and History


Political scientists  Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein argues that, contrary to Republican claims,   the reconciliation process is neither illegitimate nor rare. Reconciliation was intended to be a narrow procedure to bring revenues and spending into conformity with the levels set in the annual budget resolution. But it quickly became much more. The 22 reconciliation bills […]

Bruce Bartlett, the VAT, and the Right


In an interview with Pejman Yousefzadeh on why Supply Side Economics has outlived its usefulness and the United States desperately needs a Value Added Tax, former WSJ columnist Bruce Bartlett remarks, “I have yet to find anyone on the right who takes any of my arguments seriously.” The line happens to be Glenn Reynolds‘ takeaway […]

National Debt Hits $12 Trillion, Will Double By 2019


Barack Obama has been president for just under 10 months but he’s added two trillion to the national debt and will double it by the end of the decade.  CBS’ Mark Knoller: This latest milestone in the ever-rising journey of the National Debt comes less than eight months after it hit $11 trillion for the […]

Stimulus Spending Doesn’t Work – Tax Cuts Do


Via Jonathan Adler, I see that world-renowned economist Robert Barro and his student, Charles Redlick, takes to WSJ to summarize their research report showing that stimulus spending doesn’t work. Oddly, take cuts do. The bottom line is this: The available empirical evidence does not support the idea that spending multipliers typically exceed one, and thus […]

Stupid Chart of the Day


Conor Clarke has devised the following chart of the federal effective tax rate paid by the wealthiest 1% over the last 15 years: While he doesn’t “love the idea,” he think it justifies paying for health care for the poor by taxing the rich.  Kevin Drum agrees, adding, The basic story is simple: As their […]

Obama’s Tax Pledge


Isn’t true if you engage in a lifestyle that most people find icky. You know that pledge that if you make less than $250,000/year you won’t see an increase in your taxes? Yeah, well not if you smoke. One of President Barack Obama’s campaign pledges on taxes went up in puffs of smoke Wednesday. The […]

Cowen and Singer Solve World Poverty

This exchange between Peter Singer and Tyler Cowen on BloggingHeadsTV is priceless. Singer has written a book, The Life You Can Save, that argues from a very Leftist perspective that those of us in the West enjoying a decent life should give much more to the poor. Cowen, arguing from a Libertarian Right perspective, agrees […]

Obama’s Irreversible Agenda


Ross Douthat has discovered Barack Obama’s evil genius: What Obama does have, though, is an atmosphere of crisis and a massively-unpopular opposition party, which grants him an unparalleled political opportunity to pass whatever spending the Democratic Party likes, and damn the short-term cost. And what you see in his budgeting proposals, I think, is the […]

The Libertarian Stimulus: First Do No Harm


Jeffery Miron, Harvard Senior Lecturer in economics at Harvard University, on the stimulus package, CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (CNN) — When libertarians question the merit of President Obama’s stimulus package, a frequent rejoinder is, “Well, we have to do something.” This is hardly a persuasive response. If the cure is worse than the disease, it is better […]