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Donald Trump Continues His Efforts To Undermine The Russia Investigation

Trump Russia

Even during an overseas trip, President Trump continues to try to undermine the Russia investigation.

Trump Thanks Putin For Expelling 755 American Diplomats

Trump Russia

Donald Trump kowtows to Vladimir Putin yet again.

Russia’s Prime Minister Is Trolling The President Of The United States On Twitter

Trump Russia

The President of the United States is being trolled on Twitter by the Russian Prime Minister: The Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way — Dmitry Medvedev (@MedvedevRussiaE) August 2, 2017 The US establishment fully outwitted Trump. The President is not happy about […]

Pence Endorses The Really Bad Idea Of Bringing Georgia Into NATO

NATO Georgia Flags

Vice-President Pence is advocating the admission of Georgia into NATO. That would be a bad idea.

Shot, Chaser (Russia And Trump Edition)

Trump Russia

These two stories were posted by The Hill six minutes apart Shot: Putin expels 755 U.S. diplomats from Russia Chaser: Pence: Trump hopes Russia will behave better

Trump And Putin Had Previously Undisclosed Meeting At G-20

Trump Putin G-20

Is there anyone in the Trump Administration or family who hasn’t held undisclosed meetings with Russians?

U.S.-Russian Relations Hit a New Low

Two powers

It’s been a bad week for U.S.-Russian relations.

Trump Campaign Reportedly In Contact With Russian Intelligence During Campaign

Trump Putin

The story about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia didn’t start with Michael Flynn, and it isn’t going to end with his resignation.

Vladimir Putin’s Stock Is Rising Among Republicans

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Republicans sure have changed their mind about Vladimir Putin.

CIA Report: Russia Acted To Help Trump Win The Election

Vladimir Putin durante il discorso annuale all'Assemblea Federale

New information raises serious questions about the integrity of the 2016 elections, and about Donald Trump and his supporters.

Donald Trump’s Disturbing, Disqualifying Love Affair With Vladimir Putin

Putin Smirk

Donald Trump’s admiration and praise for the dictatorial leader of Russia should be sufficient reason to disqualify him from being President of the United States.

Putin Announces Start Of Withdrawal Of Russian Forces From Syria

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

To the surprise of many, Russia’s President announced that Russia would begin winding down its six month old intervention in Syria.

Vladimir Putin Has Some Praise For Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Russian President Vladimir Putin had some praise for Donald Trump of all people.

Is Syria Already A Quagmire For Putin?

Putin Smirk

Some analysts are already suggesting that Russia’s two month old intervention in Syria is becoming a quagmire. That seems to be a premature judgment, but it’s not accomplishing much more than anything the West is doing.

Francois Hollande’s Quest For A United Front Against ISIS May Be Doomed To Fail

Hollande Putin

France’s President has spent the week trying to forge and agreement on an anti-ISIS policy, but the two nations that matter the most also disagree the most.

Tensions Between Russia And Turkey Remain High In Wake Of Russian Jet Incident

Turkey Russia Flags

Tensions between Russia and Turkey remain high in the wake of yesterday’s incident, but there are some signs that things are starting to cool down.

Turkey Downs Russian Jet

Turkey Russia Flags

A potentially big complication in an already complicated situation.

Putin Using Fear Of ISIS To Enhance Russian Influence In Central Asia

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

A well-founded fear of ISIS seems to be drawing many of the former Soviet Republics in Central Asia closer to Moscow.

Vladimir Putin Decrees That Russian Military Deaths Are Now A State Secret

Putin Smirk

If a Russian solider dies, it’s now a secret thanks to a new decree signed by the Russian President.

Russia’s Economic Problems Just Getting More Grim By The Day

Putin Smirk

For a year that started out with regaining long-lost territory in Ukraine, 2014 is not ending so well for Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Russian Government Projects Sanctions, Declining Oil Prices, Will Lead To Recession In 2015

Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin travels in Russia's first high speed train Sapsan in Leningrad Region

Russia’s own government is projecting that its economy will slip into recession next year. How that will impact Putin’s current belligerence remains to be seen.

German Public Backs Sanctions Against Russia Even If They Hurt Germany

German Russian Flags

A new poll finds that a majority of Germans support sanctions against Russia, even if those sanctions end up hurting the German economy.

Merkel Lashes Out Against Russia In Post G-20 Remarks

Angela Merkel Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s latest actions seems to have exhausted Germany’s patience.

NATO: “High Probability” Russia Will Invade Ukraine

Russia Ukraine Flags

The rebels in eastern Ukraine continue to suffer setbacks, and Russia is massing troops on the border again.

Russians Are Getting A Very Different Version Of The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Story

Vladimir Putin Russian Flag

If you live in Russia, you’re getting a different version of the story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Russians Really, Really Like Vladimir Putin, And That Makes Ending The Ukraine Crisis Harder

Putin Smirk

Vladimir Putin has become immensely popular in Russia again, and its not hard to figure out why.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 And The Future Of The Conflict In Ukraine

Russia Ukraine Flags

Yesterday’s events are likely to be a game changer, but how the game plays out depends largely on how Europe reacts.

Vladmir Putin Looks To Be Throwing The ‘Pro-Russian’ Ukrainian Separatists Under The Bus

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

In the end, the separatists in eastern Ukraine have always been expendable as far as Vladimir Putin is concerned.

