Colorado Supreme Court Rules Employee Can Be Fired For Smoking Pot At Home

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but it’s illegal under Federal Law. Because of that, the Colorado Supreme Court dismissed a claim by resident who was fired when he tested positive for pot.

Chris Christie’s Reefer Madness

When it comes to marijuana policy, Chris Christie is stuck in the past.

Most PATRIOT Act ‘Sneak And Peek’ Warrants Used In War On Drugs, Not War On Terror

Not surprisingly, a law passed in the wake of the September 11th attacks has been used mostly for things that have nothing to do with terrorism.

The New York Times Endorses Marijuana Legalization

The Grey Lady sees the light on a major part of the War On Drugs.

House Votes To Protect States That Legalize Marijuana From Federal Raids

A victory for Federalism and sanity in the War On Drugs.

Obama Reportedly Planning Clemency For Hundreds Of Drug Offenders

Perhaps some justice for the casualties in the War On Drugs

Majority Of Colorado Voters Have Smoked Pot

This is perhaps the least surprising poll result ever: More than half of all Colorado residents have tried marijuana at some point in their lives, according to a collection of data released by Quinnipiac University pollsters. Quinnipiac, which is based in Connecticut, conducts scads of state-by-state polling and, on Friday morning, tweeted out a chart comparing […]

Colorado Businesses Sell $14,000,000 Worth Of Marijuana In First Month Of Legalization

In just the first month after the sale of marijuana became legal in Colorado, businesses raked in a lot of cash: During the first month of recreational marijuana sales, Colorado’s licensed dispensaries generated a total of more than $14 million, putting about $2 million of tax revenue into state coffers in the process. The state […]

The Conservative Case For Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is an issue that unites people across the political aisle.

Happy Repeal Day!

80 years ago, Prohibition ended. However, we are still making the same mistakes that were made from 1920 to 1933.

Maine (Or At Least One City) Next To Decriminalize Marijuana?

Portland, Maine seems to about to make some progress in the fight against dumb laws.

Thanks To The Drug War, We’re The World’s No. 1 Jailer

Thanks to the drug war, the United States is the world’s top jailer: The chart above shows the breakdown of the current federal inmate population by type of offense, according to the most recent data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There are currently 90,043 Americans serving time in federal prisons for drug crimes, which is […]

Obama Administration Sending Mixed Signals On Marijuana

President Obama’s recent statements on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington are not consistent with his own Administration’s policies.

Latin American Leaders Question War On Drugs In U.N. Speeches

Our War On Drugs is having a disastrous impact on our neighbors to the south, and they’re starting to notice.

Mitt Romney Vows To Continue The Same Failed War On Drugs Obama Is Fighting

When it comes to issues like medical marijuana, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are reading from the same playbook.

The War On (Some) Drugs Has Killed More Mexicans Than Fast & Furious

America’s Drug War has caused more problems for Mexico than Fast & Furious ever will.

Chris Christie: The War On Drugs Isn’t Working

A short clip, submitted for your consideration here: Christie isn’t really talking about legalization or decriminalization here, of course, and it took him awhile after he became Governor to get on board with New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. Nonetheless, he’s making a good point here. Since the Nixon Administration, the response to drug use has […]

Explaining Obama’s Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Obama’s Justice Department continues its crackdown on medical marijuana, despite campaign promises to the contrary.

California Decriminalizes Marijuana

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed a bill making pot possession (at certain levels) the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

Turf Wars Between Mexican Cartels Continue

Via the BBC:  Bodies hung from bridge in Cuernavaca, Mexico The four men had been decapitated and mutilated before being hung by their ankles from the bridge outside Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos. This appears to be linked to a contest for control of the Beltran Leyva cartel. The piece has this map showing […]

Kudzu Good for Something

Via Reuters:  Kudzu extract may treat cocaine addiction: study. Goodness knows that there is plenty of it in the Southeast!

Calderón and Legalization

While it is true, as Jacob Sullum puts it, On Drug Policy, Mexico’s President Has a Bigger Vocabulary Than Ours, it is also true as the headline at Gancho puts it he has Problems with the Legalization Debate (specifically in terms of popular opinion in Mexico).

A Tale of Two Cities: El Paso and Ciudad Juárez

Despite assertions that the violence in Mexico is spilling over the border, we find a rather stark comparison of two key border cities.

The Drug War in Mexico

NPR is starting a multi-part series on the drug war in Mexico.  Here’s the first part:  As Drug War Turns Into Quagmire, Fear Rules Mexico. And never forget, it is fundamentally about the money: In Mexico, more than 4 million people live in what the government terms "extreme poverty." For the cartels, this huge pool […]

Change in Sentencing: Crack v. Powder Cocaine

Congress has (after many years of debate) narrowed the gap between sentencing for crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

On Legalizing Marijuana in California

California has an initiative on the ballot this coming November to legalize marijuana. However, it’s not that easy.

Today’s Vocab Word: “Purple Drank”

Thanks to JaMarcus Russell, I have learned a new term.

Coca Facts

Abigail Poe and Adam Isacson have gone through the UNODC’s 2009 coca data and produced a nice summary for those interested in such things.

Asked and Answered, WDR Edition

Will we ever eliminate or sharply reduce drug supply and demand?

WDR 2010

The UNODC has released the latest World Drug Report. Shockingly, there are a lot of drugs out there and a lot of money to made trafficking in them.

More Balloon Effect: Bolivia

A few days ago I noted the increase in coca cultivation in Peru, which is a classic example of the balloon effect, i.e., as the US has put the squeeze on Colombia, drug cultivation and production has bulged out elsewhere.  Indeed, Colombia was where the balloon bulged in the 1990s when the squeeze was put […]

A Return to The Tea Party and the War on Drugs

In an earlier post, following on from a piece by Jeffery Miron, I wondered about the Tea Party and the war on drugs.  Via the GOP nominee for the US Senate in Nevada (Sharon Angle), we have one data point. And yes, two obvious disclaimers:  she is a Republican (as there is no real Tea […]

The Tea Party and the War on Drugs

Economist, libertarian, and outspoken critic of the war on drugs, Jeffery Miron, wonders about The Tea Party and the Drug War over at NRO. As the elections near, however, voters will want to know where the [Tea] party stands not just on the economy but on social issues. A perfect illustration is drug policy, where […]

Drug War 101 (With an Emphasis on Coca Cultivation)

Here I am writing primarily about cocaine, although everything in this post can be applied to heroin as well.  It should be understood that both are plant-based drugs.  Cocaine’s most fundamental ingredient is the coca leaf, which grows almost exclusively in the Andean region of South America.  Heroin comes from the opium poppy, which grows […]

Breaking!! Drug War not Working

Via the AP:  AP IMPACT: US drug war has met none of its goals. The entire piece is worth reading, but the intro paragraph sums up the situation: After 40 years, the United States’ war on drugs has cost $1 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives, and for what? Drug use is rampant and […]