Taliban History Lesson: Not Our Boys From the 80’s

The groups we supported were defeated by the Taliban in the civil war that followed Soviet withdrawal. The Taliban and Usama bin Laden were supported by the separate “Sayyaf” group of Mujahideen supported by Saudi Arabia and Deobandi fanatics in Pakistan.

Study: Rising Gas Prices Don’t Impact Consumption

A new study suggests that increases in the price of gasoline have very little impact on consumer behavior. If that’s true, it has serious implications for energy policy.

Barack Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Like all Presidents before him, Barack Obama is asserting the right to virtually unfettered discretion when it comes to military matters.

Joyner on WERC

I’ll be on Birmingham’s News Radio 105.5 WERC around 11:10 Eastern to discuss the allegations that Auburn University was paying players (and the larger implications this has for college athletics) and rise of concierge vacations for the rich.

No Boots on The Ground

To honor the administration’s “no boots on the ground” statements, all covert U.S. personnel in Libya will work barefoot. – Jim Geraghty

Return of the Class System – Concierge Everything

Cruise lines are the latest to create separate enclaves for customers willing to pay more to escape the riffraff.

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the ThursdayFriday OTB Caption ContestTM

An OTB first, Not Safe For Work Caption Contest — Women with Really Big Jugs

Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Governator’ Comic Book

Arnold Schwarzenegger has mastered the worlds of bodybuilding, show business, and politics. Next, he’s going to try his hand at being a Marvel superhero.

The World Hates Fatties

Prejudice and negative attitudes towards obese individuals is becoming a global norm, not just an American phenomenon.

U.S. Moves To Aid Libyan Rebels As Evidence Mounts Of Their Ties To Al Qaeda

The U.S. seems to be on the verge of changing war strategies in Libya, even as it becomes clear that these rebels aren’t necessarily our friends.

Obama’s Approval Numbers Back In The Basement

The President’s winter polling bounce is gone, and he’s looking vulnerable again.

Injustice From The Supreme Court, Courtesy Of Justice Thomas And His Fellow Conservatives

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has told prosecutors that they can get away with withholding evidence that clears an innocent defendant and never have to face the consequences of their action. That is an outrage.

Has the Growth of the Financial Sector Harmed the Economy?

A new study finds that the robust growth of the financial sector in the United States in recent decades has come at the expense of entrepreneurship.

Do Photo IDs Help Prevent Vote Fraud?

Presenting photo identification is not an onerous requirement for voting. But there’s next to zero evidence that fraud is a problem.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The People Of Walmart Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

“Extremism” In Defense Of Bloated Budgets Is Apparently No Vice

Nor, it would seem, are really tired clichés.

The Obama Doctrine: Humanitarian Imperialism

The “Obama Doctrine,” such as it is, seems to boil down to moral self-certainty combined with a glaring ignorance of reality. That’s a dangerous combination.

Death Penalty: US vs. The World

Amnesty International is drawing attention to capital punishment in the United States, with bad math and a credulous media on its side.

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