Mursi Sworn in as Egyptian President

However, he and his party have hardly taken over.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Stretching The Truth Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Don’t Try to Have It All: Just Live With Your Choices

My latest for The Atlantic continues the debate over work-life balance spawned by Anne-Marie Slaughter’s cover story “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.”

Yes, The GOP Can, And Likely Will, Repeal ObamaCare in 2013 If They Win In November

If the GOP wins in November, there will be very few actual barriers in the way if they really want to repeal the PPACA.

Did Roberts Contradict Himself On The Tax Issue?

Is there a logical flaw in the way Chief Justice Roberts addressed the tax issue in his opinion? Not really.

How Much Did SCOTUS Limit The Commerce Clause?

So, we’re safe from that broccoli mandate, right?

The Roberts ObamaCare Decision: The Epitome Of Judicial Restraint

In his ruling on the ObamaCare cases, Chief Justices Roberts reached back to a judicial philosophy with roots in men like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Felix Frankfurter.

A Different Take On The Roberts “Switched Vote” Hypothesis

There is another explanation for the sometimes confusing nature of the dissent in the ObamaCare case.

A Note on Switching Votes on the SCOTUS

If Roberts did switch his vote, it should not be considered odd.

Repeal and the Mechanisms of American Government

Electing Romney hardly means repeal of the PPACA, even if he will make it sound that way.

The Political Impact Of The Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling

Who benefits from the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare ruling?

Did Roberts Switch Vote on ObamaCare Ruling?

Either the majority and dissenting opinions in NFIB v. Sebelius were among the sloppiest in Supreme Court history or the Chief Justice switched sides at the 11th hour.

House Of Representatives Holds Eric Holder In Contempt

Congress has found Eric Holder to be in contempt. I am not entirely sure what that accomplishes.

The Supreme Court’s New Limits On The Commerce Power

While it upheld the Affordable Care Act today, the Supreme Court also placed some clear limits on Congressional power. That’s a good thing.

Can The GOP Deliver On Its Promise To Repeal ObamaCare? And What’s The Replacement?

The Republican strategy on health care in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision needs some tweaking.

Taxing vs Regulating

Chief Justice Roberts: “Although the breadth of Congress’s power to tax is greater than its power to regulate commerce, the taxing power does not give Congress the same degree of control over individual behavior.”

Obama’s ‘Dewey Beats Truman’ Headline

Obama holds up “MANDATE STRUCK DOWN” headline from CNN in “DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN” photoshop

SCOTUS Upholds ObamaCare Mandate As Tax Even Though It’s Not a Tax

Chief Justice Roberts sided with a majority in upholding the individual mandate and, indeed, all but some trivial portions of the Affordable Care Act.

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act In Its Entirety

Thanks to a surprising decision by Chief Justice Roberts, the Affordable Care Act has survived the Constitutional challenges against it.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Stolen Valor Act

The US Supreme Court has struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it a federal crime to lie about military honors, on free speech grounds.

The 2012 Election And The Future Of The Supreme Court

Regardless of how the Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, the upcoming election has the potential to reshape the Court for decades to come.

Gas Prices Set To Fall Below $3.00/Gallon, GOP Not So Suprisingly Silent

As gas prices fall, the politics of fuel prices are changing.

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

A Different Take On Fast & Furious

A Fortune Magazine investigation puts a new spin on Operation Fast And Furious, but questions still remain.

Justice Scalia’s Odd Dissent In Arizona v. United States

Justice Scaiia’s dissent in Arizona v. United States included many odd forays into areas that had nothing to do with the case before him.

Creative Class Myth Debunked?

Does talent spawn growth? Or does growth attract talent?

Debunking The Fast & Furious Gun Control Conspiracy

There’s no evidence that Fast & Furious, whatever it was, was a conspiracy to lobby for tighter gun control laws.

Is It Worth Paying For a Yale Education?

Men who graduate elite universities earn an additional $107,000 lifetime. It costs $234,440 to get a Yale degree.

Is The Supreme Court A “Threat” To Democracy? Of Course Not

In advance of tomorrow’s ruling, some pundits on the left are displaying some very odd views on the role of the law in American politics.

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