Saudi Arabia Turns Down Seat On U.N. Security Council

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has turned down an invitation to take one of the ordinarily coveted rotating seats on the United Nations Security Council, citing as their primary reason the failure of that body to do anything about the situation in Syria: LONDON — Assailing what it called double standards at the United Nations, […]

The Security Council Resolution on Libya

The United Nations Security Council Resolution on the situation in Libya is available online. In summary it authorizes member states to act as required to prevent harm to Libyan civilians, authorizes the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libyan air space, strengthens the arms embargo against Libya, and strengthens the freeze on Libyan assets in […]

Drone Wars and International Law

The renowned sociologist Amitai Etzioni takes to the pages of Joint Force Quarterly to make “The Moral and Legal Case for Unmanned Aircraft Systems [PDF].” The format makes excerpting difficult but the essence of the argument is that “the main source of the problem is those who abuse their civilian status to attack truly innocent […]

How Wobbly Is the Iranian Regime?

As the old year ended the Iranian regime found itself being challenged on the streets as it had been last summer. Ray Tayekh of the Council on Foreign Relations sees it this way: Recent events are eerily reminiscent of the revolution that displaced the monarchy in 1979: A fragmented, illegitimate state led by cruel yet […]

New Sanctions for North Korea

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously today to impose additional sanctions on North Korea: UNITED NATIONS, June 12 — The U.N. Security Council unanimously voted Friday to impose a broad range of additional financial, military and trade sanctions on North Korea in response to its recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests, and called on […]

No Additional Iran Sanctions

As has been widely suspected the United Nations Security Council will impose no further sanctions on Iran for its failure to suspend its nuclear enrichment program as demanded by previous UNSC resolutions: UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Six world powers have agreed on a draft resolution on Iran’s nuclear program but it included no new sanctions, […]