A Simple Question on DADT

Is there really anyone who can credibly argue at this point that the policy regarding homosexuals openly serving in the armed services is anything other than basic discrimination?

Pentagon: DADT Repeal Would Pose No Threat To Military Readiness

The Pentagon has spoken. Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would not cause any real harm to the military, they have said. Now, the ball is in the court of the United States Senate.

Anonymity and Internet Trolls

Should blogs and other online forums ban anonymous comments?

Joe Scarborough: Time For GOP To Man Up And Take On Sarah Palin

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough wants the GOP to stop kowtowing to Sarah Palin and her acolytes. He’s right.

Obama’s Federal Pay Freeze A Sign Of Clintonian Triangulation?

Is President Obama’s Federal pay freeze a sign that he’s moving to the right, or just pointless symbolism?

Things not to Celebrate: Secession

Roughly 150 years ago, the CSA was born. Is this something worthy of celebration?

China Ready To Bail On North Korea?

The latest Wikileaks revelations suggest that China may not be willing to protect North Korea for much longer.

Obama’s Federal Pay Freeze Unpopular Among Progressives

President Obama’s plan to free federal employee pay is getting praised by Republicans but is wildly unpopular among progressive activists.

Palin: Obama Administration’s Incompetence in the WikiLeaks Fiasco

Sarah Palin has taken to her Facebook page to raise “Serious Questions about the Obama Administration’s Incompetence in the WikiLeaks Fiasco.” They’re more interesting than I’d expected.

Caption Contest Winners

The The Farce Is Strong With This One Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Four Turkeys, Zero People: The Case Of Barack Obama’s Missing Pardons

After 1 1/2 years in office, President Obama has yet to grant a single request for a pardon or clemency, continuing a thirty year trend in which the Presidential pardon power has nearly fallen in to disuse.

Someone Is Trying To Sabotage The Iranian Nuclear Program

A crippling, and technologically advanced, computer virus and attacks against Iranian nuclear scientists lead to only one conclusion; someone is doing everything they can short of military action to make sure Iran doesn’t develop nuclear weapons.

WikiLeaks, Secrets, and Reality

The choice is between a world in which officials can share information and carry out reasoned debates with one another and a world in which nothing can be written down.

‘Cyber Monday’ a Myth

“Cyber Monday” is a myth created by a marketing company.

Treasury Check Treasury Check

Obama to Freeze Federal Wages 2 Years

President Obama proposes freezing federal civilian salaries for the next two years, saving billions in anticipated spending.

Wikileaks Media Ethics Wikileaks Media Ethics

Classified Information and Journalistic Ethics

The two English language newspapers who have been Julian Assange’s accomplices in disseminating stolen secrets defend themselves.

Covering the Coverage of the Diplomatic Leaks

The major outlets that received document drops from Wikileaks are covering the story in different and interesting ways.

Terrorist Plot, Or Entrapment?

Another FBI sting operation results in the arrest of a “terrorist,” or did it create a crime where none existed before?

Americans Mad As Hell, Still Going to Take It

After days of hype, National Opt-Out Day fizzled. It’s a classic collective action problem.

Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Removing the Fig Leaf from the Sunni Regimes

The diplomatic ramifications of the latest Wikileaks leaks are just starting to emerge and may place some countries in very embarrassing positions.

Wikileaks Releases Diplomatic Cables, Revealing International Secrets

A new round of Wikileaks documents is out, and it opens the door on diplomatic correspondence previously hidden from the public.

Caption Contest Winners

The Props for Congress Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

McCain and North Korea

McCain brings up “regime change” in re: the DKRP and China apparently isn’t doing enough.

Willie Nelson Charged with Pot Possession

Shocking Headline Of The Day: “Willie Nelson charged with pot possession in Texas.”

Joe Miller: From Alaska Maverick To Sore Loser

Nearly four weeks after Election Day, Alaska’s Joe Miller still won’t concede the inevitable.

Fixing the Copyright System

The American copyright system is broken. Cory Doctorow offers some useful suggestions for fixing it.

Gift Giving Irrationality

Duke economist Dan Ariely argues that the Western notion of gift giving is irrational.

The Failure of “Starve the Beast”

The Republican talking point that lowering taxes lowers spending and raising taxes increases spending is denied by reality.

Alan Simpson Fights Back Against Deficit Commission Critics

Former Senator Alan Simpson is fighting back against the critics on the left and the right who are shooting down the Deficit Commission’s plan before it’s even been released.

Feds Foil Oregon Bomb Attempt

Somali-born teenager plotted to carry out a car bomb attack at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland on Friday, but the bomb turned out to be a dud supplied by undercover agents as part of a sting.

Feds Seize Domain Names

In an effort to combat illegal file sharing, the US Department of Homeland Security is seizing domain names.