Rumors Of A Ukrainian Cease Fire

Russia Ukraine Flags

The Presidents of Russia and Ukraine are apparently talking about a cease fire in Eastern Ukraine: MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, discussed a possible ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and the deaths of two Russian journalists there in a late night telephone conversation, the Kremlin said. The conversation “touched on […]

Obama And Putin’s Awkward Encounter

Obama and Putin

With Vladimir Putin in France along with other world leaders to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, there was much speculation about whether or not he and President Obama would end up meeting at some point. Based on how things are going so far, I wouldn’t be too optimistic: The leaders were attending […]

What Next For Ukraine?

Petro Poroshenko

They’ve got a new President, but there’s still much to do.

Putin Says He’ll Respect Results Of Ukraine Elections

Putin Smirk

On Sunday, Ukrainians will go to the polls in the first national elections since the popular uprising that led to the downfall of the Russian-leaning regime in Kiev, and Vladimir Putin says he’ll respect whatever results come from the election: ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Addressing an economic forum haunted by the prospect of more sanctions […]

Europe’s Far Right Finds A Friend In Putin

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

The European far right has found a friend in an unlikely place.

Because We Would All Need To Do Vodka Shots After Meeting With Putin

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Bill Clinton’s first meeting with Vladimir Putin had an interesting coda: After one of his first meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Bill Clinton drank vodka shots with his chief of staff, John Podesta. “We saw Putin and then we had the evening free. We went to the Cafe Pushkin in Moscow, and as […]

The Simpsons Predicted Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Vox’s Max Fisher reminds us that there’s at least one segment of America that saw this whole Vladimir Putin thing coming a long time ago: The rapidly worsening tension between the United States and Russia, not to mention Russia’s invasion and annexation of part of Ukraine, has got lots of people talking about a new […]

Putin Refusing To Talk To Obama About Ukraine

Obama and Putin

It appears what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.

That’s a Good Question

Writing at Atlantic, Jeffrey Tayler asks President Obama ten questions about Ukraine. They’re all good, thoughtful questions. Here’s a key one: Currently, the United States has 67,000 troops in Europe, down from 400,000 during the Cold War. If, to confront a new Russian threat, Washington decides to beef up NATO forces on the continent, how […]

Explaining The Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin: It’s All About Opposing Obama

Putin Smirk

The bizarre conservative love affair with Vladimir Putin continues.

Americans Have Mostly Negative View Of Putin And Russia

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

The Cold War may be over, but the negative opinions in the U.S. regarding Russia and its leadership seem to have continued.

The Cultural Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin Is Quite Odd

Vladimir Putin Sunglasses

Vladimir Putin seems to be getting a lot of love from cultural conservatives in the United States.

Russia Releases Two Members Of Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot

The Russian Government has released two members of the punk/protest band Pussy Riot who were imprisoned over anti-government protests at one of Moscow’s churches: MOSCOW — Two women from the punk group Pussy Riot serving two-year prison terms for staging a protest performance against President Vladimir V. Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral were released on […]

Vladimir Putin Named World’s Most Powerful Person

Vladimir Putin

Forbes is out with the new list of the world’s most powerful people, and President Obama isn’t at the top of the list: Vladimir Putin has usurped President Obama as the Forbes’ Most Powerful Person in the World this year for the first time in Obama’s presidency. The magazine published its annual list today and […]

Putin: U.S. Must Take Military Action Off The Table


Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing some diplomatic hardball in connection with the proposal his Foreign Minister put forward yesterday: Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that for the proposed Russian agreement that Syria turn over its chemical weapons to work, the United States must take military action off the table. “Certainly, this is all […]

Photo Of The Day: Obama Meets Putin


CNBC’s Eamon Javers captured this photo of President Obama and Russian President Putin when they met upon Obama’s arrival in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G-20 Summit: Something tells me these two won’t be making a buddy movie together.

Conservatives For Putin?

Vladimir Putin

Some conservatives don’t seem too troubled by Vladimir Putin’s repression.

Obama Cancels Summit Meeting With Putin

Obama and Putin

President Obama has canceled a planned summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in part due to the fact that Russia has granted asylum to NSA leader Edward Snowden: WASHINGTON — President Obama has canceled a planned summit with the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, senior administration officials said Wednesday, a response to frustration with […]

Obama May Cancel Moscow Trip Over Snowden Affair

Obama and Putin

American athletes are still going to go to the Sochi Olympics next year, but the Edward Snowden affair may lead to President Obama canceling a private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he’s in Russia for the G-20 summit: WASHINGTON — President Obama may cancel a scheduled trip to Moscow to meet with President […]

Putin: U.S. Has Trapped Snowden In Russia

Edward Snowden

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the United States has effectively trapped Edward Snowden in Russia: MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin told an audience of students on Monday that the United States had effectively trapped Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive former intelligence contractor, on Russian territory by frightening countries that otherwise might have accepted […]

Putin: Snowden Must Stop Leaking To Stay In Russia, But We’re Not Going To Extradite

Edward Snowden

Russian President Vladimir Putin must stop leaking American secrets if he wishes to stay in Russia: MOSCOW — Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said Monday that former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden will have to stop leaking U.S. secrets if he wants to get asylum in Russia, but added that Snowden has no plan to […]

Do Personal Relationships Matter In International, Or Domestic, Politics?

Obama and Putin

Does it matter if political leaders like each other on some personal level? Sometimes it does.

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