White House May Hold Off On Immigration Action Until After Election

Cowardice, or politically prudent?

Denmark’s Bestiality Brothels?!

Bestiality and prostitution are legal in Denmark. And not just separately.

Star Trek Beginner’s Guide

AV Club produces an impressive overview of the entire Trek franchise.

King Abdullah Warns the West

Is the West next in ISIS’s crosshairs?

McConnell Campaign Manager Resigns Amid Investigation Into 2012 Iowa Bribery Scandal

Mitch McConnell’s campaign was forced to do a shakeup thanks to a scandal that could envelop Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential campaign.

Judge Tosses Chris McDaniel’s Challenge To GOP Senate Runoff Result

Chris McDaniel’s meritless, quixotic challenge to the Mississippi GOP Senate Primary is reaching it’s expected conclusion.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Another Brick In The Wall Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

A Contrarian Analysis Of The 2014 Midterms

One analyst thinks that the predictions of a Republican Senate in 2014 are wildly optimistic.

Republicans Still Have A Problem With Female Voters

Two prominent Republican groups point out the blindingly obvious.

Being Jerry Jones

Russia Has Invaded Ukraine

A major escalation.

UK Poorer Than All US States Except Mississippi

Alabamians like to exclaim, “Thank God for Mississippi.” Perhaps it’s time for that slogan to cross the Pond.

A Quote to Ponder

Congress Must Vote Before We Expand The Attacks On ISIS

As talk begins of expanding the war against ISIS into Syria, it is becoming long past time for Congress to exercise its Constitutional function.

What Republican Wave?

So far at least, there is no evidence that 2014 will be a “wave election.”

Burger King Should Not Be Condemned If It Moves To Canada For Tax Purposes

The announcement of a potential merger between Burger King and Tim Horton’s has led to much moral preening from the usual suspects.

What “Third Term Curse?”

Some have argued that there is an historical bias against political parties holding on to the White House for more than two terms. As with most commonly held ideas, that simply isn’t true.

Copyright Office: Monkey Selfies Not Entitled To Copyright Protection

The Copyright Office says that works not “created” by humans are not entitled to copyright protection.

‘Open and Free’ Compared to What?

The “open and free” Internet is an ideal type, not a myth.

GAO: Obama Broke The Law In Bergdahl Release Deal

The General Accounting Office confirmed what seems clear to anyone who can read a statute.

Washington Post Won’t Use ‘Redskins’ in Editorials–But Will on Sports Pages

The capital’s paper has issued a partial ban on the controversial nickname of the local NFL franchise.

Aurora Theater Shooting Foreseeable Rules Federal Judge

Lawsuits against the theater where 12 people were murdered in 2012 may go forward.

What If “Justice” In The Mike Brown Case Doesn’t End In A Conviction?

There is a good possibility that Darren Wilson could be acquitted in the shooting of Michael Brown.. Are the protesters ready to accept that reality?

Mitch McConnell Promising More Showdowns And Shutdowns If The GOP Wins The Senate

If Republicans win the Senate, what we’ve seen for the past three years could end up seeming tame by comparison.

Public Opinion On Ferguson Shows Deep Racial Divisions

What you think about the events in Ferguson depends quite a lot on whether you’re black or white.

Reporter James Foley Beheaded in ISIS Video

American journalist James Foley has been beheaded by the terrorist network calling itself the Islamic State.

Professor-Cop Blames Victims of Police Violence

17-year veteran of the LAPD says, “If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”

Gaza Cease Fire Extended, But Prospects For Bigger Peace Deal Seem Dim

The two sides in Gaza keep extending the humanitarian cease fire, but remain miles apart on the major issues dividing them.

The Timing of Elections Matters (Ferguson Edition)

Yet another example of how institutional choices matter.

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Police Are Not Soldiers; Our Communities Are Not War Zones

We should not tolerate them acting otherwise.

Today in Circular Reasoning

Back to the Ten Commandments and Alabama politics.

We’re Back!

Our server went kaput. We got a new one.

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