The Question Mitt Romney Didn’t Answer Last Night

Mitt Romney left one crucial piece out of his speech last night.

Nobody On Team Romney Taking Credit, or Blame, For The Eastwood Fiasco

Not surprisingly, Romney campaigns staffers don’t seem to want to take responsibility for Clint Eastwood’s performance last night.

Obama Campaign Wins Lawsuit To Restore Early Voting For All Ohio Voters

A clear victory for the Obama campaign in an Ohio Court, but will it stand on appeal?

Acknowledging and Understanding Government

The GOP (and our politics in general) will not be healed until there is an honest assessment of what government is (and is not).

Harvard Says 125 Students May Have Cheated In ‘Introduction To Congress’ Class

Harvard has announced the discovery of what one official calls an “unprecedented” cheating scandal.

My Basic Take on Romney’s Speech

I give it a C+/B- (adequate, passing, nothing exceptional).

Romney’s Closing Speech Was Good, But Was It Good Enough?

Mitt Romney’s speech last night was the best he’s ever given, but it’s impact may have been undercut but several odd production decisions that preceded it.

Clint Eastwood Channels James Stockdale

After three days of buildup to a “mystery speaker,” the closing night of the Republican convention featured a rambling performance by Clint Eastwood and an empty chair.

Romney’s Bain Lie

The real story of Bain Capital is impressive. Mitt Romney chose instead to present an origin story that’s utter horseshit.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

GOP Foreign Policy Positions Expose Their Claim To Be A Party Of Limited Government As A Lie

The GOP claims to be a party that favors limited government, but its foreign policy positions reveal this to be little more than a lie.

Two Words Missing From The Republican Convention: Tea Party

Over two days of speakers, not a single Republican has mentioned the Tea Party.

Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

A legal setback for the Texas Voter ID law, but not much of a political setback for Voter ID laws in general.

Paul Ryan Gives An Acceptance Speech That Most People Will End Up Forgetting

Paul Ryan did what he needed to do last night, but in the long run his speech will be lost to history.

The Speech Of Mitt Romney’s Political Life

Tonight’s convention speech is the most important speech Mitt Romney has ever given.

Condoleeza Rice, New Political Star?

Condoleeza Rice’s first trip onto the political stage was very successful last night. Where will she go from here?

Running Out Of Angry White Guys

Lindsey Graham: “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

Interest Rates and Hacky Political Analysis

Seniors face a variety of economy-based difficulties–but let’s criticizes the media!

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Once again, a Presidential election could be decided by the Buckeye State.

How America Dominates the World: Manipulations, Sex, and Money

Chamake Mauriene reveals America’s secret to world domination in Pravda.

Paul Ryan’s GM Plant: Fact Checking the Fact Checks

Paul Ryan pointed to a shuttered GM plant in his hometown as proof of Obama’s failed policies. The truth will make your head hurt.

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Would Romney Spend The Nation Into Debt To Increase Defense Spending? Yes, He Would

Left with a choice between their hawkish foreign policy and their supposed commitment to fiscal conservatives, Republicans will, without fail, spend the nation into debt.

Foolishly, Republicans Open Attack On Obama On Foreign Policy

Today’s convention activities will include the opening salvos of an attack on the President’s foreign policy. This strikes me as a mistake.

Second Quarter Growth Revised Slightly Upward, Still Below 2%

Economic growth is the key to fixing many of our problems. Unfortunately, we’re not likely to see the kind of growth we need any time soon.

Why Veterans Can’t Fit In On Campus

An Atlantic story on veterans returning to college is both poignant and miscast.

Jeb Bush To Republicans: Stop Being Stupid On Immigration

Jeb Bush continues to speak the truth on the GOP’s position on immigration issues. Sadly, his fellow Republicans aren’t listening.

Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 49 of 50 States

Mississippi is more conservative than Massachusetts is liberal.

Misleading Chart of the Day

A graph on public debt making the rounds is being used to misdirect rather than clarify.

Navy SEAL’s Book Disputes Official Account Of Bin Laden’s Death

A new book by one of the Navy SEALs involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden differs significantly from the official version put forward by the government.

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