Dog Bites Man

ObamaCare And The Supreme Court’s Legitimacy

Is the Supreme Court risking it’s legitimacy if it strikes down the individual mandate?

Romney Campaign Getting Started On The Veepstakes

With the nomination pretty much inevitable, it’s time to start thinking about Romney’s running mate.

Volunteer Bloggers Lose Lawsuit Demanding Payment

An unsurprising end to a ridiculous lawsuit.

America’s Prison Culture Destroying Our Future

We’re literally choosing locking up drug offenders over investing in our children.

Nikki Haley Cleared By IRS, No Longer Under Investigation

Reports that Nikki Haley might be indicted stemming from a tax fraud investigation are not true.

Dumb Jocks and Student-Athlete Propaganda

The student-athlete fairytale is true. Except where you would reasonable expect it to be a lie.

Republicans Backing Away From Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage?

The GOP seems to be backing away from a position on same-sex marriage that was a prominent part of its message only a short time ago.

Former KGB Chief “Kills Himself”

The wonderfully wry British media strikes again with the BBC headline “Soviet ex-KGB chief Leonid Shebarshin ‘kills himself'”

Politics, Hubris, And The Questionable Constitutionality Of ObamaCare

This week’s hearings in the Supreme Court caught many proponents of the Affordable Care Act off guard.

Soldier Reprimanded For Ron Paul Endorsement

A Reserve Specialist who endorsed Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy in uniform will only be reprimanded, not court martialed.

IR Wonks vs. IR Journals

Dan Drezner declares that “Policy wonks ignore political science journals at their peril.”

Critics Find Real Depiction of 1966 Fake

Sometimes, art imitates life rather than the reverse. And sometimes reality seems stranger than fiction.

Why I Love The First Amendment

An lesson from the United Kingdom in the importance of protecting freedom of speech.

Autism Up 78% Since 2000!

The estimated number of U.S. autistic kids has skyrocketed by 78% since 2000, according to a report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

War Against Youth?

The old have most of the money and power in our society, a trend that is accelerating.

Scott Rasmussen Decides To Poll “Is George Zimmerman Guilty of Murder?”

Speaking of trials in the court of public opinion……

Nike Sues Reebok Over Tebow Jerseys

Reebok is rushing to sell Tim Tebow merchandise before its NFL rights expire. Nike is crying Foul.

ObamaCare At The Supreme Court, Day Three (Part One): Is The Entire PPACA Doomed?

This morning, the Justices pondered the fate of the PPACA if they strike down the individual mandate.

Conservatives and the Individual Mandate

Is the now-familiar refrain that the individual mandate was originally a conservative idea really true?

America’s Top Geostrategic Threat?

Russia is the most significant geopolitical player actively opposing significant American interests.

“Etch A Sketch” Was An Inside The Beltway Meme

Once again, the punditocracy seems to have misread the voting public.

How People Use Siri

Most of us with iPhone 4’s use Siri, the voice-activated digital assistant–but for a very limited range of tasks.

An Object Lesson In Why You Shouldn’t Rush To Judgment In The Trayvon Martin Case

A news report today provides an excellent lesson in why all the rushing to judgment in the Martin/Zimmerman case is a mistake.

ObamaCare At The Supreme Court, Day Two: The Mandate Under The Microscope

It seems to have been a rough day for the individual mandate at the Supreme Court.

ObamaCare Mandate Limiting Principle

The Solicitor General was unprepared to answer the most predictable question on the ObamaCare insurance mandate.

What Should Americans Know About American Government?

What walking around knowledge about our political system is necessary to be an informed citizen?

Russia Our “Number One Foe”?

Mitt Romney called Russia our “number one geopolitical foe.” Is he right?

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